PK Worldwide Collections: Grosses Rs 114 crore in 2 days!

PKAamir Khan’s PK has shattered all box office records for a film released during a non-holiday weekend in 2014. Overall, the two-day worldwide collections is Rs 113.79, which is only lower than Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year and Aamir’s last release Dhoom 3.

PK has fared exceptionally well in the domestic markets, even though it released on a working day and picked up quite significantly on Saturday. In the overseas markets, the film opened to outstanding collections too and showed fantastic growth on Saturday in almost all markets.

With 3 open weeks and the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, coupled with positive word-of-mouth, the industry is hopeful that the Rajkumar Hirani film is set for a long and successful run at the box office.

PK India Collections

  • Friday (Day 1) – 26.63 crore
  • Saturday (Day 2) – 30.34 crore
  • Total – 56.97 crore

PK International Collections

  • USA / Canada – 15.1 crore
  • United Kingdom – 4.25 crore
  • United Arab Emirates – 8 crore
  • Pakistan – 4.45 crore
  • Australia – 2.5 crore
  • Others – 2 crore
  • Total – 36.3 crore

PK Worldwide Collections

  • India Nett Collections (excluding entertainment taxes) – 56.97 crore
  • India Gross Collections (including entertainment taxes) – 77.49 crore
  • Overseas Gross Collections – Rs 36.3 crore
  • Worldwide Gross Collections – Rs 113.79 crore


  • PK review by lokesh malhotra(element) :-
    A whimsical man PK finds himself in some funny situations. He challenges the system and religious traditions in some unusual ways. This creates havoc in god’s middlemen mainly (saurabh shukla) . This results in lot of clowny(hirani-like) situations. Basically, film has no story but a join-up of situations n scenes which makes it an excruciating watch. Find it out in theatres.
    Amir excels n leads all other actors in PK. His best performance till date !! Anushka is neither good nor bad in her role. Sanjay dutt, saurabh shukla, sushant and boman iraani,ranbir play there small roles well.
    songs r in-sync with the script. Tharki-chhokro n 4 kadam are the best picturised. Love is a waste of time is a drag. U don’t need to mention about music in hirani-amir film.
    Agreed that film is not better than hirani’s previous films, But in my opinion, u should ignore hiran’s previous work. PK is the best big film of 2014. U should definitely watch it on big screen n stop piracy. Cinematography was perfect. Dialogues though not the best, but were razor sharp. Some scenes remain with u n u would want to relive them again for repeat watch. Overall , a superb film n will end ur year on a big smile. A perfect treat for ur christmas. Go watch!

  • D3 First Day overseas 22 cr,After 2 Days 41 Cr
    PK 2 Days 14.5 Cr
    HNY 2 Days 32 Cr (Non-H)
    Now Dare to say that D3 was a hit bcox of Aamir :(

  • Average Ticket Price is 50% more than HNY KICK still struggling to reach 14cr in single day. With Blockbuster talk, no.1 director Aamir thu

  • Never thought that sachin has a lot of chance of disappointing me after his retirement, but his #PK review did a good job there..

  • My short review of PK (since I am a bit busy these days)

    Finally, we have got to watch PK today. The film was a laughing riot & entertaining all the way. By far, this is the best of the year though it may not be as good as 3 Idiots.
    The film looks a bit inspired from KMG in which Jaadoo struggles to return home. It is ok especially because KMG was also inspired from ET. Also, a bit looked like OMG!

    Only complain against is that PK lands on the earth for research. But he did so without a back-up plan or option when something strange happen. So, it happens. His singnal sender or necklace got robbed!

    Some religious fanatics may not like the film since it may lead one to secularism, but at the end, it senda beautiful message.

    “Stop trying to protect God who has created Universe and everything by sitting in a small corner of the earth. God can take care of himself. Stop fighting in the name of God. Stop killing in the name of God.”

    PK, definitel, has repeat value. At least three times.
    Go for it. You will feel your money & time worth spending.

    My rating: 4.5/5*****

    All multiplxes are houseful here.

