‘I don’t get stuck in rankings and competition’: Arjun Kapoor

With two back-to-back successes in Gunday and 2 States, Arjun Kapoor emerged as the most promising young actor of 2014. The Kapoor-ladnow awaits the release of his upcoming film, Tevar, which will be the first big release of 2015.

While there is tremendous competition from his comteporaries like Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra, Ranveer Singh and others, Arjun says competition and rankings doesn’t affect him.

“I think it’s logical to not be stuck in rankings and competition. If you put a hundred people in a room and give them a list of five actors, each of the hundred will have their own favourites and that’s because it’s subjective. There’s no point getting in a rat race because even if you win, you’ll still be a rat. There’s no fun in that. We’re not horses competing with one another. What is there to win anyway? Everything changes every Friday.” he told reporters at a promotional event.

A solo film like 2 States did ‘super-hit’ business at the box office, but the pressure is higher this time around. Tevar is a home-production, produced by his father (Boney Kapoor) and uncle (Sanjay Kapoor). While 2 States was backed by Chetan Bhagat’s popular novel,Karan Johar, Sajid Nadiadwala and UTV Motion Pictures – Tevar is being distributed by Eros International, who have had a poor 2014.

But the actor says, he doesn’t feel the pressure, atleast not until the promotional campaign is over “I don’t feel the pressure of the film until I come out for these promotional visits and talk to people who keep talking about the ‘pressure of a solo film.

Tevar releases in theatres on January 9. The film has reasonably good reports and should take a good opening at mass centres on Friday.

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor



  • rankings,competition,stats r meant for fan bases and haters to do but an artist should only focus on his work bcz if u go after excellence success will blindly follow u.

    well said arjun.waiting for tevar

  • This arjun kapoor does not care rankings.And here is this imbecile arjun kapoor fan who always talks of rankings.Akshay kumar should not be compared arjun kapoor.Look at the class of akki.And this arjun kapoor side role actor.
    Tevar is going to flop big time even there is hit music,promos,solo release because this rude actor fans are terrible.Fanny Finding is disaster.So will be Tevar.

  • everyone is saying tevar will flop bcz it neither has a hit music nor a wonderful trailer.it is not based on any popular novel,heroine is out of form,distributor is out of form,releasing on a date that is considered bad for Bollywood plus pk tsunami.

    so entire onus is now on arjun.if tevar works it will change his life forever

  • No actor can get away from flops. Every actor has his own set of awful movies. You have to live with it. Even Ranbir who debuted only 7 years ago has Anjana Anjani and Besharam to his credit.

    But after seeing promos, I’d most certainly skip Tevar because we have Baby coming soon. And I wont miss a Neeraj Pandey film for sure!

  • I dont actually hate Arjun Kapoor. His acting is quite okay and he doesnt blabber trash about anybody.
    But his “Some Buddha” fan on Indicine talks trash about Akshay and Baby. Which irks me a lot.

  • Tevar will be a super hit because Arjun is a Super Man…Salman ka fan. Salman fans are going to watch this movie which will bosst its collection.

  • indicine,I request u to plz check all ur comments carefully bfr publishing them.here ppl hv a habit of continuously accusing certain ppl like me of things that I hvnt done.God knows I hv not said a single bad wird about baby and even when I criticise akki it’s in a polite manner but this akki fans r continuously using offensive terms against tevar and arjun but expect me to silently tolerate all of them

  • Very well said Arjun . I think his acting in 2 States and Ishaqzaade was brilliant but he was pretty average in Gunday and Finding Fanny . Some people say he has been successful because of YRF who have given him Ishaqzaade and Gunday . Some people say because of Dharma who have given him 2 States . So now Arjun has a chance to slap on their faces . Personally i have no expectations from Tevar neither critically nor commercially . But even though All The Best Arjun, Sonakshi, Manoj, Sanjay and Boney Kappor for Tevar . Let’s hope Tevar becomes successful . If it has content it will be successful if not content then it will not . As simple as that .

