Censor board member says he objected to scenes in PK, but was ignored

Controversies surrounding Aamir Khan’s PK never seem to end. In fact, non-stop coverage on news channels has probably helped the film at the box office too.

Now, Satish Kalyankar, a member of Central Board of Film Certification, has said that he objected to some scenes in PK, but his concerns were ignored. 

Religious leader and freedom fighter, Shankaracharya Swaroopanand Saraswati, has now demanded a CBI probe over how the movie got the censor board certificate.

Kalyankar, also a member of the film screening committee, said the movie violated the rules, one of which requires that a film should not contain such scenes or dialogues that hurt religious sentiments.

Films can be publicly exhibited in India only after they have been certified by the CBFC.

Swaroopanand told the media some censor board members had asked the movie to be sent for a review again. When their request was ignored, they had also written to the information and broadcasting ministry.

He said the names of the members who had objections to the scenes were left out of the film’s certificate, and there should be a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation into it.

He said states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar exempted the movie from entertainment tax because of ‘vote-bank’ politics.





  • seriously ‘cbi’ probe on pk!!!

    do something fruitful instead of going after a progressive higly loved film like pk

  • I had made a mistake last time while posting a fact, but this time I am 100% sure of what I’m saying.

    One of these so-called censor member had also opposed the usage of “Gandhigiri” in Lage Raho Munna Bhai. Was their anything wrong in it? But the other members over-powered him and the terms was kept in the film.

    It is a very thin line between creative liberty and hurting sentiments. Hirani did very well in presenting his agnostic point of view, which I feel was done for the first time in Bollywood.

    And there are people who say, “If Vishwaroop was banned for a while, why not PK?” I’d rather say, oppose the ban on Vishvaroop than supporting one on PK. You cant snatch someone’s creative freedom because you cant accept a satire. By that logic, ban Peepli Live for mocking farmer suicides and Jaane Bhi Do yaaro for Draupadi sequence.

    I admire Hirani for bravely tackling such a sensitive topic when he was at the top of his career. And people have very well accepted it. Overtly sensitive people should watch Ekta Kapoor daily soaps on TV. That’s what they deserve!

  • Despite so many controversy it managed to cross 300 crore. Just Imagine if Pk had very good songs like 3 Idiots then PK’s collection would be around 380 crore. It looks like 350 crore is more than possible and I hope this record won’t be broken anytime soon.

  • No use of this controversies in fact it’s boosting up the pk collections like adding more fuel to fire n it’s going to be a history collections which can’t be touch r break in near future by any star I hope finally congrats Amir sir the disputed star.

  • lol on these they are just promoting pk more n more infact 90% hindus loved the movie only 10% illitrate people bashing it.but these things will not effect movie now and 350cr is guranteed.

  • Final Classifications 2014

    All Time Blockbuster

    1. PK (expected share – 165 cr)

    2. Kick (share – 118 cr)

    Super Hit

    3. Happy New Year (share – 97 cr)
    4. Singham Returns (share – 77.5 cr)
    5. Ek Villain (share – 50.50 cr)
    6. 2 States (share – 48.75 cr)

    7. Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty (share – 56 cr)
    8. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (share – 35 cr)
    9. Queen (share – 25.75 cr)
    10. Heropanti (share – 25 cr)
    11. Ragini MMS 2 (share – 23.50 cr)

    Semi Hit

    12. Bang Bang (share – 75 c)
    13. Jai Ho (share – 58 cr)
    14. Gunday (share – 37.75 cr)
    15. Mary Kom (29.50 cr)
    16. Main Tera Hero (share – 26 cr)
    17. Yaariyan (share 19 cr)


    18. Haider (share – 23.50 cr)
    19. Hasee Toh Phasee (share – 17.50 cr)
    20. Mardaani (share – 16.75 cr)
    21. Hate Story (share – 11.50 cr)

  • Amazing movie which preaches the concept of Islam that worship one God who created all of us and stay away from idols and stones.

  • It’s a non issue, only the ceo has the final call.Isn’t it obvious that all the members of the board won’t have the same opinion.

