Action Jackson First Weekend Collections

Action Jackson has shown excellent growth in business on its first Sunday at the box office, which has renewed hopes of the film going on to be a decent grosser.

After a significant drop in business on Saturday, it seemed like crack had begun to appear way too early for the film. However, riding on the strength of Ajay Devgn’s star power at mass-centres, the film did well.

The film has collected Rs 33.25 crore in its first weekend, which is still on the lower side as the business on Sunday was where Friday should have been.

Action Jackson still have a long way to go before it can recover costs. All India net business of around Rs 100-110 crore is bare minimum if the film has to emerge as a clean hit.

Producer FiguresTrade Estimates
Day 111.1 cr9.5 cr
Day 29.15 cr8.25 cr
Day 312 cr11.25 cr
Weekend33.25 cr29 cr

Note: Trade figures are estimates based on collections from select theatres and reports from various exhibitors,†distributors and trade experts. More accruate figures will be published at the end of Week 1. ‘Trade estimate’ feature is experimental, it may or may not be included for future films.



  • Action Jackson short Review:
    Some movies have useless plot,some have senseless actions,some have poor direction,some have pathetic editing and some have flawed performances. But This movie has all these things at a time!
    Even The Cartoonish dialogues, the irritating and unnecessarily loud Background score and the lengthy and poor songs will make you cringe! 2-3 comedy scenes work, but they are easily forgettable in the length of 2.30 hours! My question is how can a talented actor like Ajay Devgn sign a stupid film like AJ? And why should someone watch a film like this?
    RATING: 0.5/5

  • i hope it becomes a hit.if it sustains today i will watch it tomorrow and post my honest review of the film which almost always match public wom of a film.
    @indicine plz dont publish trade fig.they r all estimates taken from selective source.acc to trade or boi hits like haider,bb,hera pheri,sarkar,black,dch,dostana,kaminey all are avg.plz plz dont gv boi fig or even estimates

  • Many people glorify AD and themselves as two time national award winner…now they are hoping for this garbagr to earn 100 crs….lol

  • Ajay devagan and akshay kumar has same star power while akshay has a bit edge on ajay means ajay movies without content 50 to 60 crrs and akshay sometimes hit 70 crr but akshay have a disatvantage of more movies in comparison of ajay so akshay has more fan following then ajay.

    Amir and hr never go without content as they both are to much chosy and coming very lesser on screen so the cruisity is so high even srk and sal fans watch their movies and no doubt they have a tremendous star power and even thier movies without content should reach to 80 90 crrs easily.

    Salman and srk are the only stars who are a totaly safe bet and dont think so movies with a name of srk salman have any chance of getting a tag of flop.

    In new comer ranbir is the only star with some power of pulling some crowd.

    Salman and srk are in supreme league
    Amir and hr are in super league
    Ranbir is figthing to take a spot on super league.
    Ajay and akhsay is un avg league less chances of getting a status of disaster in any case.

    All the other stars have nothing else except their movies are accepted to get attension

  • For looks best. looks fraudulent. They changes numbers even after 2-3 years. How it’s possible. Does distributors exibitors keeps reporting them for them for 2-3 years.

  • I donít know what movie you watched @nipun, 0.5/5 ??? seriously??? Action jackson might not as good as hoped but definitely was not the worst film of the year.
    How can you give 0.5/5?? hahahahaha there were some funny moments in the movie,some great action sequences and of course ‘Chichora Piya, Punjabi masti and Gangster Baby songs.
    I agree one thing, the background score was horrible and it was irritating but the movie doesnt deserve 0.5/5… Hell no. it’s unacceptable..nope…come on man.

    oops, sorry. I forget that @nipun is strict critic who gave 3/5 to kites and 4/5 to Krrish 3.

    I request u once again..plz don’t change ur colour..
    Everyone knows that u liked Humshakals…proof is also there,but since it became a ridiculed film,u r not accepting that u liked it..
    Remove it from ur worst film list.

    Also u gave 7/10 to kill dil…it became flop—u changed ur colour!!!

    So nobody will believe in ur shit reviews and rankings from now on..

  • @nipun. What’s your business man if a talented actor signs a stupid film? From day 1 u have never liked him so stop wasting ur time commenting nonsense pls!! It shows u have no work in this world than to castigate! 2.30hrss? No its more than 96hours u have been so JOBLESS than to come and critize ajay? U can’t b him so stop posting childish comments to bcom popular! Read d topic of d post bfo commenting

  • @nipun wat the hell then according to u happy new new has a good dialouges, good scripit, good editing too much hatred why u posting ur stupid comment everywhere ..after ur bakra teesra khan happy new year bomb in box office dont show ur frustration everywhere go n wash ur face get some air u jerk ….

  • Action Jackson Ki reiews Dene Waale HR Fans Ye To Btao HR Ne Kounsi Blockbuster De Di Hai :D LMAO
    Bang Bang was also one of most dumb movies ever.

  • Action Jackson will be a Hit!
    Indicine doesn’t provide Trade figures for other films. Especially Trader figures by the commentators are prohibited when it comes to the films like HNY. It shows that Indicine hates Ajay Devgn!

    @Nipun, stop it!! Don’t find a lootera in a masala film. Masala film is not a Taare Zameen Par!

  • @nipun… Who r u asking that question too?
    Read d 1st paragraph of d above post u r commenting on and u will then see that d 0.5 rating u gave is complete IRONY of d phrase @indicine commented above…”excellent growth”!!
    Yes movie is not that qualitative even as an Ajay fan I agree k owing his TALENT.. but his crowd pull effect is flowing d decency in collection as d other guy commented!! Visit other sites and see their public reviews… Despite negativity critism word of mouth d movie is on d average side so stop commenting on AD post on every article of his? U envy him that much that in both AD posts today u r d 1srt to post repeated comments??? U have no job in life to bash AD? He ain’t your mate and u can’t take a single hair our of Hus illustrious career so stop envying him and don’t let AD give y HYPERTENSION!!! Do wat other fans do… Comment sensible things on their fans blog AND ABOVE ALL READ D ARTICLE POST ABOVE AND 1SRPAEAGEAPH B4 commenting!! Grow up!! Don’t advocate for AD…. Save your phone mega bites by not irrelevantly trying to castigate a one of HINDI CINEMA FINEST EVER ACTOR!! (I didn’t say that… Type WIKIPEDIA.. AJAY DEVGN.. AND JUST READ D 1ST two SENTENCES!!!

  • And by d way @least d 2nd lead character father Shatrugan sinha didn’t OPENLY come out to PUBLIC and CRITIZED d movie!!!!!… Unlike d MOTHER of a 2nd lEAD ACTOR in a movie released a month ago coming out in public based on her super illustrious career! Married to Bollywood biggest icon! Daughter in law also so sucesfull summary a mother that knows d ENCYCLOPEDIA for HINDI CINEMA… calling her sons movie….PURE NONSENSICAL…!!!!
    Thank God Shatru!!

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