Did Aamir Khan and Raju Hirani offer 8 crore to stop OMG! Oh My God?

PK is on a historic run at the box office. But the makers of the film would have been extremely worried of the inevitable comparisons with Umesh Shukla’s OMG! Oh My God, which has plenty of similarities to PK.

Soon after the release of OMG! Oh My God, there were reports that the writers of PK – Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi, were re-writing certain portions of the film to avoid comparisons with the Akshay Kumar – Paresh Rawal starrer.

Now, DNA India reports that Raju Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra approached Umesh Shukla and offered to pay Rs 8 crore to stop the film.

“OMG! Oh My God was still being shot then. Aamir, Rajkumar and Vidhu offered Rs 8 crore to Umesh to stop shooting the film!” DNA quoted a source as saying.

It must be noted that Raju Hirani and Abhijat Joshi started writing the script of PK, soon after the release of 3 Idiots. It was only after they completed the script that they got to know that OMG! Oh My God has a similar storyline.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan



  • Aamir Khan Fooling people by showing Omg Remake Fraud Actor Insecure Of Everyone Acts Innocent Always Through Satyamev Jayanti & Does Cheap Things Lyk This Cheap Actor

  • Another anti-Aamir article where the ‘source’ could be a Paglapurian loon out on a mission to harm PK….

    No basis to write an article when theres bigger news out there like PK breakung opening weekend record in the US for instance…

  • if dis is true…hats off 2 Umesh Shukla 2 reject such offer…more power to u:)
    i wont say tat PK trio r wrong…they r doing der business…

  • @INDICINE I am surprised that trade figures n official figures are so similler for pk……can u please tell me hows this possible this time..

    boi over reporting this time or official reports are so correct this time….this case will 0rove that boi is most trusted or most fraud. ..n it will prove that srk hrithik, sk all a4e manipulator. ..or ak is manipulative. …please clarify. ..I am so confused

  • Both amir and raj kumar shub b arrestd:)
    Pk bhai is going strong he is unstoppable our prem bhaiz kickz records r not safe

  • i cant believe dis… aamir can do such a cheap act bt raju hirani n vvc cn also do d same… cnt believe yar

    hats off to umesh shukla who rejected such cheap offer

  • PK movie is not copy of oh my God but the perfect version of preaching Islam. Oh my Goddoes God in human form and paresh rawal character says there is no God both are contradicting to what PK or Islam teaches. Pk story tells us that there is onlyone God who created every one.. We must worship onlythis true God and not the fake Gods like the idols. Fake gods take money to do work andalso meet the rich people quickly while the poor has to wait in queue for hours.

    This concept is clear and also the right way of worshipping God.

  • Pk script had been completed before the release of omg and both the movies are totally in different way and pk is better than all previous hirani films

  • I like pk. Pk is good film. But a problem is there that i notice. I noticed that pk is targetting mainly hindu religion.
    If you have this king of story then you should target all religion, not one.
    Otherwise don’t this kind of movie.
    According to me, OMG oh my god is far better than PK. Becouse of omg’s ending or climax is very good ( god is everywhere at end of omg )

  • Lol..yet another negative publicity!!!

    @ARK Rentrak is providing the BO figures for PK..that’s why its same everywhere..

  • 1st half of pk is better than whole 3 idiots….aamir khan crosses the limits of acting…he took acting to another lavel…hats off to aamir khan…without aamir acting, pk is borring…hirani is so intelligent to take aamir in pk…other actors cant do that role perfectly

  • If this is true then i think Umesh Shukla, Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal did the right thing . Previously i heard a similar controversy between Anurag Kashyap and AB Corp . Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey was released in 2010 and was based on the Chittagong Uprising in which Abhishek Bachchan played the character of Surya Sen . Chittagong a movie based on the Chittagong Uprising produced by Anurag Kashyap was released in 2012 . Anurag Kashyap was upset with Amitabh Bachchan because according to Anurag, Big B used his power so that KHJJS could release first . But now everything is fine between Anurag and Big B . One of the major reasons why PK is not a brilliant film because of the similarities in the 2nd Half between PK and OMG . OMG was the first movie which was a satire on Religion and God . The screenplay and direction of OMG was top notch . So if compared with PK undoubtedly OMG is a better movie than PK .

  • Aamir Don’t Have Guts To Face Akshay Kumar Who was producer of Omg Showing Money Power To Umesh Shukla Who Was Debut Director Hats Off To Umesh For Rejecting The Offer Of 3 Idiots Aamir, Hirani & Vidhu vinod Chopra

  • @Amir Khan fans and Salman fans its clear now that who is bigger in Stardom

    SALLU with super hit content south remake 26 Cr. kick
    Amir with Ace director his lucky hirani 3 idiots director. 26.63 cr.
    SRk with Farah Tees mar khan director 44.97 cr.

    Tu Baap koun re “SRK”

    HNY Opening 45 cr = Kick 26 + Pk laash 26.63 LOL

    Now they will say life time is more…but life time depend on lot of other factors too mainly content, music, reviews , director etc etc.

    Amir – Dhoom brand – Content = 26cr Pk high ticket price.
    Sallu – Remake = 26 cr. Kick
    SRk – original – Farah khan = 45

    Fan is coming to take universe as his fan.

  • Firstly,pk is absolutely not a copy of omg,not even close and india is a hindu majority country,very few ppl will come if movie is based on muslim god.Pk is a masterpiece and this kind of bigotry against pk should stop.

  • @syed the part about idol worship as you said is wrong and nothing like that has been shown in pk .Stop trying to misinterprete what the movie said and bring a bad name for the movie. Pk is a masterpiece and different from omg but i don’t support syed’s foolish comment.

  • Seems the same story is repeating itself..third Munnabhai has been put on hold after release of MNIK as both scripts had same topic!

  • Pk is unbiased against every religion and is a truly sensible and beautiful movie. Ignore syed’s stupid comment,fools like him exist in every community.There is nothing wrong with idol worship and nothing like that is shown in the movie.The end message is to stop protecting religions and creating holy wars and every person is equal in the eyes of god.

  • PK comes from a planet where they can manufacture spaceships but no clothes n batteries. Amazing!
    Hirani n Aamir r geniuses.

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