Will Aamir Khan and Kangana Ranaut win Best Actor awards this year?

The awards season has begun, but the organisers of these shows are in a big fix. The leading contender for the Best Actor award this year is Aamir Khan, who delivered arguably his career-best performance in PK. But Aamir doesn’t attend Indian awards, he never has in the last 15 years or so.

On the other hand, the most deserving female contender for the Best Actress trophy is Kangana Ranaut for Queen. Reports suggest, even she has decided to give the awards show a skip this year.

A jury member of a popular awards show, who didn’t want to be named, said “We think Aamir for PK and Kangana Ranaut for Queen are the unanimous choices for Best Actor and Best Actress this year. But we’re told those both won’t attend. Since the awards are a visual vehicle these days with crores sanctioned by television channels to capture the event, to not have both the best actress and actor around to receive their trophies is problematic”

A source added that the second most popular choice this year has agreed to attend the awards show, provided his co-star gets the Best Actress trophy.

“When this Khan was invited to come for the function and collect the Best Actor award he laid down the condition that he would only do so provided his co-star gets the Best Actress award. We all know neither deserves an award. But we have no choice.”

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut



  • People love Aamir’s movie……..that is the biggest award for aamir. Only small stars need these so called awards to get some attention pulic……not megastar like Salman and Aamir.

  • Aamir does not attends award shows so our king can get all best actor award in all awards show for happy new year but then people will make fun of our king so we want our king to not attend award shows this year

  • In india only national film awards are genuine and rest of all are fixed and worthless , specialy that film-unfair award so king of acting aamir should not attend these award shows.

  • My choices are

    Male Lead: Aamir/Shahid.
    Female Lead: Kangana
    Movie: Queen
    Director: VIshal Bharadwaj/Vikas Behl

    Had there been a better second half I would have given that to Hirani, but this time PK relied too much on Aamir. If any movie other than Queen/Haider wins the best movie award, then I can openly say that the award was fixed.

  • Aamir khan sir deserve for national award for PK . Really good performance by Aamir sir , salute to him .

  • Aamir and Kangana are unanimous choices for best actor and actress and if they both not attending award shows then all award show organizers should cancel award for best actor and actress and should introduce a new category of best actor in a grand movie and then should give that award to our king

  • 2015 situation:
    best actor:ranbir
    best film:jagga
    best director:anurag
    best actress:katrina
    and also, don’t forget jagga will surpass fan and raees in 1 week and outclass bakwas prdp,bb.

  • Why the organisers of these awards shows r worried this year when every year they give awards to undeserving actors.This year also they should do the same.

  • Kangana truely deserves all awards including National award too. As for male actors, it’s a tough competition between Amir and Shahid.
    I care about Two awards only 1.Filmfare, 2.National. .neva gv a damn about craps like ZCINE,SCREEN etc where movies like CE N HNY win maximum awards. .organizers of such craps should be punished as they are degrading Indian Cinema.

  • No the other khwn is srk and he wants deepilka to get. and some srk fans thing there actor doesn’t take undeserved a wards.If first choice aamir doesn’t want why not shahid or akki, yes Holiday was average film but akk’s performance was on another level, for a 47 year old the stunts were unbelievable.

  • Few years before the actors who use to get awards were also giving their dance performances but now the people who gives dance performances gets awards.

  • why only filmfare tingu shud get oscar as d height of d trophy is much shorter than tingulal…. best actor awards shud b given to shahid as he has delivered dis year’s best performance… n ppl say dat making an expression like a naked monkey standing on a railway track is an acting, roaming nude here n der is acting… huhh. if dat wz d case then sunny leone or mallika sherawat or sherlyn chopra shud get best actress awards……lol

  • Obviously that khan is our king SRK…

    But why can’t they give award to someone like Shahid kapoor for haider???

    When Ranbir delivers a good performance,then every award show goes gaga over him..but why not shahid?

    People watching on tv are not that fool,srk needs to know this,he is spoiling his image doing all this.
    Even akki and hrithik were better in holiday n bb than srk in hny..
    What about Rani,alia,pc,parineeti for best actress??
    Srk is spoiling deepika also in her company..

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