  • heartening to see a content oriented doing so well, this has happened after a long time after 3 idiots.
    Stardom/Brand Value (HNY/D3) can only give you huge openings but content is something which not only stays with the audience but also reaps rich collections.
    I will be more than happy if Fan and Raees have excellent content, then the collections would take care of itself.
    SRK has already proved alot, these box office figures now aren’t something he needs to attain to prove his Box Office dominance.
    SRK hasn’t done a content oriented movie since MNIK even though all his movies have raked in big bucks.
    For now, Cheers to PK !!

  • Looser indian hindu public.Looser aamir. If u have guts make film on anti islam. Now anti islam movie called baby is coming. It wont earn more than 110 cr coz of our looser public. Anti hindu earns more in india than anti islam.

  • Inaugural Arjunfare Awards
    best film-pk
    best director-rajkumar hirani
    best screenplay-queen
    best dialogues-pk
    best editing-queen
    best choreography-indiaawale ,hny(farah khan)
    best music-ankit and mithoon(ek villain)
    best villain-tahir bashin(mardaani)
    best supporting performance-lisa fr queen and ronit roy for 2 states
    best adapted screenplay-2 states
    best lyrics-swanand kirkire(bhagwan kaha hai re tu)
    best singer-shreya for manwa lage and sonu for bhagwan kaha hai re tu
    best background music-pk
    best action-bang bang
    best production design-pk
    best debut-tahir bashin(mardaani) and kirti sanon(heropanti)
    best actor male-aamir khan(pk)
    best actor female-kangana ranaut(queen)

    thank u everyone.v will be back next yr.

  • Just watched PK film.Here comes My Review.
    Pk Is undoubtly the most awaited film of the year due to Brand Raju Hirani attached to it.With Superstar like Aamir,Talented Shushant and Anushka,Lovable Munnabhai.Does movie lift to the expectation.Let’s find out.
    Aamir is an alien who came to earth but not able to go back to his planet due to circumstances.His most important thing is theft and he was in search for them.In his journey he met with Sanjay duty and Anushka Dharma.There is also a love connection of Sushant and Anushka.The whole of the plot is written that how pk sees the world from his senseblity.How he able to get his lost thing back we get to know at the climax of the film.
    Pk has been directed by Best director of our times Raju Hirani.He did very good work as the director not not up to his standard which is very high.The film is hilarious in first half that how Pk juggles between religion and God to get his things back.But problem start in second half where he didn’t able to keep viewers interest like first half.It doesn’t mean that second half is bad or averages but it is strictly good not excellent like first half and the biggest reason was the similarity with OMG which was a superb satire on same topic.If PK comes early than OMG this 2nd half could be major strength of pk.
    Overall the screenplay was very good.
    Also Aamir-Anushka love track can be avoided.
    Coming to performances PK is Aamir Khan show all the way.The way he speaks,his expression and body language,his cuteness everything is just perfect,no one can do this role better than him.By far his best performance since 3i.Best from this year.
    Anushka was fantastic as jaggu,she had a lengthy and important character.Saurabh shukla was first rate but I hope better act from him as the talented actor he is.Boman Irani and shushant has very limited role and both were good.Sanjay Duty Cameo was vest among the supporting cast.He was superb as Rajasthani band wala.
    Music was not popular but it goes well with mood of the film,Bhagwan kahah h re tu is stand out,its picturization was damn perfect and it simply gives the theme of the film.
    Cinematography,location everything was great.Back ground score is excellent and complement the situation well.
    So overall PK is comes as a slight disappointment for me if I compare with munns bhai and specially 3i but still it is by far the best film of the year,here I am talking about commercial films which appeal large section of audiences.
    At last when the movie ends and credit rolls Crowd has given clapping and ovation to film which is symbol that audience loved the film which is major stregth,I will go with 3.5/5 for the film.
    Its standard of Raju hirani that not is his best work is still better than work of any director or we can say its a spit on our film industry that we arexrely only one director who can entertain a vast majority of audience with the film.
    Final work PK is definitely a superb film which has potential to be highest grosser as well as Significant film for Bollywood.
    If you guys are interested in well intentioned humor and great cinema,You won’t disappointed with PK but don’t compare it with 3i.
    Must watch.

