Day 1: Ra One vs Bodyguard

According to Boxoffice India’s early estimates, the much-hyped Ra One may not beat the record Day 1 collections of Salman Khan’s Bodyguard. The Diwali festivities around the country, especially in North India, seem to have affected collections.

Here is the Ra One vs Bodyguard comparison for Day 1 at few territories.

East Punjab
Ra One – 1.45 crores
Bodyguard – 1.86 crores

Ra One – 50 lakhs
Bodyguard – 91 lakhs

Ra One – 80 lakhs
Bodyguard – 1.17 crores

The Day 1 comparison between Ra One and Bodyguard will be updated tomorrow. The figure to beat is 21 crores.



  • RA one:



    TERI MERI (slightly less popular than chammak challo)

    BODYGUARD 21cr
    RA one may not able to collect..! lol

  • Rating is going down with more and more reviews coming out. 5.7/10 is current average after 21 reviews. Hindustan times also gave it 2 stars just like Indicine and says SRk overacts as Shekhar. Well he was already famous for hamming. Its the biggest disappointment even bigger than tees mar khan because that was made on moderate budget but when you have 200crs and still make a crap them its disappointment big time. Now we all now the reason y srk roped in karan johar to direct bit of the movie cuz the real director knows shit. Also it went way over budget and SRK liar said it was spent on Vfx. They are better than other indian movies but not even close to hollywood there were some A**holes comparing it with Avatar and were saying that it has 3000 vfx and Avatar only had 2200.ahhaha biggest joke of the decade. Now all the talks of path breaking cinema goes to the garbage and just wait for the week to end the box office part will also go into the garbage.

  • now don’t need any excuses and don’t need to mention the name of our industry’s powerful king..

    polls or views simply do not matter, here only boxoffice(1st day) matters! :)

  • @ ahmad. Yeah man since last month this aashkaran guy had abused the hell out of salman and his fans and look where Ra1 stands. Except for SRK die hard fans nobody liked it. It will get good business over the weekend but thats it.. it will fall harder than bodyguard did in second week. It was way over budget. this movie should have been completed under 70 crs.

  • loooooooooooollllllooooooooo i am big soooooorrrryyyyy srk fans kkkkkk


  • salman you r drop dead alive king of bolywood you so safe man just enjoy your all time blockbuster…you already did your shot next 5years…

  • Salman is the king of bollywood and srk is not king.ek tha tiger is the biggest blockbuster of 2012. Ra one is flop movie.

  • Review by : Harish V

    Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Armaan Verma
    Direction: Anubhav Sinha
    Music: Vishal-Shekhar
    Production: Gauri Khan

    Ra One is easily the biggest movie of the year and thanks to the tremendous and well thought off marketing push by Red Chillies and Eros International, it has turned into an event film. Shahrukh’s extremely high budgeted movie has launched a social game, a PS3 game, came out with graphic novels, merchandises, innumerable marketing tie ups, youtube tie up and the movie is going to be released in India in 3 languages simultaneously with more than 4000 prints all over the world. Can it get bigger than this? Well yes. The King of Bollywood – Shahrukh made the movie even bigger by pulling in Amitabh to do the narration and then did the impossible – he brought in Superstar Rajinikanth to act in a small scene. Well should we say more? The tickets vanished from the ticket counters in minutes and today is the judgement day. Can Ra.One mesmerize you? Can Ra One change the game? Can Ra.One take Indian film to the international level, something that Endhiran promised, but failed to do? The answer to all these questions is just around the corner … And as the theatre starts getting dark and the screen in front brightens we expect nothing short of magic on screen.

    And Magic it was. Ra.One shows reflections of several movies but it is mainly inspired by Terminator 2- Judgement Day. It has also taken few pointers from Iron Man(The core design), Astro Boy(the blue core red core), Endhiran(few shots) etc. And still, the film stands on its own merits which is the biggest plus for the movie and the director Anubhav Sinha.

    Sekar Subramanium, a genius game developer’s desperate attempt to impress his son leads him to create a game where the villain Ra.One is more powerful than the hero. At the same time, his company is working on a program to remove the wall that separates the virtual world from the real. Ra.One utilizes this program to come to life and all hell breaks loose!

