Now #WeSupportPK trends to counter negativity

There is a saying “There is no such thing as bad publicity. Good or bad, publicity is still publicity”. When #BoycottPK trended on Twitter last evening, a lot more people who weren’t interested in watching the film, were now curios enough to check it out at a nearby theatre.

But to counter the negativity on Twitter, Aamir Khan fans got together to trend #WeSupportPK. The response was better than expected as #WeSupportPK quickly toppled #BoycottPK on Twitter trends.

Below are some tweets that support the film and the #WeSupportPK.

  • pk ?@samidsiddiqi91 - Believe the God who created human..not the God created by human. #WeSupportPK
  • Biswajit ?@BisuPattanayak – PK tells d story aptly from an aliens pnt of view.Wat is religion,who & why created it 9/11, 26/11, 16/12 – religion creates these! #wesupportpk
  • Krazzy ?@sepultraonyx – #WeSupportPK Absolutely! It’s time to boycott movies like kick and HNY… Pk is brilliant.
  • Pooja-Akki Addicted ?@JuniorAkki – I watched PK there is not any sign of Boycott.. Secular people will remain always secular… #WeSupportPK
  • Anshul Saxena ?@AskAnshul – its a story of Alien so watch it with this concept, Alien is not aware of Spiritual beliefs so be logical n make sense #WeSupportPK
  • Padma Singh @Padma925 – Perfect blend of love, pain and laughter. I don’t remember anytime i heard people laughing,clapping & crying in theatre.#WeSupportPK
  • alchemy @anthropomorph – How long before religion creates more disharmony?? #WeSupportPK Stupid people please wake up and stop creating communalism
  • Arpana Rawat @ArpanaR1 – #WeSupportPK becoz it portrays effectively all that is wrong with religion in the 21st century and the challenges we need to overcome.
  • Prince Jain @prince31jain – People are debating if #PK is an anti- Hindu movie. Right there it defeats the purpose of the subtle message it tried to give #WeSupportPK
  • Reshanki @edits_alizafar – The reason why ppl want to boycott PK is because they know that the movie is correct but just don’t have the power to accept it #WeSupportPK
  • DK @bollywoodajjtak – To honour #BoycottPK I will watch #PK again tomorrow :P
  • @varungrover: You don’t judge a Rajkumar Hirani film, the film judges you.” #WeSupportPK


  • If there has any problmb on the film then blame sensor board not aamir or raju sir.
    and clearly these type of bad review ar giving by some srk fans and aamir hater.

  • PK is a superb film with right message. Haters will always hate. Wait and see when Baby is released some stupid morons will say it’s anti islam just because it tackles terrorism and people who do terrorism in the name of islam.

  • I hv always been agr this stupid facts abiut social media-
    Twitter trends,Twitter followers,fb likes,youtube hits etc bcz they r completely self contradictory,over the top and most of d time do t match with aam junta opinion about d subject

  • Shame on all the forces which tried to create negativity against P.K. They must now be in severe depression and shame that their negativity failed big time.
    P.K is soaring higher than ever, P.K has opened huge everywhere, overseas weekend is expected to be the highest or 2nd highest behind Dhoom 3.

  • plz don’t think too much… just go n watch movie
    enjoy the movie…awesome movie….
    pk rocks…

  • hahaha this is slap to haters as monday reports are coming and there is just 20% drop in collection from friday and evening advance booking is superb also so pk passed the monday test with flying colours.haters now just cry.

  • @Amir Khan fans and Salman fans its clear now that who is bigger in Stardom

    SALLU with super hit content south remake 26 Cr. kick
    Amir with Ace director his lucky hirani 3 idiots director. 26.63 cr.
    SRk with Farah Tees mar khan director 44.97 cr.

    Tu Baap koun re “SRK”

    HNY Opening 45 cr = Kick 26 + Pk laash 26.63 LOL

    Now they will say life time is more…but life time depend on lot other factors too mainly content, music, reviews , director etc etc.

    Amir – Dhoom brand – Content = 26cr Pk high ticket price.
    Sallu – Remake = 26 cr. Kick
    SRk = original =Farah khan = 45

    noww Fan is coming to take universe as his fan.

