Here’s how the ‘Dancing Car’ scene in PK was shot

A stranger in the city has no money to spend, so when he gets to know that papers with Mahatma Gandhi’s photo will earn him his food, his only option is to steal money from dancing cars – i.e from people making love in the car.

But ever wondered how the scene was shot? The latest video from PK Funnies shows exactly that.

40 Maruti Suzuki cars were hired and the crew of the film were made to vigorously shake the car – they were also positioned perfectly so that they don’t appear on camera.

Check out the video below.



  • Undoubtedly, the most hilarious scene in PK ;-)
    Everybody was laughing like anything whenever that scene appeared on the screen :D

  • I don’t know how the dialogue writers in Hiran’s movies come up with such quirky and unconventional dialogues.Whether it is ‘All izz well’,’Gandhigiri’,jadoo ki Jhappi’ or ‘wrong number’ all of them have become cult lines and remembered by the public even now.

  • Raju Hirani takes creativity to a new high. Agreed pk was not his best, but there are so many memorable and unique moments in it that you get sucked into his world. Incredible thinking!

  • Pk car scene was funny but when bombay velvet, jagga or tamasha will break records , then it will b too much fun.

  • PK got clothes for himself from these dancing cars so the couple inside must have gone driving naked but they not showed this in PK

  • In these dancing cars the couples were so desperate that they not even closed the window of car so PK has done right thing by taking their clothes

  • Hilarious scene, there is a seen which also shown in trailer that pk changed no of cloths within a second,the fashion symbolises people of different religion, they put all the efoort to feel its not anti Hindu,but still many didn’t convince but we should also respect their opinion but not the likes of @sem and @sss.
    Surprised to know our complan kid is engineer while looking his comments its look like he is behind than even 5th standard pass out.

  • Haters before u criticized @PKTheFilm make sure u have share to change the society to make a better world #PKdebate @aamir_khan rocks

  • idk but “earth ki toh lulli baji hui hai” this thing is the most hilarious to me. & it has become my favorite dialog of all time. cuz it both hilarious & true at the same time.

  • Amir showed the real meaning of god in pk with entertainment,i think this type of movie show a era of history,hds off amir.

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