PK Weekend Collections: Early Estimate

PK has shown tremendous growth in business all over on Sunday. The film is carrying the best reports for any film released this year, which has resulted in a strong Sunday at the box office.

The Aamir Khan starrer should collect more than 35 crore on Sunday, and based on estimates from theatre figures, it has an outside chance of getting close to the biggest Sunday ever at the box office – record that is currently held by Aamir Khan’s last release Dhoom 3. At select few centres, the Sunday business was comparable to the first day collections of Happy New Year!

What has come as a pleasant surprise for the trade is the collections from mass centres, where PK started slow on Friday, but has shown outstanding growth on both Saturday and Sunday.

At metros and bigger cities where the film is performing well, tickets prices will remain the same on Monday too – which is unprecedented in the last few years. Unsurprisingly, the last time ticket prices were not reduced on a weekday was when 3 Idiots released in theatres and went on a historic run at the box office.

PK has now collected around 92 crore (could go higher) at the box office. The extent of drop on Monday could decide if the film can challenge the record of Dhoom 3 or not.

PK First Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 26.63 crore
  • Saturday – 30.34 crore
  • Sunday – 35 crore (could go higher when final collections come in)
  • Total – 91.97 crore


  • Hahahaha!!! Awesome decision Indicine!!! Had enough if this garbage from @Romance..

    Anyways thanx to everyone from all the Aamirians here who have loved the movie..

    Bte I am yet to watch it due to work..but will surely catch it this weekend..


  • @Amir Khan fans and Salman fans its clear now that who is bigger in Stardom

    SALLU with super hit content south remake 26 Cr. kick
    Amir with Ace director his lucky hirani 3 idiots director. 26.63 cr.
    SRk with Farah Tees mar khan director 44.97 cr.

    Tu Baap koun re “SRK”

    HNY Opening 45 cr = Kick 26 + Pk laash 26.63 LOL

    Now they will say life time is more…but life time depend on lot of other factors too mainly content, music, reviews , director etc etc.

    Amir – Dhoom brand – Content = 26cr Pk high ticket price.
    Sallu – Remake = 26 cr. Kick
    SRk – original – Farah khan = 45

    Fan is coming to take universe as his fan.

  • @sani d 9:01am

    You totally owned that fool ‘baby-akki’

    You schooled him good n proper n heres hoping the baby learns his lesson…

    Rocking comments

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