    He wants to kill the only person who has beaten him in the game. Who is this one man? Is it Shahrukh? Can Shahrukh vanquish the super villain? To know the answer you will have to wait for at least a week to see it in the theatres, if you haven’t booked your tickets already.

    The director did not have an impressive track record even though he has given 2 hits. But even those have got mainly average to bad reviews. After his last debacle ’Cash’ no one expected him to come out with a project of such magnitude, especially with Shahrukh Khan. But this time around, he has completely impressed with his direction. The movie is aimed at children and young adults while ensuring that even the elders can enjoy. So you will have to expect some kiddish scenes too.

    The movie has no problem with the pacing as it is consistently fast. The Climax however could have been more impressive. The characterization of Ra.One could have been made more evil and terrorizing to heighten the tension and make the film gripping. The mystery as to what he would do next could have kept the audience at the edge of their seats.’s ability to control human brain seemed too far fetched and could have been avoided.

    Shahrukh does struggle with his Tamil, but is exceptional as Sekar and brilliant as G-One. His performance as a human and a virtual superhuman proves his prowess as an actor. Kareena has evolved wonderfully as an actor. She sizzles on screen especially in the world famous ‘Chhamak Chhallo’ track. She looks beautiful and delivers her role with élan showing how competent an actor she is. Armaan Verma is a delight to watch as Sekar’s kid. Arjun Rampal enters the scene in the second half and plays a menacing Ra.One quite well. The special appearances by Sanjay dutt and Priyanka Chopra are ok. The much talked about Chitti’s (Rajnikant in Endhiran) appearance could have been much much better. However, Rajni’s appearance on screen received screams and cheering which reached maddening levels. The rest of the cast have little to do and they do impress.

    Technically, Ra.One is by far India’s biggest and most expensive by the look of it. Cinematography by V. Manigandan is a feast to the eyes and the action swquences alone are shot by the legendry – Nicolo Pecorrini which has come out brilliantly. The animation and graphics compare to the best of Hollywood. The film actually leaves you wondering as to what is graphics and what is real. While it is good in the first half, the graphics is taken to an all new level in the second half. This film has clearly set a very high bar for computer graphics in Indian film Industry. The action sequences are impeccable. Whether it is the car chase sequence, G-One’s introduction, Train sequence or the climax, the execution is of international level. Sabu Cyril’s art direction should be lauded as the ace art director makes every single set picture perfect. Which is real? Which is a set? Which is graphics? You never know. Did you think the train involved in the pre-climax action scene was a real train? Well, think again. Music has already received rave reviews especially with ‘Dil dara’, Akon’s ‘criminal’ and ‘chamak chalo’ have caught on like wild fire. The picturisation elevates the song experience.

    Overall it is s a paisa vasool. Take your kids and family for this event film and become a kid and enjoy the fun. Technically the movie does touch international standards but doesnt boast of an exceptional or unique storyline to impress international junta but its a Indian film which every Indian should be proud off. Expect every record in the record book re-written.

    Verdict: Blockbuster of epic proportion
    Rating 3.5/5.0

  •’s First Day Box Office Collections Have Torn Apart all Box Office Opening Recrods in Many Major Centers of India. At Many Places its Guaranteed that Ra.One Will Break Bodyguard’s Opening Record. Especially In Tamil Nadu, Kerla, Mysore, Nizam, etc.
    Ra.One is 100% in Almost All Multiplexes for the shows till 1 pm in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chandigarh & Ludhiana. This was Also the Case for Bodyguard. But Since Shows of Bodyguard Were Lesser than Ra.One, It May Break Bodyguard’s Record in NCR too.

    The Early Estimate Figure For Ra.One For Day One is 20.5-22 crores Approximately. This Figure May Go A Lot Above if the Evening Shows Retain the Occupancy of Morning Shows. If It Was Some Other Holiday Ra.One Would Have Done 27 crores Plus Collections on First Day.

