Makers of PK apply for Tax Free status

PK has opened to rave reviews and is arguably the most loved movie of the year. Now, in an attempt to get more people to watch the film that has a social message, the makers of the film – Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra – have expressed their desire to make PK tax-free across India.

“Aamir, Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra wanted tax exemption for their film even before its release. And now, after it has garnered a good opening at the box office, they thought it should reach more people. For that, a tax waiver would help. Hence, they sent applications on December 21.Ē

Chopra said “It is a relevant film in todayís times. While itís an entertainer, it also has a strong social message that needs to have a wide reach, and thatís why we have applied for the tax exemption.”

Should PK be given tax free status across India? Tell us!

Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani

Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani



  • Should have reduced ticket prices. Now to increase collections, you want tax exemptions. Earning money is not a bad thing but at least dont mislead the audience by making false statements. Its a commonly known ‘fact’ that aamir khan is the most manipulative person in the industry. Meeting modi, ass licking raj thackerey, etc all are and were tactics to boost the film and nothing else.

  • My point of view –
    # Munna Bhai MBBS – An outsider enters the Medical system and simplify the process.
    # 3 Idiots – An outsider enters the Education system and simplify the process
    # PK – An outsider enters the Society and simplify the Religious process….?
    TAX FREE is must for PK…. ?

  • They made a stupid film Mary Mom tax free, which was just a 3rd class movie.
    This movie however deserves to be tax free.

  • Should have reduced ticket prices. Now to increase collections, you want tax exemptions. Earning money is not a bad thing but at least dont mislead the audience by making false statements. Its a commonly known Ďfactí that aamir khan is the most manipulative person in the industry

  • is this Patriotic???? to give tax free…nothing to do with Tax free…firstly he use sir sachin to make publicity now this…this is really cheap ….caring about numbers.

  • if it wud hv been either salman or srk & if it hd been complete copy of Omg then movi surely cud hd crashed
    but indian people whtevr aamir does tuk as god
    aftr earning cream of profit by rising prices
    nw dey r making it tax free!

  • I will be happy if it made tax free but I don’t think this film should be tax free,these kind of rebate should be left for films which are not having big stars and bigger scale.
    Aamir,You rocked again.It is your 4th holiday release since 2008 and you are close to giving 4 all time blockbuster and 4th all time grosser.You rocked.
    PK is your best performance since 3i and one of the best of your career.
    Finally you proved you are class apart from others. #Salute.
    @rahul Aamir is Rohit Sharma lol,Aamir is not a cricket batsman to whom you compare,if you want than Aamir is a captain of teams of ghajini,3i,pk and d3 who able to won the world cup 4th time in a row.
    I think srk fans is alone enough to take a dig on srk and his films.
    Before HNY release they said 300cr domestic, its mhn and oso team returned .They had given 4 out of 5 star to hny,noe they said.King and queen returning after CE.
    Srk alone enough to make hny 45cr, noe same fellow saying hny is crap,Farah is tmk director,blah blah.
    I havenít seen any Aamir fan who said Talaash is crap,reema kagti is bad director,because we know Talaash was not a film to be a big grosser and its was a superb movie.
    Fact is Aamir made and break records,other just follow.
    @sheheer may be Hirani will break d3 record but I don’t think srk can break them until Karan johar come forward and do the proceding.
    @romance new year HNY had non holiday and pk is Christmas weekend.Kya baat h dino din bewakoofi ki had par karta jaa raha h.
    Situation of some srk fellaws like is same as congress felt when Modi cleared majority alone in LS Polls this year.
    Get well soon guys

  • Tax helps the government, so you’d rather help aamir get to 300cr rather than helping citizens of India, good call

  • This is nothing but hypocriticism..
    Why can’t they themselves reduce the ticket price that are so high,even on weekdays have’nt cut down???
    Means they want profit to come their way…

  • Yes definitely pk should be tax free so i can watch 3rd time..plz govt avoid the taxes because we want to watch pk so many times in theaters

  • @nothypocrite @ameer at least Aamir isn’t like another star who begs producers to postpone the release dates..or advancing a release by a day or even manipulating movie budgets to keep the success intact..

    @Babaji ke wonder you too are a chameleon like @Arjun Kapoor.. At least he speaks sense at times..also what if a HR or an Akki movie had hiked ticket prices?? Would you still post these same comments?? Also since the first week is not over yet..the prices are still high at certain will come down second week onwards..

  • @sid_unoriginal: You just want everyone to praise aamir for whatever he does,is’nt it!!
    You idiot @ArjunKapoor supports every actor when their film releases to gain support..why should I support aamir for whatever crap he does?
    As @Goutam very rightly said he may be a top actor but i don’t think he is a good person at all,i don’t like him as a person.
    Yes,PK may be great film,it is doing exceptionally it deserves praise from me..

    But Why should i support this hypocriticism?

    and don’t worry about HR/Akki..they don’t will never hike prices and then demand Tax free status!!

  • @babaji at first atleast akki or hr make a movie like this so that they can apply for tax free.Other thing if movie was tax free than prices were automatically came down and what is Aamir is in his real life why do we care about that,either Akki or hr personal life will give you something in return.How can you judge someone through his comments or public appearance. At last Aamir is a actor and his prime duty is to make good films so that he can satisfy majority of his audience and he doing the same.He don’t need any character certificate from us.

  • @babaji, u mean using k3 calculator for manipulation is better than hiking ticket price??? People don’t watch ur stars’ movies even with low ticket price, if they hike ticket price for their movies even dogs won’t watch them.

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