New video introduces the characters in Neeraj Pandey’s Baby

A new video of Baby introduces the characters in the film. Akshay Kumar plays Ajay Singh Rajput, Rana Daggubati is Jai Singh Rathore, Anupam Kher is Om Prakash Shukla, Taapsee Pannu plays Priya Suryavanshi, Danny Denzongpa is Feroze Ali Khan, KK Menon is Bilal Khan and Rasheed Naz as Muhammad Rahman is the main Antagonist.

Check out the video!



  • watever high buzz there was around baby hs completely died down after its trailer release.
    reason-d film hs no somgs and trailer looks too classy fr its iwn will completely depend on wom just like tevar.I am worried about both these there is pk tsunami currently happened that couod cause lull at d bo after the tsunami stops

  • @Arjun kapoor fan even if there’s pk tsunami and general audiences stay away from these movies.At least akki will have his own set of fan base who will make the movie below average 70cr grosser just like Entertainment which was sandwiched between kick and sr.Howerever arjun kapoor will have to rely on you and 5 other arjun kapoor fans in return movie becoming disaster.que your multiple fake acount to thumb me down.

  • Baby will rock this Jan. unlike some crap b grade film which is releasing 2 week prior to it…
    @Arjun kapoor better worry about ur b grade tevar aka r..rajkumar2
    Atleast r..rajkumar had chartbuster music and brilliant dancing by shahid.
    Tevar has mota baba making annoying faces.

  • @thullu I didn’t write a single bad word against baby or akki but the way u r writing about tevar shows ur true class.u r absolutely cheap just like @lokesh element

  • Awesome new styles without music promoting a movie awesome…..
    It will be first 100 crore without songs movie in Hindustan Cinema Ba By gonna make history.

    C0mE 0n Ba Bay………………

  • @arjun kapoor ka fan
    see again yaar.. What i did ? I just told you that 2 states became hit sue to chetan bhagat and alia also. U can’t ignore them.
    What’s cheap in that? Infact u r the most cheap hater of emraan i had ever seen targetting him with floppy ID’s.

  • @mr.element u hv multiple times written than rk was caught with drugs,rjs films work bxz of gf-ex gf news,youngistaan nothing without pr and big banners!!!

    arent these comments cheap?btw wats ur age.reading ur comments I gt a feeling ur mental age is not more than 3yrs so I m asking onky about ur biological age.wats yr biological age?

  • @arjun kapur i never said caught with drugs ,, i said ‘caught at airport with more money”.
    Yeah if i am 3 yrs old , thatz great , bcoz 3 yr old emmi fan has lot of sense than 20yr old arjun,varun,sid,abhishek bacchan,humshakal,kill dil, ranvir,ranbir fan! Lol

  • @arjun kapur ka fan
    u should not have done panga with emraan fans on raja natwarlal articles. Check any raja natwarlal article, u will notice. Now that u have taken panga, u should be ready for return treatment, but when we give return treatment, u cry!!

  • @element wat majes u think I was crying?did u remember d huge roar that happened in d theatre when rk appeared on screen?ppl just luv rk.they r dying to watch his film and couldn’t control their emotion wjen from nowhere he suddenly appeared in d final scene of pk.but if emmy hd appeared in that scene instead of rk ppl would hv gone ”eeww!wat d hell is this?”

  • @arjun kapur ka pankha
    u r the one who started fight with emmi fans like ‘sajid’ ‘raja natwarlal’ and all on rn articles. In return, they never touched ur crap disaster articles of fanny,kill dil.
    We never spammed ur crap fanny,kill dil articles.
    And on ungli pages, u started commenting, emmy should be eliminated, aftab shivdasani,vivek overoi should be ranked on indicine.
    I bet all these will replace arjun.

  • @arjun kapur ka fan –
    no.. There was not any roar.. People were saying — what is this bullshit doing? Memories of crap disasters like beshatam,sawariya , anjani,wakeupsid,bachna hasino are fresh.
    If emmi would have been there, girls would have gone wild n men excited!
    People just love hunk emmi and make fun of girlish ranbir.

  • @element lol at ur comment.hahaha
    bhai, aren’t @raja natwarlal @sir emraan hasmi @emmy my love @emraanistan @naruto @boc @awarapan hell boyzz different versions of u?

  • @element gd joke.I hv watched pk twice in theatre and moment rk appears ppl went like ‘oh my god!ranbeeeer’. and then there was a huge round of applause,whistles.and on listening to rk speaking bhojpuri ppl started laughing.

    power of rk.ek min scene mein bhi dil chura liya

  • @arjun kapur ka fan
    i used element , emraan-kkc only.. No idea what this naruto, boc is…
    As far as emraanistan,emmy love are concerned, they r different, u can check on twitter or ask @thullu.

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