    We Will Post the Exact Figure For the First Day Collections By Tonight or Tomorrow as soon as it becomes Available. Keep checking Back. Ra.One Has Been Giving Thumbs Up By the Critics So The Collections Are Expected to Show Jumps till Sunday And Ra.One May Put up Record Breaking Numbers By Weekend.

  • @all salman fans.
    Picture abhi baaki hai mere dosth…wait for the official figure and then chill..wait for the thunder
    collection frm south expecially in saturday and sunday…even if the first day collection is lower than
    bodyguard its becos of deepavali not becos of the movie… U all wait and watch the next 6day collection

  • jus watched ra1…. the 3D version of ra1 is jus pathetic.. better watch in 2d… story is also predictable.. it may pass the box office record of bodyaguard bcoz of its high ticket rates, n no competition for 16 days.. bt no chance of it crossing 3 idiots record..for such a big film nt crossing 3 idiot must b considered as a failure…..n theres also F1 race comin . so it may also effect the box office of ra1… bt overall movie is a disapointment….

  • @indicine..
    Wat about the stupid movie tel me o khudha….were there anyone in those theatre… Did salman’s
    presence helped it atleast 1percent

  • Lmao…ek din hua nahi aur salman fans sochrhe hain woh jeet gye..haha..
    Beta yeh toh wed tha bas..thurs..fri ..sat..sun baaki hain…
    Aur cinemas waale kehrhe hain ki monday ki hi advance bahot strong hai..

    Abhi jb collections aayenge tb dekhna yeh salman fans pehle jaise chup jaayenge

  • Ra.One will not set a new first day record as the final day collections coming in are well off record pace especially in North and Central India. Some circuits are 50% short of Bodyguard while others are similar.
    Bodyguard collected 20.60 crore nett on day one and Ra.One will stay well below that even if the dubbed Tamil and Telegu versions collections are added to the collections of the Hindi version.
    Delhi, Punjab, UP and MP were hit hard by Diwali puja as the film went as low as 25% for some shows in these regions and even after Diwali collections were no way near the morning levels.
    Hahaha aashkaran and joe .. Beta Ji ready ho jaoo salman ko apna or Srk ka baap man ne ke liye

  • @indicine,when srk fans were barkin den..nw d results is out..boxofficeindia said the first day number wil b far below bodyguard so it may b 17cr or 18..hw do u espect dis film dat cannot even beat d opening of bodyguard to beat 3idiots…indicine u av to stop puttin srk films as d most awaited film as frm 2day henceforth..wat might nt even reach 130-140cr lyftyme


  • salman should be proud to hav so much illeterate people as his fans…just one day has over and
    they decided the boxoffice fate…. Idiots……they dont even know wat has happened in south..
    Wait for the official figure and then bark… The next 10day collection frm south has enough potential
    to break 3idiots record… Think before comment…look wat is happening throughout india…
    Final verdict is not based on day1 but based on lyf tym….

  • @ Vindhal.. Dude I had a bet with aashkaran that if ra1 does 18 cr or less than we will call salman his and Srk’s baap. Now boxofficeindia said even if u count Tamil and Telugu versions it will still be a way below bodyguard. So I won the bet and let’s see if aashkaran runs or fulfill the bet. The 2nd business will improve a little but long term it might ghajini or may be ready but no dabangg , bodyguard and no way 3 idiots. Dude after 1000 more prints than bodyguard crazy promotion all over and it still could not beat bodyguard. Bodyguard didn’t even have a decent promotion and wasn’t that good script vise buy it was salman the try king of box office who made bodyguard an atbb. I rest my case that salman has way more fans and Is loved more than Srk in India.

  • reallyyyyyy disappointed ……im a die hart aamir khan fan but i am always excited about salman’s and srk’s movies.but this movie was a torture for two n a half hrs.its not even close to bodyguard,leave 3 idiots.
    i don’t know why r u comparing salman n srk n not including my opinion,it does not matter how the movie performs at the box office,the thing which matters the most is the story,the acting and above all weather the audience is happy or not….if u talk in that respect then aamir khan is waaaaaayyyyyy ahead of srk n salman.

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