PK Weekend Collections: Early Estimate

PK has shown tremendous growth in business all over on Sunday. The film is carrying the best reports for any film released this year, which has resulted in a strong Sunday at the box office.

The Aamir Khan starrer should collect more than 35 crore on Sunday, and based on estimates from theatre figures, it has an outside chance of getting close to the biggest Sunday ever at the box office – record that is currently held by Aamir Khan’s last release Dhoom 3. At select few centres, the Sunday business was comparable to the first day collections of Happy New Year!

What has come as a pleasant surprise for the trade is the collections from mass centres, where PK started slow on Friday, but has shown outstanding growth on both Saturday and Sunday.

At metros and bigger cities where the film is performing well, tickets prices will remain the same on Monday too – which is unprecedented in the last few years. Unsurprisingly, the last time ticket prices were not reduced on a weekday was when 3 Idiots released in theatres and went on a historic run at the box office.

PK has now collected around 92 crore (could go higher) at the box office. The extent of drop on Monday could decide if the film can challenge the record of Dhoom 3 or not.

PK First Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 26.63 crore
  • Saturday – 30.34 crore
  • Sunday – 35 crore (could go higher when final collections come in)
  • Total – 91.97 crore


  • I think 90+ crores is excellent opening week especially as P.K. producers hired independent third party for BO reporting.

    I also think generating religious controversy around P.K. will only help it cross 300 crores as non-movie goers will just see out out of curiosity.

    Without the controversy P.K. would probably fall short of 270 crores.

  • pk with positive rating,50%ticket hike, no 1 director compare to farah khan still 3cr more than hny with shows dat srk is still far ahead

  • Just watched the movie a few hours ago and I must admit that the movie is one of the most heart touching movies released in recent times.The film begins on a slow note and it takes its time to introduce the characters but once PK lands in Delhi the fun actually begins.There are so many hilarious moments in the 1st half that you would laugh your heart out.There are certain scenes especially the scene where PK chases a lookalike of God Shiv which might not go down well with certain sections of the audience but they must also realize that films are meant to provide entertainment and also the makers haven’t tried make fun of any religion or God.In fact in the 1st half itself Rajkumar Hirani makes you fall in love with the protagonist as he had done in his previous movies.The 2nd half of the film has been criticized by various critics but it was really good.The only problem was that the film resembled Oh My God in the 2nd half with Pk trying to expose the fraud Godmen and some of the dialogues seemed to be cliched.But the climax scene makes up for the dull moments(which are in fact very few in the movie) and will force you to shed your tears in trademark Hirani style.The music of the film is really good but underrated.All the songs grow on your hears.The song ‘Bhagwan kahan hai tu’ is is the best of the lot and even the other songs are good.Performance wise Aamir is terrific.After watching the movie you can’t imagine anybody else playing the role of pk.He one’s again proves why is he called the perfectionist of Bollywood.Anushka too has done a fantastic job.To get noticed in an Aamir movie is tough but she has improved a lot in the last few years and it it is visible in the movie.All the supporting cast have played their part really well and Sushant deserves a special mention, who despite having a small role will impress you.Overall pk is surely one of the best movies of the year if not the best.Rajkumar hirani once again proves that he is the best director of the country who could make you laugh and cry in a single movie

  • 300 crores on the way
    Aamir introduced all 100,200,250 in india
    100 , 150 in oversease
    200,250,300,350,450,500,550 crores worldwide
    Aamir is the only actor to have 25million dollars movies in oversease.
    3 industrial records
    4 all-time blockbusters
    This will be 5th all-time blockbuster
    Surely aamir khan is increasing haters

  • Difference between Salman/Amir film n Srk film is that their collection goes on increasing each day where Srk films collections decreases day by day…. 😆

  • pk should cross 300 cr bcoz this movie deserves to be a huge blockbuster…people says It is copy of OMY…bt It is not only basic message is same …whole pk is much different than pk….performance of aamir khan cross the limits of acting history…The movie deserves to highest grossing movie of all time

  • Lol I predicted 35 cr first day so I need to eat some humble pie n lower my expectations in future…. Not a great start to the yr for me what with Jai Ho opening poorly n with PK being some 9cr below my expectations…! Im hoping for better luck in 2015

  • 90cr plus is outstanding but general concensus is that producers should have taken the film to the masses alot earlier on- granted WOM is fantabulous but initial opening could have been more had they taken the film all over the country assuring people that they were not going to hurt anyone groups sentiments- nonetheless once masses get on board then 200cr is a given n 300cr will take alittle longer than my previous 3 weekend prediction /timeframe….!

  • Pk totally crashed from monday onwards mark my words, k3 also did 35cr on 4th day so 35cr on sunday isn’t huge for pk despite higher screen n hike ticket prices. #boycottpk

  • Pk will be going like talash returns poor friday then moderate groth on saturday followed by excellen sunday thereafter charsh from monday on wards, history will be repeated #boycottpk

  • If srk do pk then it will be banned several states, pk might work in oversease(pak) but it can work in india #boycottpk

  • What shivshena doing now but during mnik so many political issu? Pk should be banned anyhow public will reject it will be proved from monday onwards #boycottpk

  • @Romance r fan…. Y posting such a dumb comment? U can’t bear d progress of PK or what? I mean other fans r @least giving d movie credit but u r so INSECURE!!
    1st of all y compare it with jai ho? Can’t u also know that it can go d dhoom3 kick or k3 way??
    U talking about JAI HO!! Cos its a non holiday movie like PK right??
    Okay u can then tell d readers y u said its gonna b like jai ho having a BIG SUNDAY and CRASH on MONDAY!!
    Let me help u out…readers according to @romance… PK will crash just as jai ho for having a big SUNDAY and a CRASHING MONDAY!!
    Meaning …JAI HO collection was 26crores on SUNDAY…JAI HO was 9.6crores on MONDAY! so according to @romance CRASHING means Sunday – Monday…. 26crores -9.6crores
    = DEFICIT OF MINUS (16.4CRORES……) Non holiday period!!!
    Now…@romance… Compare JAI HO -16.4 crores with….
    HNY …DEFICIT From Sunday to Monday = -17CRORES!!!
    Am not done yet! Now @romance… CHENNAI EXPRESS another FESTIVE PERIOD not like d JAI HO u mentioned!!
    CE…SUNDAY COLLECTION =32.7crores!!
    MONDAY COLLECTION = 12.8Crores!!….DEFICIT = -19.9CRORES!!
    SRK 2HIGHEST GROSSERS from Sunday to Monday …HNY..CRASHED by 17CRORES while CE CRASHED by -19.9crores.!! ALL FESTIVE PERIOD!!
    So pls next time if u r talking about Sunday to Monday crashing always keep it on mind that both 19.9 and -17 CRORES are more than a -16.4CRORES JAI HO MOVIE!! thank God u and us d readers did MATHS in our SCHOOLS!!

  • Aamir fans boasting about overseas collections feels just like Bermuda cricket team boasting about their WC qualification. #boycottpk

  • wow fantastic
    pk going to be 1st 300 crore film ever
    a great film deserves all best possible success.
    This year’s best performance is one and only Amir in pk.

  • @Ramance hahahaha jb pk movie 300 cr. kmaayegi to kya haal hoga iss srk fan ka..tu to bhaaii HNY hi dekh

  • Cannot predict PK collections. Everybody knows what happened with 3 idiots with that excellent trending in 4+ weeks.

  • What happens with those christmas weekend is its hard to predict biz on those holidays n those 31st december’s . If it trends like 3 idiots, 300cr or even 325cr is on!

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