  • film is good but not worthy “agar badalna hota toh omg ke baad sab badal jata”…but evry social realistic movie is a waste “jo change aa nahin sakta usko mat dikhao…varna nayak jaisi movie kitni unbelievable change payda karti”…so wakeup its just a comedy movie not much but a bit good…pk s al abt amir acting…except him evry actor r useless n it…

  • @ fan_the 500 crore this is very good collection of considering to non holiday pk collected around 93 crore on weekend , this is too much collection . If srk will release the film on non holiday then film will not collect over 60 crore on weekend .

  • PK comes from a planet where they can manufacture spaceships but no clothes n batteries. Amazing!
    Aamir n Hirani r geniuses.

  • @Romance_R_Fan you are a disgrace to the entire srk fans.I too love SRK but you can’t spread negativity about a movie like PK.

  • gabbar bhai…i accept non holiday with ace director…so what happend Talaash??? content wins not Amir this is you have to accept.

    my comments is opening with stardom…please tell me if SRk would have been in Pk or leave it Srk Salman or Akki would be in his place result is more less same…so where is star dom Amir.
    finally Amir is content king…not Like HNY avg movie bcme Super hit..

  • No
    one objected to OMG… why
    pick bones with PK? Is it
    because the latter stars a
    KHAN, not a KUMAR ?

  • @FAN : PK is biggest non holiday opener is that enough to shut your mouth ??? Kick is second. That proves all. Wait for PRDP next Diwali you will get your all answers. What happened to Don2, Ra.One why it wasnot among biggest openers on holidays ?? wheres Srk stardom at that time. The thing is not to prove Srk power less but all three Khans are equally powerful with their fan following (Aamir may have less fans but still every actors fan watches his movies) n stardom. Srk may hold opening record for one year maximum. Shame on you to compare a festive release (opening day) with a working day releaese n comparing HNY with Talaash !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik PK biggest opner non holiday… but with 5000+ scrn and high ticket price it also carry good will of Hirani so please do not give credit to only Retake-tionist now clear the doubt so shut you stinking mout.
    Ra One and don 2 is highst opner.

    my point is opening = stardom. think twice before you say.
    secondly Amir khan doesnt have that power to pull avg movie to hit or hit to super hit like SRK or some what Slaman. Amir depend on content.
    if Pk would have bad content or avg content it would have turn Talaash/mela means opening 26 and lifetitme 100 cr accept it he has power to pull any movie to avg to hit. whereas HNY avg movie went to superhit.

    if content is good any one also be a super star.hahahaaa no need retake-tionist
    some day highest retake award goes to Amir khan…

  • @FAN : So whats the big deal ?? Even Srk had solo release with highest number of screens at that time n Diwali holiday release. Not to forget months of promotions n SLAM tour. If Aamir or Salman do these kind of advance promotions Srk will be nowhere !!!!! Come back to reality. Srk alone doesnt own stardom at one point even Ranbir was bigger than him IF take your logic !!!!!!!!!!

  • @Fan hey you douchebag..if opening=stardom..then please explain why did Singham Returns or even a Besharam failed to sustain after a huge start..same was the case with Ajay’s case..why did AJ failed to take a huge opening after SR..also I am damn sure Roy won’t open big after the Besharam debacle..
    Also remember that SRK broke Aamir’s record FYI..also going by your logic, Bhai and Aamir are the biggest stars as SRK was chasing their records these many years before creating his only record I.e HNY opening day..

    So remember one thing..whatever it is. content is the king of the day..and Aamir and Bhai are the real Kings if we go by this please zip your mouth and keep burning..

  • @hrithik sir so who stops your So called Mr.Retake-tionist not to promote his movies???? me or you his attitude..he does not promote movie in Kapil why???? ..Mr.perfectionist big man..or otherwise do not give interviews in last minute like neeta gives bhashan to get vote why we care of his movies and it carries massege or not… he has too much attitude…
    SRk king from heart…he love respect to all.

  • @sid singham open well bcz brand value AD rohit not only AD. Action jackson promos not well recieved ppl no it will be crap.
    in your logic chasing the target means it will lost…if a team play second means looser …lol..utter crap logic…keep this logic in your tightly…
    content is king only to make movie good entertainer or not hit or flop…in this logic also talaash bad swades bad ,

    content is part of it …and for what this super star who doenst carry avg content to maximum audinces make the movie hit to super hit on his stardom. only rely on content ..can u explain….

  • @fan the 100cr, exactly singham returns opened huge due to #rohit shetty like CE…..which also collected huge only bcz of #rohit shetty.

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