Aamir Khan sends legal notice to Pakistani websites for fake PK interview

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has sent a legal notice to several Pakistani websites for publishing fake interviews related to his recently released blockbuster PK.

Since Aamir is currently in the US, a legal notice was sent on the actor’s behalf by Anand Desai, managing partner of DSK Legal.

Aamir Khan

“Mr Aamir Khan was shocked to find an interview attributed to him on several Pakistani websites in relation to his latest film PK. He has never given such an interview. It is clearly a fabrication by someone trying to impersonate him, done with the intent of drawing visitors to their website, and is defamatory to our client” Anand said in a statement to the media.

“Today we sent legal notices on behalf of Mr Khan to the websites. The impersonation is a very serious infringement of our client’s rights, and we will take legal recourse. Mr Khan will be filing a criminal complaint with the Cybercrime Cell, Mumbai Police after he returns to Mumbai” he added.



  • I also saw that interview on many FB pages here in Pakistan.
    You are talking about the interview in which he answered 5 question about PK?

  • Jobless fools hell bent on causing mischief….. Anyways enough about nipun, kshitij n some buddha- onto the serious matter of these joker websites- sad truth is that they can close down one site n reappear somewhere else as somebody completely different- abit like the 3 aforementiined chameleons- best thing is to catch them n lock them up for life- throw away the key…. The world will be a safer place with them behind bars…! Or yes also shut down the sites…

  • All these sh!ttiest pakistan’s sh!tty websites should reveal the truth & publicly apologise to aamir, pay the necessary compensation for that grave infringement and then shut their sh!tty websites once & for all, they are as useless as RA.1 & hny DVDs.

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    And we asked how much is 600cr ,

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    but still Srkians call thm OSCAR winning movies.! ok.lul

  • If big hits & success ratio are the benchmark, top actors in last 5 yrs –

    1) Salman/Aamir

    2) Ranbir

    3) Hrithik

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    5) Sarook

  • I think the owner of of that website who did that was a oversmart person like our useless idiot navin uncle who thinks he can get away with anything but ends up always making a fool of himself

  • @vini

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