‘I will request PM Narendra Modi to watch PK’ says Aamir Khan in Varanasi

Aamir Khan, who was in Varanasi to promote his upcoming film ‘PK’, has wished speed recovery to legendary actor Dilip Kumar, who has been admitted to a hospital for treatment of pneumonia.

“I too have seen on TV that Yusuf sahab (Dilip Kumar) is not well and he is in the hospital. We pray that he may get well soon. I am the biggest fan of Yusuf sahab, I have learnt a lot watching his films. There is a lot of influence of him on Indian actors” Aamir told reporters in Varanasi.

The city of Varanasi, was where Narendra Modi scripted his historic win at the Lok Sabha elections. When asked if he would ask the Prime Minister to watch his upcoming film, Aamir said “I will request him to watch my film. But PM is already so much busy in his own works but if he would watch this movie, then I would be the happiest for this”

Asked if he would do a Bhojpuri films, Aamir said ”If I get a good script, I will surely do”

Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar



  • Dont worry aamir.not only pm but entire india will watch ur pk.no need for requesting anyone.ur name is enough to make everyone watch d film

  • boney kapur should request modi to watch tevar. Modi should not waste time in watching crap pk.
    Plz respected modi, plz watch telgu film tevar starring sonakshi.

  • Beta arjun, i have planned full promotion n planned to pay critics. Now critics won’t bash ur pathetic performance like they did in 2states,fanny,gunday,aurangzeb.
    My influence is much larger than ur stardom.

  • Aamir khan movies have some social message so it can be shown to ministers and we hope our king will also make some movies in future which have some message so it can be shown to ministers coz our king cannot say modi that watch happy new year or chennai express

  • @indicine… don’t u guys think d topic wldv been more qualitative by posting in your article….” AAMIR KHAN WISHES LEGENDARY ACTOR/HINDI CINEMA 1ST SUPERSTAR DILIP KUMAR SPEEDY RECOVERY”??

  • V king fans also requst pm to watch hny the best movie ever hopes our pm is not a heart patient if game over then this yearz new year party vl b canceld

  • NaMo is a busy man. Prime Minister works for nearly 20 hours a day. Let us see whether he can find some time for watching a movie

  • After the successful Superman Salman Khan song which is topping the charts, Tevar team are planing to send request our king Srk to watch Tevar.

  • definitely everyone will watch this movie.
    not only narendra modi even barak Obama will watch this movie for sure..

  • I hope P.K. is a brilliant movie . I will not comment now whether P.K. can break the records of D3 . P.K. is looking like a different movie . Narendra Modi ji as far as i know has watched only 2 or 3 movies in the last decade . He said this during an interview . He has watched A Wednesday, Swami Vivekananda and the third one probably i don’t know . I hope P.K. ends the year 2014 in a solid manner . All the Best to Aamir, Raju, Anushka, Sanju Baba, Sushsnt and last but not the least VVC .

  • My prayers go out to Yusuf sahab n I hope he greets us again very soon with his festive greetings n well wishes. God bless

  • @indicine

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  • Hope PK earns enough moolah begore the boxoffice storm Tevar arrives and dominates collections down south….! :-D

    In all seriousness PK will be on a record breaking spree this year….!

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  • Wow, boney family in indicine. Great site coz ID and funny name.
    Welcome boney family……, i hope boney see the pk movie.

  • I hope, Our bo jadoo hr invite Modi ji for seeing bo collection and manipulation and classic bang bang.
    Please Modi ji, we request about BO collection, We want to BO clean for not manipulation figure of collection just like Modi ji did on 2nd October.

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