Ra One in Australia

Ra One will have the biggest release for a Bollywood film in Australia. The Shahrukh Khan – Kareena Kapoor starrer will release in more than 50 theaters in Australia and the excitement levels of non-resident Indian’s is pretty high in the country.

We spoke to a few Shahrukh Khan fans in Australia and here is what they had to say on his biggest release Ra One

  • Rohit Talwar: I am a huge SRK fan and I can’t wait to watch Ra One. I am going with my family (wife, two kids) to watch the film first day last show. Kids are very excited, they love the songs and both of them are big fans of Kareena Kapoor. Fingers crossed, hope it lives upto all the expectations that SRK has created.
  • Aiden (Australian): I have seen many Hollywood superhero movies, but none with song and dance. Will watch Ra One to see what Bollywood and Shahrukh Khan are all about.
  • Vinod Batra: Super excited and thrilled. Have been waiting for over a year now. It’s releasing in Australia this weekend.
  • Suma Narang: I have been living in Australia for more than 12 years and have watched many Bollywood movies. But the hype for Ra One is bigger than anything I’ve seen in here. Can’t wait!

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Stay tuned for more coverage of Ra One in Australia. We will have the theatre listings soon!



  • Ra.one…

    It’s everywhere man! !! !!!

  • Ra.one…
    It’s everywhere man! !! !!!

  • indicine: so u started filtering the comments.. good… Now i am back….
    Now i am in abudhabi and today i am going to book the ticket for thursday night..
    . This film is creating more anxiety and tension than the worldcup final…expectation are up to
    the sky… And for me pls do one thing….just as u see the film post ur review… We dont want
    reviews frm other articles… And me and my frends have planned to dance in theatre for chamak
    Chalo…dont kno whether the arab police wil catch us…..

  • MUMBAI: Shah Rukh Khan today organized a special screening of his movie Ra.One for close friends and Team One at Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai.

    Director Anubhav Sinha, Yash Chopra, Gauri Khan, members of Eros team, Karan Johar, Arjun Rampal and Bhushan Kumar were amongst the guest list.

    Since evening Yash Raj Studios’ premises were full of excited technicians & crew members who had worked on Ra.One for months, and today for the first time the complete film was being showed to few selected people. They too watched the film along with the special guests. The screening theatre was packed. Many of the guests present at the screening couldn’t control their tears.

    Our source says, “Before the screening everybody knew they were going in for a very good film, as they have seen the promos – the VFX, the songs, the music, and above all – Shah Rukh Khan. But we were stunned. We now have no words to say. We are absolutely speechless, and so is everybody.”

    “What just happened! Ra.One is beyond a movie. It’s just outstanding. The special effects of Iron Man are nothing in front of the effects used in Ra.One,” the source adds.

    All the celebrity guests were shocked to see such brilliance, and everybody rushed to the director Anubhav Sinha. One guest went on to say, “Anubhav is now going to make Hollywood copy us! Ra.One is sheer genius, the movie is not just a superhero flick where there is a good vs bad battle, and it is more than that. It makes you cry, especially the journey of a relationship between father and son is beyond words. That will make everyone cry.”

    Shah Rukh Khan remained unavailable for comments, but the man of the moment after the screening was Anubhav Sinha. Not a single person was such who went home without congratulating Anubhav Sinha, even after waiting for their turn for that.

    After the screening Shah Rukh Khan tweeted, “Everyone seemed to enjoy the Ra.One experience at the trial.Allah has been very kind to all of us & I hope all of u appreciate the newness.”

  • hei sonam…. Your comment makes me restless for seeing Ra 1….

    and where is salman fans…did u block them frm this page…or have the started hiding frm
    today itself…

  • People who hates srk should watch ra 1 with positive mind nd u will see ur life will change. I m sure u will become srk fan. For me its impossible to hate srk. Love u srk.

  • Srk ki izzat r.one pe hai agar ye movie fiop yah mamuli hit huwa to srk ki izzat lut jaige . Film bnane mei 175c laga hai aur is film ko hit karne ki liye 200c kmana hoga.

  • that’s a very nice thing to hear tat the movie is emotional and some ppl cried … I also thought that it’s s superhero so there is no such emotional stuff in it .. but Now glad to hear tat .. thanxxxx ..

  • king khan is alwayes a record brekr.
    Indians pleas sport shahruk khan ye tumaray liay aur bollywood keliay fakhr ha
    lov u srk

  • By Komal Nahta

    I had the opportunity of watching excerpts from Ra.One on Saturday evening. And should I say, I was mesmerised by what I saw? Stupefied? Dumbfounded? Actually, all of this. Although I saw random scenes, they made a lot of sense because producer Shah Rukh Khan was there to explain the missing links in his private preview theatre.

    What clearly emerged from the 35-40 minutes’ screening was as follows:
    Never before in the history of Bollywood has the audience seen as grand production values as what are seen in Ra.One. The visual effects are mind-blowing. But it is not just about technical wizardry and a big, very big canvas. There is a very very Indian story around which the technology has been used supremely intelligently. And it is this Indian core of the film which will give its run in cinemas longevity. There will be deafening applause in the cinemas, not once or twice but a number of times in the film. The interval point is very exciting and will draw a round of thunderous applause in the cinemas. The film has raised the bar for Indian films in general and superhero films in the sub-continent in particular. In fact, some scenes gave the impression that this film could be India’s answer to James Cameron’s Avatar which also abounded in visual effects and was in 3D.

