PK Weekend Collections: Early Estimate

PK has shown tremendous growth in business all over on Sunday. The film is carrying the best reports for any film released this year, which has resulted in a strong Sunday at the box office.

The Aamir Khan starrer should collect more than 35 crore on Sunday, and based on estimates from theatre figures, it has an outside chance of getting close to the biggest Sunday ever at the box office – record that is currently held by Aamir Khan’s last release Dhoom 3. At select few centres, the Sunday business was comparable to the first day collections of Happy New Year!

What has come as a pleasant surprise for the trade is the collections from mass centres, where PK started slow on Friday, but has shown outstanding growth on both Saturday and Sunday.

At metros and bigger cities where the film is performing well, tickets prices will remain the same on Monday too – which is unprecedented in the last few years. Unsurprisingly, the last time ticket prices were not reduced on a weekday was when 3 Idiots released in theatres and went on a historic run at the box office.

PK has now collected around 92 crore (could go higher) at the box office. The extent of drop on Monday could decide if the film can challenge the record of Dhoom 3 or not.

PK First Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 26.63 crore
  • Saturday – 30.34 crore
  • Sunday – 35 crore (could go higher when final collections come in)
  • Total – 91.97 crore


  • PK has broken Dhoom 3s opening weekend record in the USA/ Canada market…! Amazing feat consideing Dhoom brand belongs to Hrithik but minus the brand Aamir still broke this record. Wiki state Dhoom 3s record at $3,423,508 and PK according to BoxOfficeMojo has collected (its estimate from 272 screens) $3,461,000

    This is way ahead of kings halloween party on Diwali that grossed $2million… Aamir rocks in the US- more records to be broken this Christmas by Aamir Khan…!

  • I am totally agree with you @romanceR-fan pk will crash
    A big time on Monday because highg price
    On Sunday only 35 cr with 5000 screen why its to low
    Its mean faimily are not comming in theater to see pk
    All 85% India boycotting pk already some idiot saying 300 cr
    Now 200 is to far for dhobi ghaat.
    Baby will break pk lifetime record in its second weekend
    Real Strom in ceinema is conning on 23rd Jan

  • @Crazzymind are you really crazzy if not when you see
    Talash2 lifetime collection you definitely will become
    A crazzy man understand.
    In 2014
    Humshakal+happy endding >>Pk+jai ho+hny+kick
    The best movie of the year HOLIDAY

  • Good feeling are conning in me very exited to see pk lifetime collection
    Anyways good collection.
    Why boycott#pk its really good movie only in the second half is similar to omg
    And little slow and bad too but overall good movie I m going for


  • Still 3i is raju best work till date
    My heart is saying to me 230-250 for pk
    Anyway let’s see what happened
    Problems of pk is only its high rates and no decrease in weekdays too very bad feelings come in my heart amir,s poor fans don’t able to see him on big screen.very sad feelings for those.
    Please markes decrease ticket price.

  • @baby akki… why shd baby break pk lifetime collection in its second weekend?? y not 1st weekend?? baby(as d name implies…bacha) collection will be for what BABIES/TODDLER MOVIE ACTORS actually collects. so don’t compare it with already GROWN UP/MATURED MOVIE ACTORS!!! U shd 1st of all aim for BREAKng HRITIK AJAY RHANDBIR LIFETIME before even DARING to dream of breaking ANY of d 3 MUSKETEERS (KHANS) collections!! …wat a funny guy!!!

  • @baby akki….” baby is really a good movie”…acha??!! so when was it released? what happened @ d end? am curious!!
    “prdp is one of d biggest hateful and crappy movie too”(good English boss!!)…acha?? under whose review? is d critics and users review out for prdp???
    “pls give a support for baby”(nice English again!!)… acha?? in my life beside some youngistaan fans…I have never ever seen any of d fans of d top 6 box office movers and shakers Stars…begging for support!! u know y? cos even if their films don’t work out well its a pride for them to KNOW that they have so much CONFIDENCE/TRUST for their actors NATURALLY…they can’t b CHEAP do beg d publics/readers to watch their stars movie!! but u r even PLEADING weeks b4 BABY RELEASE?? “Akir aukaad dikhaya tum ne… tumara hero ka….aur BAAT KARTA HAI PK KI LIFETIME KO BREAK KARNE KA….. INSANE…wake up!! come out of fantasy world dude!!

  • @srk fake…flop ya hit…PROUD OF HIM! DONT NEED SUPPORT… HE IS WHO HE IS!! Has already established his name among d LEADING ACTORS FOR 2.5 DECADES so…i dont give a damn! let’s see if ur baby can break 140crores 1st!!
    by d way…it shows u that..I don’t castigate other actors progress like wat u guys r doing to AAMIR… it hurts u right? relax…and watch wat he gives in 1st week!! INSECURE changing names ENVIOUS KID!!!

  • @fan of……listen I follow box office I watch Hindi movies and appreciate anything appreciative OK! I can give my review anywhere any day!! If u followed my review on action Jackson..I personally didn’t like d movie and knew prabudeva wasted Ajay there. I am very transparent and not bias!!… comma? y ? have been his fan for almost 2decades now! no matter how much u hate him one thing is for sure except u bcom sentimental… u and I know d TALENT he has..we don’t need introduction!!… AJ came and left!! it happens…FORM IS TEMPORARY BUT CLASS IS PERMANENT!! SOLDIERS COME AND GOES BUT A BARRACK WILL ALWAYS REMAIN A BARRACK !!

  • @baby akki… r u out of ur minds? don’t u know ppl r reading our comments?? stop representing akki in an awkward way that will make ppl laugh @u! I have nothing against Akki ok! u might have with Ajay but that’s ur business! I respect Akki a just trying to tell u pointing out negativity for AAMIR by praising AKKI will make me say things that will revisit ur comment and know d mistakes u made!!
    finally wats pissing me of is…ur futuristic assumptions!!..
    what do u mean by BABY WILL BREAK PK RECORD?? WHICH RECORD? NOT EVEN LIFETIME NOR 3RD WEEK NOR 2ND WEEKEND NOR 1ST WEEK!!! WE r just on PK 1st WEEKEND!! and u r already jumping and concluding RECORD FOR PK!!

  • @sani.d mainly this chameleon arjun kapoor.
    During kick time beg for fanny.
    During hny beg for kill dil.
    During pk , beg for tevar.
    This chameleone bring down akshay sir and ajay devgn.
    Chameleone arjun kapoor flop actor.

  • OK @sani if you want let’s finish this fight
    You are senior on indicine I think and I am following this site only one month ago
    I also know that you older me in age
    I am 17 year old
    But a die hard fan of akii.

  • But srk never do love jehad film, srk is the king of romance n MNIK is a very sweet film but shevshena protest against it but pk deserve release in pakistan, Uae or oversease not india, jehad #boycottpk

  • My open challenge to all tingu fans n fake salman fan pk totally charshed from today onwards, indians are not interested for jehadi film #boycottpk

  • @sani and now don’t call me as ,chilled, I feel very bad
    For this. I love ammir dhoom 3 but I don’t like pk its my choice
    And pk is lovejihaad so i said

  • India is the only country where you can make movies criticizing cultural and traditional practices of 90% of the population and still the citizens of this country will pay to watch your movie and say -“what a movie…4 stars….5 stars…what a brilliant piece of acting!!!” and even after watching this shit shown to them will continue to remain indulge in the same activities which the movie makes fun of. HATS OFF to the tolerance (or stupidity ) of this country…

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