  • Great numbers but India total is down by 10cr but masses will flock to theatres in coming week as + WOM has assured them the film is not anti religion but just anti religious establishment n those who lead religious devotion/ activities the nation all over. Lifetime record of Dhoom 3 will be broken both domestic n international- great Christmas teminiscent of the good old days of 2008, 2009 and 2013….! :-)

  • These are huge collections worldwide and with fantastic word of mouth everywhere another 500 crore movie for aamir is possible worldwide

  • just watched it what a performance by aamir khan and movie is just epic in fact its the best movie of 2014. my rating for pk is 4/5.

  • @Sakhi It is unlikely my friend.Our kings movie hny had huge drop after weekend collections but there is no chance of huge drop in collection of PK coz of fantastic word of mouth

  • Watchd PK – 4/5 . All salman fans are pretty angry over AIB show in which salman sister was talked badly of. And this arjun kapur remain silent and retweeting those anti-salman people ??? What kind of salman da fan are you?

  • Just 2 day before on 18th, I said it is last day of celebration for Aamir haters,And I know I was right.
    When the first day figures out,people start to say movie failed blah blah,now look the figures guys.
    2 year earlier Dabangg 2 released on 21 DEC 2012,it was a mass entertainer with biggest release at the time of 3500 screens,collected 60cr in first weekend domestic while it was a mass entertainer with extremely popular movie sequal.
    3 years earlier Don 2 which again a sequal of a film which prequal itself was remake released on 23rd DEC 2011, with 2700 screen (highest that time) including 350-400 3d screens, as we know 3d screen rates were higher than normal rates collected 48 cr in 3 days.
    Why I am talking about these films is because both Dabangg 2 and Don 2 was sequal of successful film having two superstar Salman and srk respectively whose fans claims they alone is ahead than anybody.Both Don 2 and Dabangg 2 were highest non holiday opener that time, now last year released Dhoom 3 became not only highest opener of non-holiday but also of all time which all India figures is still highest than any film till date.
    Now with pk when trade figure suggest 56cr also officials are also same that weekend is around 90 cr+ which is higher than trade figure of full fledged holiday rekease CE 87 cr without previews.While PK is not the biggest release ever,even Indicine admit that screen count is less than kick and hny.
    Despite being film is multiplex oriented it simply outshined the figure of last year holiday film CE still Aamir haters saying he has no stardom.
    With a sequal of successful film both srk and salman on this period just got the same faith at box office which Aamir got a brand dhoom or hirani than I don’t think there fan has any right to bash Aamir stardom.
    Even high ticket rates or other factor count the 80% higher figure than Don 2 and 50% higher dabangg 2 it suggest even in worst case pk has same footfalls which these two film had.
    Still Aamur has no stardom, an bhai issue jyada stardom to kaisi ki nahi h agar Aamir ki stardom nahi h.
    And please don’t say that Dabamgg and Don are not brand at least It has biggest two brand if Bollywood what else you want more.
    P.S.-nothing against srk and salman stardom but a strictly some fact and you can say anger of die hard Aamir fan like me.
    Guys don’t degrade someone like Aamir who from 11 years has given wonderful films back to back like Lagaan,dch,fanaa,rdb,tzp,3i,talaash and pk.
    And two big box office earner of a time with masala films Dhoom 3 and Ghajini.

  • @lokesh element superb review by u.
    ”pk has no story” wat!lol at ur opinion
    ”luv is a vest of time is a drag”
    wat really?it is such a beautiful cute romantic song.oh sorry I forgot that u hate romance!!!

  • Just watched PK in the morning today. I just got my time to post a review about it.

    The best film of this year so far. seriously, I have no qualms accepting it!!

    As you watch PK, you definitely feel, it’s a Raju Hirani film. I had full faith in Hirani that he won’t disappoint, and yes, he doesn’t entirely, but a bit in the middle he does, although, completely satisfies it in the end!

    As of now, everybody knows the synopsis about Pk., I would not explain much more about it. I want people to go and experience it in the Big screen.

