After UP, PK tax free in Bihar too

After Uttar Pradesh, Aamir Khan’s PK has been exempted of entertainment taxes in the state of Bihar too. The Chief Minister of the state said that the poor can now watch the film that exposes the fraud taking place in the name of religion.

Entertainment taxes in Bihar is the highest in the country at 50%.

CM Jitan Ram Manjhi said that the decision to make PK tax free, came after former CM Nitish Kumar watched the film and praised it.

“Our leader Nitish Kumar advised us to exempt ‘PK’ from tax. We have decided to make it tax free to ensure that the poorest of the poor can watch the film that exposes the superstition and fraud taking place in the name of religion” Manjhi told reporters.

The CM also went on to add that PK must be watched by all.

“It should be watched by all, particularly the poor and illiterate who have been victims of blind faith, superstition and fraud by so-called godmen in the name of religion,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Nitish Kumar also praised the film saying “Aamir Khan’s ‘PK’ deserves full 10 marks because it is giving a positive message to the society. All those opposing ‘PK’ are hypocrites” he said.



  • Now I think it is just a ploy against the ruling BJP party by these SP and now JDU to get some support..

  • 50% entertainment tax is way too high in the first place…. I hope this tax is eased during 2015 and especially relaxed for old age pensioners of babujis ilk so they can atleast watch movies for far less than youngsters….. Its only fair considering they went through world wars, partitions etc etc or in babujis case Mughal Empire reigns and British Empires etc etc

  • Again not surprising. All states with by anti-hindu politicians and big muslim population will give tax-free status.

  • PK will earn around 13cr today in early estimates- that should make it Bollywoods Biggest Movie Ever- so happy

  • Throughout 2013 I said it consistently that Dhoom 3 will outgun all other movies and become the Biggest of them all but truth be told it underperformed n missed out on 300 cr- only let down was that Brand Dhoom wasnt as Big as jaadoo worshippers said it was but this year PK is doing what D3 should have done last year- open up the 300 cr club- great achievement Aamir…!

  • So much noise being made on PK. I wonder what would happen, if someone had made a Clockwork Orange here in. Kubrick would have been stoned to death!

  • 1 – telling that to take the cloths of people who is having sex in cars [ 5,6 times ] ?

    2 – insulting religions, telling that don’t need to pray bec they one who is afraid, is a losser they go to Masjid, Mandir… [ means the one who is more afraid they go to Masjid 5 times in a day? Bastard]

    3 – making fun of Bhagwan, over again and again till the end…

    4 – telling the condom defination, giving explanation for more than 1 hours…

    5 – telling that an Alien is better than human being, they are great religious people than Muslims and Hindus…. this is a great message? i am going to ask again , is this a great message?

    the tax should not be free actually a copy + Anti Muslim/Hindu movie like PK should be banned in all over the world… thank you…

  • @i am a sad Khan

    The 1 hr condom definition n demonstration was perhaps what you personally needed in one on one after school tuition with your male professor but in the movie that scene was nomore than a min long n hardly noticeable but only to you…. Why I ask…? Is it bcoz you struggle to find condoms small enough to be atleast half functional for your purpose….? Why the obsession with condoms dude- do you giggle at the mere mention of the word or as I suspect you are filled with utmost dread and embarrassment at its mention bcoz you have painful memories of taking 1 hour putting on a condom n when you finally got it on you turned around to see that your female companion (or male companion if you swing that way) had already left the building….!

    Plz do enlighten us

  • People opose some scenes and dialogues in pk and oposing that called hypocracy then just cant stop myself laugh…vishvaroopam biggest example of hypocracy of india…how idiots v r that v can digest the insult of god count as entertainment and in india to making a movie to insult the godcant call courageous move its the perfect smartness and clever move salute amir raju vvc u r real genious…u know the weakness of india…please dont join politics

  • wow great now i think in many states it would be tax free in coming days it will help more as it is already creating history day by allshows are going housefull these are unbilievable for any movie to get housefull shows after 13or 14days.proud of being SalMir fan.

  • Wish they could choose indian politics in their next project then v c they can make it tax free or not…can rajoo amir come with pk sequel and can show the courage to target other religion or r they satisfied

  • @Navin bro definitely pk has become all time grosser today but as per trade figure it has crossed dhoom 3 261 cr Hindi version collection.I said earlier that on 1st jsn 2015 we Aamir fans will celebrating Pk as all time grosser,guess what it actually happen.Agree d3 should achieve 300cr mark but still 273cr is way higher than CE 208cr which was 2nd highest grosser that time.But d3 overseas performance compensated for same.
    @babaji agreed its just a trick to gain good repo among public by SP and JDU.
    Pk is now highest grosser ever in domestic market.

  • Well said by CM.Not only illiterate but some literate people also follow blind faith and superstition and spend their money on this.Watching PK can create awareness in them.

  • Some idiots commenting against pk…. Pk is a social msg about those fraud godmens…. In our country no one helping for poors… But wasting lot of money in those idiotic godmen.
    . Big lol….

  • @IamAKN Now even illiterate people of Bihar will learn some good things from movie PK but when will u learn or u will support dhongi babas

  • what is exactly meant anti hindu ?
    @imAKN i can understand your pain your srk is again behind aamir.
    rather than pointing out silly flaws in pk pray that srk makes logical movies and not craps like hny
    thank you

  • As 2014 ended : poating some weird things that happened :-
    1) kwk salman virgin
    2) filmfare washout
    3) modi – salman jai ho
    4) pk ricket price
    5) srk s’am door
    6) kick dialogues
    7) deepika cheap cleavage fanny
    8)boycott pk
    9) ban pk
    10)arjun-sonakshi link-up

  • What the hell is this??? Maratha movies are tax free in maharastra, telegu movies are tax free in andhrapradesh but hindi movies need to pay 40-50% tax in hindi belt(u.p, bihar etc.)…..

  • Great move,pk is an awesome movie everybody should see it. I think that maharashtra should also make it tax free as soon as possible.

  • @Asad Khan Nasir hahahaha.. Thanx for calling PK an anti Muslim movie..
    PK message tum jaise ulluon ke dimag me nahi ghusegi..coz you are a hypocrite and don’t understand the concept of Vasudaiva keep burning and give some more publicity to PK with your hatred.. :D

  • Great awesome outstanding movie pk after 3idiots and pk should tax-free at everywhere so we may get chance to see the movie again and again

  • Wow – JD new move to impress non-Hindus! For politics you people can make fun of your own Dharma, what to expect from you to take stand on your people, state and nation. Please stop this divisive moves which was purely based on getting sympathy and votes of non-Hindus. Its time people understand the real color of such politicians and vote for only those who can bring real change in lives of people – better education, health, employments etc. and not such hatred divides.

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