Theatres screening PK in UP, Gujarat, Kashmir vandalised by Hindu Organisations

Even as PK continues its winning run at the box office, several Hindu organisations have been vandalising theatres in places like Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

The protests and disruption of screenings is expected to continue in other states of the country today. Security at theatres screening PK has been increased to avoid any untoward incidents from miscreants.

PK Poster being burnt

PK Poster being burnt

There have also been reports of FIR’s being lodged against PK in many cities for showing the hindu religion and its gods in bad light. The Supreme Court of India, however, had earlier rejected pleas to ban the film, saying “don’t watch the film, if you don’t like”.

Leela Samson, chief of the Censor Board of Film Certification India, has spoken out in favour of the film. She gave the film a clean chit, not finding a single objectionable scene in the Aamir Khan starrer.



  • Police should take action against these idiots. they have no right to vandalize theaters.
    Also the film industry should be united and fight against these thugs. All the people participating in the protests must be jobless or psycho.
    Government should take severe actions against all those causing this nuisance.

  • Ha ha ha

    Now criminals are gonna protect my religion. What about a film called, “OMG, OH my God” where almost similar points were made by Paresh Rawal who now happens to be an MP of ruling party.

    This is exactly the reason why I don’t support any political party. All of them are opportunity offenders, no body really bothers about important issues!

  • There is no space for creative freedom.

    Imagine this. If they changed that line from Jo daar gaya wo Masjid/Church gaya then Muslim organizations or christian missionaries will start similar havoc.

    When Chief Justice of India has no issues, supreme court of India, the Censor board has no issues we see idiotic jokers creating havoc.

    I don’t like MNIK because of it’s weak second half and I havent seen Vishwaroop but I thoroughly support KJo and Kamal Hassan because this IS A MOVIE. They have A RIGHT TO EXPRESS.

    If any of these so called protesters have the guts then answer a simple question. Would you ban Jaane Bhi do Yaaro for Mahabharat scene because Bhagwaad Gita (the sacred book on Hinduism) is a part of Mahabharat?

  • Thanks god that you are not here at the earth! Or else these religious morons would have dragged you also, in their stupid fights. Every religion would have claimed that they should be given the first priority to reach you and to talk to you and who knows they would have forced you too, to join their respective sides. Wherever you are staying, we have full faith and trust in you. Just one request- give some wisdom to these fools who are claiming themselves as your protector.

  • @akash, the union govt and many state govts formed with the help of these cheap people and organizations……so don’t expect anything from govt.

  • Why do such fringe groups become so aggressive and attack the Theatres.The Supreme Court has given a verdict in support of the movie and they need to respect the verdict.Also there isn’t any scene which hurts the sentiments of Indians

  • Jobless fanatixXxXx…. Police shouldnt be afraid to use force back- thats my personal opinion- here afew yrs ago during the London disturbances I felt police needed to be more heavy handed- its the only way to stop people hell bent on causing damage to others enjoyment n property….

  • The essence of PK is lost on illiterates- God is All Powerful- he rules the Universe Heavens- he doesnt need jobless illiterates defending him who only bring shame upon the whole community- do something positive- feed the poor, clean the streets of filth but no thats too much hard work for these bums…

  • @indicine, read my comment again, i havn’t blamed aamir……i blamed those cheap people who r protesting against pk and aamir only because of aamir’s religion…….they did not protest against omg! Oh my god despite of having more sensitive things in it……..

  • Aamir said that those who don’t want change are protesting against pk. It means aamir wants change in Hinduism rather than Islam.
    @indicine could you defend viswaroopam like pk

  • I think the protestors are srk fans….after seeing the boxoffice collection they have only 1 option left is to protest to decrease the collection

  • What is this going on.I never seen these peoples to come forward for something beneficial for society,I agree pk could be better to avoid Hindu religion in more contrast,but if they did most of we Indians who are Hindu can’t relate to that film and that would eventually pulled down the entertainment quotient.
    Even in Oh My God Paresh rawals dialogue were more objectionable and sensitive than in pk.But I respect the film which able to make us realise what to do and what’s not.
    @gautam,@gj007,@akash great comments guys.