    The first half was completely, typical Raju hirani style comedy, and the second half begins with the social elements which you quite find often in his films. Yet, I found something missing as opposed to his previous 3 films. Nevertheless, I totally enjoyed myself while completely immersing myself in it.

    Though, by the time you move on to the second half of the film, it’s completely opposite of the first half, it does at times seemed like it wasn’t Raju Hirani directing it (right after interval)!
    But, the way he got that ‘letter’ aspect in the end – Raju had nailed it by that time! That was a masterstroke, I believe.

    However, I would disagree with two points that the film has been criticized of lately, The film does have some shades of ‘Oh my God!’ but it completely does not focus on that aspect (about gods/Hindus). and secondly, the CLIMAX which (others thought as disappointing) I thought, it brought back the movie altogether to a new high! – Brilliant!

    Negatives: Not much going in the second half (before climax). Weak supporting characters (unlike his other 3 films) – It was only about PK, Pk!, No impact of that Bomb scene (spoiler alert), Boman Irani was wasted! Weakest film among Hirani’s other three (most people would agree).

    Definitely, the first ‘Hindi’ film that I have thoroughly enjoyed watching in the theater.

    Hats Off to Aamir Khan, he’s the only among all the Actors, who has that authentic script sense (of course, except Dhoom 3). Powerful performance again from this guy. He proves that he’s the Best in the Country, probably after Amitabh and Kamal Haasan in terms of sheer ‘On-Screen Performance’.

    No doubt, PK should grow huge in the long run and would definitely become the biggest grosser of the year 2014. (240+ is what I predict). Respect for #Raju Hirani – again proves why he is the Best Director in India today! and #Aamir Khan – Best Performance of 2014 and one of his best, ever – Bow Down to you, SIR! (beats Shahid by a margin).

    Keep your expectations low as opposed to previous Raju Hirani films, as this one is definitely not better than his Munnabhai series and 3Idiots. I assure, You would still, love it!

    I would give it 4.25 on 5. The best film of 2014.

  • Just watched the movie a few hours ago and I must admit that the movie is one of the most heart touching movies released in recent times.The film begins on a slow note and it takes its time to introduce the characters but once PK lands in Delhi the fun actually begins.There are so many hilarious moments in the 1st half that you would laugh your heart out.There are certain scenes especially the scene where PK chases a lookalike of God Shiv which might not go down well with certain sections of the audience but they must also realize that films are meant to provide entertainment and also the makers haven’t tried make fun of any religion or God.In fact in the 1st half itself Rajkumar Hirani makes you fall in love with the protagonist as he had done in his previous movies.The 2nd half of the film has been criticized by various critics but it was really good.The only problem was that the film resembled Oh My God in the 2nd half with Pk trying to expose the fraud Godmen and some of the dialogues seemed to be cliched.But the climax scene makes up for the dull moments(which are in fact very few in the movie) and will force you to shed your tears in trademark Hirani style.The music of the film is really good but underrated.All the songs grow on your hears.The song ‘Bhagwan kahan hai tu’ is is the best of the lot and even the other songs are good.Performance wise Aamir is terrific.After watching the movie you can’t imagine anybody else playing the role of pk.He one’s again proves why is he called the perfectionist of Bollywood.Anushka too has done a fantastic job.To get noticed in an Aamir movie is tough but she has improved a lot in the last few years and it it is visible in the movie.All the supporting cast have played their part really well and Sushant deserves a special mention, who despite having a small role will impress you.Overall pk is surely one of the best movies of the year if not the best.Rajkumar hirani once again proves that he is the best director of the country who could make you laugh and cry in a single movie.

  • I think 8 crores is from united arab emirates(uae) only and not from the other gulf the total from uae and gcc will be much higher if i am not wrong.

  • According to

    Bollywood comedy P.K. cracked the Top 10 this weekend with an impressive $3.46 million debut. That’s on par with Dhoom 3, which opened to $3.4 million on this same weekend last year (and also starred Aamir Khan). That movie went on to earn $8 million total, which is a likely outcome for P.K. as well.

    Good Going

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