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Ra One breaks records, makes history

These are the ‘Official Figures’ that we received from Red Chillies Entertainment (Shahrukh Khan’s production house). We received this article yesterday and it only includes the first and second day collections. The figures also include collections from the dubbed versions (Tamil, Telugu). 

Ra One in USA – UK

Shahrukh Khan has enjoyed a strong fan-following overseas for more than a decade and a half now. Although other actors like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan are catching up, SRK films are easily the most watched in USA / UK. Ra One has opened to a great response overseas, considering the genre of the film (superhero / action films usually don’t do well overseas) the numbers don’t quite matchup to the opening of SRK’s last release My Name Is Khan. 

Ra One Day 3 Friday Update

After a record-breaking Thursday (Day 2), Ra One started slow on Friday. Morning collections were down by about 40%, but collections picked up for the afternoon and evening shows. Some multiplex owners reported drop in collections in Mumbai and Gujarat. Collections in North India has held up strongly and the drop is only about 15% compared to yesterday. The word-of-mouth is mixed, but not negative. Trending is expected to be similar to Bodyguard – huge first week and sharp drops later. 

Ra One 42 crores in 2 days in India!

Update: Like we predicted yesterday, the two-day total of Ra One is approximately around 42 crores (including dubbed versions). Day 1 was 16.5 crores and on Day 2 collections picked up considerably as the film did  about 25 crores of business including the Tamil and Telugu versions. On Friday (3rd day), the morning shows were lower than the first two days.

Diwali Record for Ra One

Ra One has easily snatched the record for the best Diwali day collections. Before it’s release, it was Golmaal 3 (released last year) that was leading with collections of 9 crores. Below is a list of the top films released during Diwali 

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Ra One – 14.63 Crores on Day 1

Now this has not only surprised us, but the Day 1 collections of Ra One are pretty shocking. Yes, it was Diwali and the afternoon – evening shows were affected, but.. Ra One  released on close to 3500 prints whereas Bodyguard was released on less than 2000 (on Wednesday) The ticket prices at multiplexes were about 10% more expensive than Bodyguard (the prices of tickets were increased just like 3 Idiots) With 100% collections all over India, the total capacity of Ra One was around 34 – 35 crores. Which also means, at about 14.5 crores, the collections were about 35 – 40% for Day 1. Bodyguard released at 1PM on Wednesday and didn’t have the widest of releases. Still, managed to set a record of 21 crores. At worst, due to all the hype and craze, we expected Ra One to easily cross 20 crores. On a more positive note, Day 2 collections (even for noon shows) had better occupancy and we expect around 18 – 20 crores by the end of the day. Please do not misunderstand this comparison, we are only comparing Bodyguard to Ra One because the former currently holds the Day 1 record. This is not a SRK vs Salman battle.

Ra One Reviews – Twitter

Here are some Ra One reviews and opinions from Twitter It’ll come nowhere near Enthiran .. Enthiran is far far ahead in every aspect Ra One has gotta be a blockbuster.Cummon movie buffs if we could make Ready and bodyguard superhits then we owe this one to SRK People asking their money back after watching #Ra1 which is pathetic This is d smallest title role anyone’s ever played since Namak Halaal!! Feel bad for you Arjun Rampal. U were gud, but hardly there #Ra1 People reporting that Rajinikanth’s tiny cameo in #RA1 got more applause than Shah Rukh got through the entire film. Duh! Loved The ‘Rajni deva’ cameo.. very clever concept on behalf of makers to avoid any bias from “south-indians”.. #Ra1 Bebo looks ravishin for most part, has 1 sparkling moment of cold-blooded villainy, and a few good scenes. But not a meaty role overall #Ra1 #RA1 is like #Titanic Massive size,unmatched luxury,same old skool story and at last total waste of money and complete Fail. #ra1 is excellent movie. A lot of effort by srk, well not like Hollywood but by indian standards and budget almost thr. Ra.1 will be loved by those whose benchmark of a gud movie is Ready or Bodyguard #ra1 Any movie of @iamsrk , no matter the theme, has the elements to excite an Indian audience. Smart actor him. ;) #RA1 those who have watched #ra1 are saying that they can’t believe this is a movie made in india …srk has made every indian proud. support him I luv SRK fr takin his dream n makin it happen despite all his friends advisin him not 2n then showing d impossible can b done. #Ra1 (Shekhar Kapur, director of Mr India) to say the least … #ra1 is the best movie that the indian audience has got so far in terms of technology … u better watch it and enjoy Kids loved the film, clapped, whistles and claps and applause after that train sequence in the theater..ppl loved G.One #RA1 So finally finally Shah Rukh watched Ra.One FDFS in 3D..Loved it absolutely..u rocked Shah :-D as Shekhar n as cute G.One #RA1 the car scene before the interval and the Train sequence in the second half was simply OUTSTANDING..the BEST dat India has seen #RA1 Guys, don’t be sad. you cant expect movie to be absolute perfect. after MNIK, waited so much. feels like am living another lifetime :) #ra1 Its inconsistent, not really well directed – but no doubts about its intentions ever! #Ra1 not a bad watch for Diwali get-togethers Awesome movie … .Hats off SRK for making this movie possible … Amazing VFX … Go Ra One Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!! At a time when Aamir is at his peak, it was reassuring to see SRK not even TRY to come up with a film to ‘compete’ with him.. More reviews will be added soon!

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Predict and win Ra One CD or DVD

Predict the box office opening of Shahrukh Khan’s Ra One and you stand a chance to win the music CD (or DVD if you decide to wait until it’s video release). Although we can’t promise, we will try and get SRK or Kareena to sign the DVD. The movie releases on Wednesday and all you have to do is, predict the opening day box office collections and post your figures in the comments section below.  

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