    So, all you, Shah Rukh fans, get ready to be blown out of your minds. You’ve never seen your idol in any film thus far as you would see him in this film. And yes, it isn’t as if those who aren’t fans of Shah Rukh Khan would not enjoy the film. They too would because there’s a lot of ENTERTAINMENT value in the film which has a running time of approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.
    Get ready to experience veritable earthquakes in cinema halls across the world. Bollywood history is set to be re-written and the process begins on Diwali day, October 26.

  • is ra.one not releasing in 3D on 26th oct………… Here at my place the tickets are available from 28th for 3D………

  • Salman khan can’t act.doing same type film over and over…The script of Dabang,Body guard has no basic difference.Your fans are all f… idiot who watch these meaning less film..Hrithik,SRK are best..

  • Ra one greatst in the world ra one biggest movie bollywood in history i said yesterday collection 300-350cr but today i say 400 crores ra one biggest blockbuster in india history

  • Ra.One 3D version not releasing on 26thoct.
    So is it going to loose major chunk of revenue. Or is it good,…. as many of them will again watch for 3D experience…………

  • Its all the way.RA.ONE.I WANTed see a hollywood celebrity against srk.he may produce sequel Ra.ONE with hollywood director AND ACTRESS.I WISH SRK GO WORLDWIDE BY everybody as michael jackson

  • Its all the way.RA.ONE.I WANTed see a hollywood celebrity against srk.he may produce sequel Ra.ONE with hollywood director AND ACTRESS.I WISH SRK GO WORLDWIDE BY everybody as michael jackson.

  • Hi Guys I am from Guwahati….
    Things you should know about ‘RA.One’
    Every one knows that ‘RA.One’ is Shah
    Rukh Khan ‘s most ambitious
    sci-fi superhero film that is
    coming out on Diwali
    Wednesday . Here are some
    more tidbits about the much
    awaited film:
    * Directed by Anubhav Sinha ,
    the film , which also stars
    Kareena Kapoor and Arjun
    Rampal in prominent roles, has
    been made on a Rs.150 budget
    crore and has already created a
    lot of buzz.
    * The film is releasing in more
    than 3,000 screens in the
    domestic market in 2D and
    around 500 screens in 3D. The
    film has been dubbed in Tamil
    and Telugu and it will also make
    inroads in South Korea and
    Hongkong, where Bollywood
    movies are not so popular.
    * The idea of the film originated
    when Anubhav was watching a
    commercial about six years ago
    which showed two children
    controlling a human with a
    * Anubhav and Shah Rukh
    watched as many as 200
    superhero films in multiple
    languages from all over the
    world before making ‘RA.One’.
    * Shah Rukh has roped in Oscar
    winner Resul Pookutty for the
    special sound effects. The team
    went to Los Angeles get the
    sound effects done for the film.
    * Jeff Kleiser of 1994 Hollywood
    film ‘Stargate’ was hired as the
    supervisor of visual effects.
    * Nicola Pecorini of ‘Loathing in
    Las Vegas’ fame is the director
    of photography, while the film is
    edited by Academy-award
    winner Martin Walsh.
    * It has 3,500 VFX shots, which
    could mark a new beginning for
    the use of the technology in
    Indian films.
    * The task of adding special
    effects was outsourced to
    multiple specialty studios
    including in London, Paris and
    Bangkok, as also in the US.
    * Dolby surround 7.1 system has
    been installed in several
    multiplexes in the run-up to the
    sci-fi’s release.
    * Chinese actor Jackie Chan was
    reportedly approached for a role
    in the film and later Chinese-
    American actor Tom Wu was
    signed on to be a part of the
    * Shah Rukh roped in
    international singer Akon for
    two songs — ‘Chammak Challo’
    and ‘Criminal’ — and both of
    them are a rage.
    * The G.One suit that Shah Rukh
    wears in the film is made of
    silicon, styrofoam and rubber
    and is said to be considerably
    heavy. SRK said he lost 5 kgs
    after shooting in the superhero
    * Shah Rukh had to don
    prosthetic make up for 8 to 10
    hours a day without a break
    which made it difficult for him
    to even eat and drink.
    * Tamil superstar Rajinikanth
    and actress diva Priyanka
    Chopra will be seen in cameos in
    the film.
    * Bollywood megastar Amitabh
    Bachchan has given his
    voiceover for the film.
    * The music launch of ‘RA.One’
    was streamed live on a video-
    sharing site for an undisclosed
    amount. The event’s telecast
    rights are believed to have been
    sold to the TV channel for a
    Rs.10 crore.
    * Satellite rights of the film have
    reportedly been sold for Rs.35
    crore, while distribution rights
    have been sold for Rs.77 crore……
    ….Now…. Just one day left for RA. ONE….
    Shahrukh is my idol,
    It’s feels great to be his fans….
    And My brother Aashkaran, I like your comments too much….

  • oh… its night 11.30…cant sleep…. tomaro history is going to be created…….Just as per the poster of DON 2… THE KING IS BACK…SRK The undisputed box office king………..

  • Shahrukh is the best. I like his talking and he is natruly a stylsh person. He is al tim king khn not of only india but of the whol world .lov u srk

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