Will Aamir Khan and Kangana Ranaut win Best Actor awards this year?

The awards season has begun, but the organisers of these shows are in a big fix. The leading contender for the Best Actor award this year is Aamir Khan, who delivered arguably his career-best performance in PK. But Aamir doesn’t attend Indian awards, he never has in the last 15 years or so.

On the other hand, the most deserving female contender for the Best Actress trophy is Kangana Ranaut for Queen. Reports suggest, even she has decided to give the awards show a skip this year.

A jury member of a popular awards show, who didn’t want to be named, said “We think Aamir for PK and Kangana Ranaut for Queen are the unanimous choices for Best Actor and Best Actress this year. But we’re told those both won’t attend. Since the awards are a visual vehicle these days with crores sanctioned by television channels to capture the event, to not have both the best actress and actor around to receive their trophies is problematic”

A source added that the second most popular choice this year has agreed to attend the awards show, provided his co-star gets the Best Actress trophy.

“When this Khan was invited to come for the function and collect the Best Actor award he laid down the condition that he would only do so provided his co-star gets the Best Actress award. We all know neither deserves an award. But we have no choice.”

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut



  • Aamir deserves the awards every year but due to his absence awards goes to srk so it means if you will attend award ceremony so you will get. Aamir dont need to that fixed awards bcz he is himself an award for bollywood. but srk is very hungry for awards even he attends serials awrds shows

  • @Tiger the real king, agreed. But some corrections needed in your comment. People not only love Aamir’s movie but Aamir as well. He also has huge fan following after salman. While a certain khan has fan following only in media.

  • So why the organizers are crying like a kid??
    “We don’t have any other option except honoring him/her with that award” — what does that mean??
    Means , even these people are desperate to cash the popularity/stardom of that particular “KHAN” , so who is wrong here??
    The problem with these small award show is, they need budget for everything and they don’t get sponsors in that proportion. Even to invite some new comers like Varun or Sidd , they will have to offer some money to them , then only they will be agree to attend the Award show. So , to attract more sponsors , they always approach the Big Superstars and they try to convince them at any cost.
    What they are doing is completely wrong, but how one can blame the superstar for that??
    Who hates stardom and accolades ?? IF someone will approach from front and they will offer the same, everybody will accept . No one is a saint at B-Town.
    So whoever is that KHAN ( whether SRK/Salman or our beloved Saif Ali :P ) , I won’t blame them !
    They are free to put their conditions , but its the organizers who has to decide whom to honor whom to not. If they are so fair , they should honor Amir and Kangana, irrespective of whether they are attending or not.

  • @All those , who blindly accused SRK !
    If that is SRK (though its not confirmed) then also, we can’t blame him for that.
    If they have guts, they should invite Shahid Kapur and should honor him. Fine , Amir won’t attend , but what about Shahid?
    As an SRK fan, I can accuse him(I repeat, its not confirmed though) in other way , that he should not attend these award shows at any cost irrespective of whatever they offer, as he himself knows that his performance was not best and if he will accept then he will mock himself. But that is my own perspective as I don’t want him to spoil his image.
    But there is a famous saying that one who offers a bribe is equally punishable , so “We-don’t-have-any-other-options” attitude of these even managers are not acceptable at any cost here.

  • @nipun Why you didnt say SHAME ON HRITHIK when Krrish 3 manipulations were exposed? Here there is no proof that this Khan is Srk and you are talking about shame. Increasing 180 crore to 244 crore. That is real shame.

  • @gautam bang on,I was expecting a solid defence for srk from a srk fan,in my comment I also didn’t took srk name and I also have same answer like you but there is a srk fan @sem who said he is here to upward srk here, so I ask him to do the proceeding as I think he is googling about srk 3.7 billion fans and pk ban.lol.
    I don’t believe in award show that’s fact,in this article its written that organiser want to give award to Aamur but as he don’t attend and Salman also not accepting too,so only srk left.Point to be note as o’er my knowledge only stardust,big star award ceremony has dine and both actually happened before pk release.First if all why to do award function before the year finish when one of most awaited film not released,how they know that Aamir I’d contender of award before the review and audience verdict came.This post just a bullshit to degrade srk unnecessarily with half baked justifying for condem.

  • Aamir is a mega star of bollywood he is a only best actor of this condision of bollywood.and this year award show deserved best actor

  • It looks like that this article is SELF COOKED article! No actor would say like this that if his co-actor will get an award than only he will attend. I used to like Indicine but now a days it is also becoming crap just for cheap popularity.

  • Aamir Khan didn’t win the Best Actor Award. It’s very shameful of Filmfare and Bollywood Film Industry. Aamir I believe was ten times better in PK than Shahid in Haider but still award went to Shahid.

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