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Aamir Khan’s look in Dangal: Photos

Not too long ago, Aamir Khan denied signing any film after PK. However, the actor was spotted in a distinctly different look, which sources say, is for his upcoming film Dangal. Aamir was spotted in a ‘salt and pepper’ look, with short hair and white beard.

Censor board member says he objected to scenes in PK, but was ignored

Controversies surrounding Aamir Khan’s PK never seem to end. In fact, non-stop coverage on news channels has probably helped the film at the box office too. Now, Satish Kalyankar, a member of Central Board of Film Certification, has said that he objected to some scenes in PK, but his concerns were ignored. 

After UP, PK tax free in Bihar too

After Uttar Pradesh, Aamir Khan’s PK has been exempted of entertainment taxes in the state of Bihar too. The Chief Minister of the state said that the poor can now watch the film that exposes the fraud taking place in the name of religion.

Why Aamir Khan is uniquely different

Note: Old article, first published on November 9 2012 (before the release of Talaash), republished on 31st December 2014. A very popular saying goes like ‘Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently’. There are many who claim to be different but very few actually are. They don’t follow the conventional routine path rather discover their own way through immense self belief and confidence. When someone chooses a less trodden path pretending to be different, there is a very thin line between confidence

Here’s how the ‘Dancing Car’ scene in PK was shot

A stranger in the city has no money to spend, so when he gets to know that papers with Mahatma Gandhi’s photo will earn him his food, his only option is to steal money from dancing cars – i.e from people making love in the car. But ever wondered how the scene was shot? The latest video from PK Funnies shows exactly that.

Only Aamir, Hirani and Vidhu can make a film like PK: Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt is out of jail for 2 weeks and the actor was seen celebrating the success of his recent release “PK” in Mumbai. Now that the film is set to be the biggest grosser of all time, Sanju was ecstatic. “It is such an honest film, a film with so much of heart and truth and that’s the reason it is such a big hit. I think only Raju, Vidhu and Aamir can make such a film” Hirani will now be directing a biopic based on Dutt’s life. Ranbir Kapoor will be playing Dutt in the film.