Salman Khan donates 300 lenses to visually impaired in Sri Lanka

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who founded†his ‘Being Human’ charity organisation, has now donated 300 lenses to visually impaired people in Sri Lanka. The actor is in the country to campaign for President Mahinda Rajapaksa for the upcoming elections.

While Salman himself is reluctant to publicly announce the charity that he does, it was his Kick co-star Jacqueline Fernandes who made the announcement on Twitter “Salman Khan doing what he does best! @beinghumanclothing giving sight to those who canít see, donates 300 lenses!! #srilanka #home #happy.Ē

Khan has often said, that most of what he earns goes to charity.

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez



  • Every body has money but very few have that big heart to spend that money on others.
    Salman falls in that category.
    Respect sir!! From the bottom of my heart :-)

  • Respect to Salman Khan… I am a Hrithik / SRK fan.. but I really respect Salman for all the charity that he does. God bless him and I hope he gets out of all his cases against him and leads a peaceful life. He has suffered enough already.

  • @Tiger- : You know what, you are not a Salman fan for sure. Or else you would not have spoiled this article by saying “Others are dancing on street and Bhai is doing charity”. Was there any need of that comment??
    Can’t you complement and rejoice the good work of Salman instead of spreading this hetaerism??
    Seriously if this page would be turned into fan war, it’s just because of you. Only one request:- PLEASE GROW UP!
    There is another world beyond this SRK-Salman fight. So think about that also. If you don’t like SRK, go and take out your frustration on any SRK related page. Why are you spoiling your own Salman’s page??
    You write your name as “TIGER” ,but seriously telling you don’t deserve a title of “RAT” also.

  • @Arjun Kapoor Fan
    No use of this desparation. No salman fan will watch tevar of boring arjun kapoor. All are waiting for 23rd january for baby to release. Neeraj pandey has carefully designed the release date near to republic day. Patriotic films like baby suit that release date.Waiting for baby.

  • Well said @goutam..

    Most of the salman fans target other stars rather than praising their own may be bcoz salman is currently havinhlg a good run at the b.o,breaking they target other stars and look upon them with contempt.

  • @gautam, ur mate @sakhi forced me to write so(indicine deleted her post)….
    Btw, when did i mention srk’s name???

  • @Babaji : Agreed!

    @Tiger : I didn’t see that post of Sakhi. But don’t you think that nothing can be as shameful as that (as indicine deleted his/her post). Means they didn’t find that worth of publishing. What can be a bigger punishment than that??
    Anyway it’s totally your personal opinion whom to support and whom to bash and I have nothing to do with that. I just suggested that don’t spoil this page which indeed is published for a good cause and again it will be spoiled in that stupid fan war instead of appreciating the good work of Salman.
    And yeah, please don’t try to pretend so innocent. I have been going through your comments since a long time and I know whom were you implying to, when you said “People are dancing on street”.

  • @chulli, only small stars need publicity by dancing on street, creating trouble in public places(like stadium, airport), buying awards etc. Megastar salman does not need to do such cheap things for publicity.

  • @Baadshah : were you the broker who is fixing deals between courts n Salman. Looks like you didnt get your brokerage fees !!

  • @Tiger a megastar does not do violence on women , drunk driving, misbehaves with media and gone to jail . Ur megastar attacks animals also and talks about being human. Lol.

  • @hrithik either u are a kid or don’t live in this world. Everybody knows that all wealthy or corrupt people bribe judges,lawyers to shut down their cases pending for many years. Grow up u kid and then talk.

  • publicity stunt in some unknown island!!!!while KING KHAN visited across the world and got UNESCO AWARD while the fellow who returned from tihar jail is doing his fake publicity in some island,respect bhabijaan.

  • @Badshah : In that case you can imagine how many cases or potential cases are shut by ur badshaah using his money. After all he is the 2nd richest actor in world. I hope you are matured or grown up enough to accept this harsh reality !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @sss : How did UNESCO got to know if it is a hidden charity ?? Now dont say UNESCO researched on Srk. Lol !!!!!!

  • @hrithik,If someone got benefited by you then automatically you’ll come to limelight after some day/month /year due to the benefited person or by someone else.just give you a fresh example just few days before incident:

    Priyanka chopra tweeted:thanks @iamsrk for adopting more 11 village for their development.

    at the same near those days

    amir khan tweeted:hi guyz ,I provided 11 lakhs to xyz poor villagers.

    Hope you got the difference.

    While KING KHAN already took 200+ villages which is highest in Bollywood so far.

    After winning IPL,HE did charity of all prize money around 25cr to free cancer treatment hospitals,which after some days published by those hospital’s chair persons.HE did charity of 1st day collection of CE that is 32cr to amarnath flood helping fund.

    HE did charity 80 times more than what amir/salman unitedly did but still this news comes to US from other persons as the amount of money HE gave is not a small amount.RESPECT THE LEGEND OF LEGEND KING SRK.

    Salman/amir moved with media and does charity,so media:salman and amir does this much charity.

    KING KHAN:Main charity deta hoon ya nahi mera khuda dekh raha hain.


    won to UNESCOWAALE hain unhe kaise pata nahi lagta.

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