Yet another case filed against makers of PK

Yet another case has been registered against the actor (Aamir Khan), director (Rajkumar Hirani), producer (Vidhu Vinod Chopra) of the film ‘PK’ at the Bajaj Nagar police station in Jaipur on Friday.

A case under section 295A (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings) and 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language) of the IPC was lodged last evening against director, producer and actor of the film, SHO Bajaj Nagar Chiranji Lal said.

Sources say, even though a case was filed against the actor, director and producer, they were not named in the FIR that was filed.

PK released in theatres on December 19 last year.



  • bored of these nonsensical controversies around pk.seriously these ppl hv nothing else to do in life apart from going after this cult blockbuster.

    GET WELL SOON to all these idiots who r going after this film

  • pk producer fig – gross – 378 cr
    overseas – 122 cr
    total – 500 cr
    trade fig – 274 cr
    gross – 363 cr
    total – 485 cr….
    as my prediction 3rd week will be
    fri – 6 cr
    sat – 7 cr
    sun – 10 cr
    3rd week – 33 cr
    total – 312 cr
    lifetime – 320 – 325 cr….
    worldwide – 575 cr

  • All these controversies are somewhat beneficial for Pk.It at least force people to watch the movie to know why there is so much of fuss around the movie.But feeling sad for these pity idiots who make a living by generating such baseless controversies

  • Useless cases. The film has already collected 250 + and some people are demanding its ban…whose loss is it…???

  • The ones who are complaining here are most likely the ones who have been giving out the ‘wrong number’ to the public for years- cases should be filed against them by the public demanding a refund….

  • Not anti religion but just anti the leaders who think they have a right to uphold Gods laws and manipulate it for their own good- they should promote open honest discussions on how best to use religion to helping the poor and needy n not the rich, establishment and the fraudulent babujis of this world…

  • They idiots bastards wants religion fight for make a huge lose of humanity, shame on u and ur stinky thoughts about a very nice msg to the nation, PK proved that PK is an awesome movie after collected a huge historical amounts in worldwide, specially movie applaud in Pakistan too much everyone here in Pakistan appreciated Rajkumar Hirani’s all 4 movies including PK, bcoz Raju’s every movie sent us a lovely messege, advise and entertainment.
    Do not worry Aamir Sir and team PK entire Pakistan are with you, you guys rocked the world.

    C0mE 0n Ba Bay . . .

  • I just don’t get it!!!! why would ppl feel so bad if some other ppl in the society would express their opinion “loudly”?!! why would everyone want other ppl to be (copy paste) and just believe in whatever they believe?!!!! isn’t that stupid?!!! they never think and WANT others to be the same?!! Why?!!! u have the faith in yr religion, others don’t have the faith, so it’s totally up to them!! nothing comes by force!!!

  • pk the foolish movie. pk learn whole bhjpuri from an prostitute but he dnt know about condom ha ha ha. and they says raju and amir have great mind. this movie is not as good as 3 idiot.

  • Like it is the democratic right of people to decide they want to make a stupid movie like PK and hurt millions of people, it is the democratic right of people to practice religion how they see fit. Billions are spent a year on the movie industry – why do they not spend that money on the poor……leave peoples religious sentiments alone – an Islamic friend of mine was aghast. She said if a similar movie was made on Islam…………..

  • It’s not easy to make such a movie on Islam, cx Islam is full of logic. In Islam none can practise any illogical thing.

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