  • hahahahahaha good to know that supreme court rejected the appeal for ban PK, nice movie yeh saaley sab wrong numbers hai jo protest kar rahe hain

  • ha ha power of HINDU RELIGION.some morons are saying paresh rawal said against HINDU RELEGION,whoever has said I think he hasn’t seen OMG fully climax paresh rawal realised THE GOD is there hence THE GOD himself clarified the doubt of paresh rawal so it makes even more glorious the HINDU RELEGION.but what pk director thought some jadoo alien introduced in India to realise HINDUS are fools irrespective of other religion.

    My point of subject is that I also don’t disrespect any religion.but when some other religion peoples will make fun of THE HINDUS due to hirani/amir ,then I will not tolerate at all that insult.these fanatic loon Hindus who are claimed themselves Hindus as well as supporting pk ,my challenge to them can you convert your RELEGION to Muslim/christian.I think no,you can’t do.only biggest insecure in these worlds only habituated of making such long speech ,but thanks to these HINDUS who are not reacting otherwise ami r/raju would have leaved India now.some idiots are also thinking pk got success means it got appreciation of all 80% OF HINDUS who are living in India.hardly 20%-30% of total people are watching films in India,even if the film got success then how it it got appreciation of MAJORITY of HINDUS????also some people who had watched it already like ME also have negative review on this certainly a good director like raju hirani/amir turned to a shameless idiot and he proved only good people can ruin a society.

    @salmir fans,kindly don’t drag KING KHAN in to this matter.WE are independent HINDUS not as an SRKIAN who have issue with this cheapest film.

    @navin,I think raju/amir I’d the biggest jobless personalities WE have who unnecessarily plagiarised OMG in a negative way to increase the controversy to earn money in a pirated way,shame on these jobless idiots.raju used his name and amir played the role of jadoo4 with background OMG story to fool HINDUS.

    @amir the worst,don’t think SRKIANS cheapest like you.if those SRKIANS then no salmir fans can stppt them.that means there is no salmir fans in those states?,lol.use your mind you idiot…..

  • It is unfair with Aamir Khan when Paresh Rawal told same thing in OMG! no one protested against him why? is he was hindu thats why? or is he is MP of any states in india thats why?
    shame on you peoples Aamir told about all religions including christianity too not only Muslims or Hindus so jealous peoples do not try barked or protest against this wonderful movie and a perfect actor and director.

  • @sss

    To be honest that was the most disappointing part of OMG. Just to please believers a hard hitting satire was dumbed down to an escapist comedy. Pk remained firm to its agnostic thinking saying we shall never know whether God exists or not but OMG straight away showed us that God exists which even scientists haven’t found out till date. And if you want to make a counter argument that Pk showed us that aliens exists, then please note that the presence of alien was done only to get a neutral point of view which OMG lacked because it’s protagonist was a Hindu.

  • If this movie really hurting the sentiments of hindu brothers so aamir and hirani should come itself and apologise to people of the country and ban it themself.
    But if people of india is hurt not these so called goons.

  • They all are very stupid guy and their mentality also very cheep … actually these guys create fictions between all religion… PK movie left only this massage that nobody come on earth with symbol of hindu muslim sikh isaai n all religion … They all are child of god , only human create profile of religion on this earth … Movies are always for the entertainment if they want to do controversies so , why they watch movie…

    So stupid people…

  • @gj007,yes paresh rawal is an Hindu protagonist,so have to observe the film as a reel life point of view not real life.instead of being a Hindu He 1st blame to THE GOD for HIS loss,then at the climax he realised the presence of THE GOD,so when HE did partiality in the film as a character ,he supported them what HE saw in HIS own bro don’t think yourself so smart and try to explain impossible things,when an wannabe looking alien enters into the human society singing,speaking,dancing,marry making and at last changed the society.isn’t look so impossible no as amir and raju is there so everything can be possible.our so called great directors whatever did may he convert a roadside rowdy to a doctor that’s acceptable,may he introduced a student who not only can captivate a principal but also can be topper in over night with studying a bit and now an alien.bro yes I appreciate in which way he is showing a film that is his intelligence but he is creativityless and illogical director that also we have to accept even if hough it hurts ,that’s all.

  • Haters plz do anything what you want to do but Pk expres is unstoppable and it will cross 300cr…Aamir is the true mefastar of Bollywood no body can act like Aamir as a pk

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