  • this censor board member is trying to have his share amongst all the idiots who are hogging the limelight out of this stupid controversy.

  • Yaar dekho indeed the muslims were saved from being target
    In the movie target was not religion but the practices being followed in the faith and certainly muslims are not clean of those blind faiths and practices.sentiments of minorities were dealt with sincerety as there is always insecurity amongst them which propogates backlashes.
    Moreover since the movie targets the entire nation therefore it was shown from majority’s perspective ie. Hindus.this doesnt mean that content is not applicable to other faiths.

  • This senseless controversy regarding ‘PK’ is very effectively fueling it’s success. Sudden growth in the footfalls explains this.

  • @RomanceRfan You supported boycott PK and now you saying senseless controversy.Huge round of applause for you

  • Picture is super now leave it, its a cult classic now.lets hope it goes on to 400cr india only.repeat value n the way its sustaining waw with not much competition it can definitely surprise us more.go pk go

  • CBI probe? hahahahahahahahahahaha

    Tomorrow if some of you lose your underwear, don’t worry, the CBI will probe..hahahahahahaha

  • @saquib, very well said bro. I guess you just proved that you are not a religious fanatic (unlike some others out here) but a true individual first, with your clear thoughts. Appreciate.

  • Why on earth ppl protesting this movie O_o ?? i just dont get it….OMG was much more offensive…

    sorry to say this but is it because PK has khan in it and OMG had kumar ??

    PK doesnt talk about existence of God…not at all but OMG it has thrashed many major indian religions and certainly would have hurt one’e religious sentiment. * i liked OMG *
    Why cant ppl be just human…religion matters very little…Alien was just an idea in the movie…lets say a foreigner comes to india…even he’s gonna pull his hairs out after seeing the various cultures and riots happen in india for things that dont matter AT ALL.

  • just accept d truth that Aamir is d real box office king but Media only supports SRK bcoz he use diplomacy,tactics for every film he worked,and why SRK need more promotion for his every movie if he is already holding a superstar tag for 20 years.
    Y he is still feel insecurity abt his popularism, why SRK still put his knees down for every year in film awards just to stick one award,bcoz he thinks if he will not awarded means he is not an actor.

  • @legend amir khan. U seem to be SRK fanatic. What’s the necessity of dragging him here. Just to get some brownie points from other u maniac. Really pity u on such childish behaviour. Lol.
    What’s Ur problem if SRK promotes his movies. Its his wish and he lovesIhis movie. SSohe does. No body has stopped Ur so called super stars from promoting their movies.
    This page is about how some morons are targeting pk for cheap publicity and how well the movie is made. But u puny fans want to drag SRK into every thing. Rofl at Ur sense of intelligence

  • @saquib well said, true words.

    @syed mera ek tho doubt h.I have scene mosque in films,serial etc.There is Samadhi of something,I don’t know stone or something else,his par chadar chadayi jaati h.Masjid me aisa hi hota h.
    Kya WO khuda Aur Allah hote h Aur unhe q chadar ki jarurat h.After all they made you.Its not fault in other releasion but its exist in all.You guys worship of samadhi, we Hindus does of stone.Basically we all are worshipping bhagwan by making a symbol of particular thing. It can be anything but it sure have in all religion.
    I have seen pk thrice but I haven’t seen that Aamir said we follow Islam and Allah.He said why do I follow the god you people made.So these god,Allah and bhagwan made by us not the real god.Don’t try to make others to doubt his or others religion.Try to respect all.

    PK has come a long way and will always remember as a film who made it mark the way it wants.No one can stop this.

  • if Hirani has a problem with a how a person decides to honour God, that is his problem. he should never have hurt other persons religious sentoments. if he feels money spent on honouring God is wrongly spent then he should have a problem with people wasting money watching movies. a movie on how money is wasted in the film industry should have been made instead of religion. Those associated with making and watching the movie are a bunch of hypocrites. if Hirani is so interested in the poor, he should give all the money he has made of movies to the poor of India.

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