  • tevar will be Big hit….movie will definitely cross 75 cr….
    bcoz I watched Mahesh babu okkadu….
    okkadu was must watch movie…and okkadu was 1st blockbuster of Mahesh babu career which he got filmfare award for best actor (Telugu)…..
    same thing happen with tevar too…

  • He sounds quite intellectual in each of his interviews.But if the movie is as good as Gilli or Okkadu it has possibility to become a hit.

  • So actor should be measured by his performance and thatz what this tevar star had said.Proud that emraan ‘s good film to bad film ratio, good performance to bad performance ratio is high! Hats off emraan.

  • everytime arjun kapoor fan compare with akki. if u cant say good about others then also dont say bad about others (comparing with akki we fan cant tolerate this) if u like u can say every good things about your young stars without targeting other stars lol !!!

  • I know y this gj007 hates me so much.I hv from day 1 criticised him politely for always speaking nonsense about celebs like chetan,slb,arjun,karan johar,commercial films so basically he is taking that frustration out nowdays on me by speaking nonsense about me. gj007 I hv nothing against u personally but u if u r on a public forum u should hv a thick skin to tolerate criticism

  • Tevar flop.Roy flop.Pungistaan finished. @ArjunKaporFan remove varun from pungistan. Pungistan should contain bad actors arjun,ranbir,ranvir,sid,ark.Varun is not bad actor.

  • @rocky are sure tever will become a super hit due to salman fans ha ha ha pehly jai ho ko to hit krwa lety
    Tever will become a super hit due to salman idiot lol ….

  • @element listen bro let’s end this rivalry forever bcz it us getting uglier.I know u will nvr change ans I will nvr change so it’s better if we don’t get into useless debates with each other.all the best for mr x,hak and tigers.

    u r free to criticize arjun,ranbir,tevar as much u want but plz don’t get offensive or try to lower our achievements like u did in past and I promise to also not excessively criticise emraan.


  • @Chalaa

    Yeah you’re right. He has a great understanding about box office. I saw one of his interviews where he was talking with Zoya Akhtar where he said that he wants to get the balance of acclaim and success. There are many producer sons in the industry like a Chopra who has reduced himself to a sidekick in his own production.

    But Arjun Kapoor is quite a smart man. His film choices speak well. Apart from Aurangzeb, each film of his, is either a commercial or critical success. And with 2 states he entered into the big league. If Tevar becomes a hit, he might firmly establish himself as a bankable star.

  • dear friends u can see arjun kapoor fan id and his other fake ids compare with akki in his every comment post!!! dont bark too much lol

  • Well, Well..this should be the best statement of the month.
    Arjun is very smart and knows exactly what he is talking bout.
    Tevar will be the first 200 cr for youngistaan.

  • Am impressed with his answers…it could mean 2 things…
    1. He actually knows his present status among his contemporaries… Probably feels he can’t b ranked above some of them…OR
    2. He actually trusts or believe himself a lot and wants his movie acting to do d talking not verba/statistical analysis by polls/fans….!!
    Arjun has d raw talent(ISHAQZAADE said it all) in him no doubts it just depends how he sustains d finishing package in his career! Has d body and I find him smart reminds me of d YOUNG VINOD KHANNA during his prime. Wish him luck!
    Like most of d above fans pointed out about some fans busy critizing Akkki and Ajay whom I CAN BET!! arjun can’t get close to wat they have achieved in lifetime!!! and start comparing either eemran or arjun ran veer with them like @arjun kapoor!! Despite that u can see d difference now!…despite u critizing d actors their fans are still recognizing and wishing his talent luck!!! But that doesn’t mean u shd stop saying that “even eemran is a bigger star than ajay” or ” trashing Akki and baby” pls do continue..cos it will never ever SHAKE AJAY and AKKI LIFETIME CONTRIBUTION TO MODERN DAY HINDI CINEMA!! Apart from d 3 KHANS(LEAGUE of their OWN)…and HRITIK too.

  • I like Arjun. But I feel like to speak ill about him only because of Mr Sambudha. It would be better if Mr Sambudha stops criticising other actors.
    Mr Sambudha you are an IDIOT.

  • @sani d when did I say emraan is bigger than ajay?

    and wat makes u think that arjum can nvr reach the level of akki-ajay?y r u wishing bad for me and in return want me to touch ur feet

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