Ra One Movie Review

Starcast: Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Shahana Goswami, Armaan Verma, Satish Shah, Dalip Tahil.
Special Appearances: Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra, Rajnikanth
Director: Anubhav Sinha

Ra One Review

Ra One has been a huge part of our lives over the last few months, the build-up to Shahrukh Khan’s most ambitious movie ever has been huge. All of it finally comes to an end today with it’s theatrical release.

With the way it was marketed, the expectations from Ra One was unbelievably high. Quite frankly, that’s not always such a good thing. With sky-high expectations, the risk of disappointing the audience is quite high too.

Unfortunately, Ra One disappoints. We genuinely wanted to like the film, but apart from the 30 odd minutes in the second half, there is nothing that touches you and absolutely nothing that creates the kind of adrenaline-rush that good superhero films should.

What works for Ra One

The best thing about Ra One is Kareena Kapoor. The actress looks stunning, oozing sensuality in two fantastic songs – Criminal and Chammak Challo. When it comes to on-screen histrionics, not many actresses in the industry come close to Kareena and she proves that yet again in Ra One. It has to be one of her most likable performances since Jab We Met.

Tremendous amount of work has gone into making Ra One the most technologically advanced film in India and it’s evident in every scene. Both the visual and sound effects are outstanding. Not close to Hollywood standards, but for the budget that the film has been made on, it’s brilliant!

Why Ra One disappoints

In short, Ra One lacks soul. There are three important tracks in the movie; One, the love story between Kareena and G.One. Two, the relationship between Shekhar (later G.One) and his son. And finally, the good vs bad rivalry between G.One and R.One. None of them work, you simply do not feel for any of the characters. (*Spoiler alert – Do not read if you haven’t watched the film* There were people in the theater laughing when Shekhar Subramanium dies, which is just one example of the movie not connecting with the audience)

The first half is mediocre, the second half starts off well but scenes leading to the climax are bad. Ra One also reminds you of the Hollywood classic, Terminator 2.

The special appearances by Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra and Rajnikanth add to the star value, but both sequences fail to make any impact.


Shahrukh Khan is good as G.One, but as Shekhar Subramanium he tends to overact. Kareena was brilliant. Arjun Rampal was good, but has a shorter than expected role. Armaan Verma who plays SRK’s son, does a decent job. All the other actors including Shahana Goswami, Satish Shah and Dalip Tahil are wasted.

To sum things up

Considering the years of hard work and money that has gone into the making, it hurts to say this – Ra One had immense potential to be a very good film, but it isn’t. Not even close. The biggest flaw is the script and the direction.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Everyone has a different opinion and we’d love to know what you think of Ra One. Do post your Ra One reviews below.



  • @indicine you like bodyguard more than ra.one hahaha it is a senseless review and it proved how u do partility between srk and salman.ya it’s not a 4.5 0r 4 star movie but sure more than 2.

  • i agree with you . Even bodyguard was worth to watch compare to ra one . But shahrukh khan will join the after don ‘hope so’ . Let see how much will it collect

  • unbelievable that u gave just 2 stars…now i am waiting for the weekend collection….
    After all collection decides the status of the film

  • Pankaj, it’s easy to please fans but difficult to be honest. We believe in being 100% honest with reviews. And regarding Bodyguard, it was a mediocre film, but the expectations were far lower.

    Review is just a personal opinion and there is absolutely no question of being partial towards any star :)

  • The 3D Version was rocking- ok SRK has compromised on script but it is a visual treat- must watch.
    However the first half is fairly pointless and it is only the second hour that there are any thrills
    Anyways it was an enjoyable experience and a step in the right direction.
    Miles miles miles ahead of Bodyguard- no comparison whatsoever.

    Question for Indicine Team- do you predict a large fall after the weekend-

  • i like this movie..but the high expectation,is fall down the movie…in my ranking RA.ONE out of 10,i will give 7 marks..now i want to see the weekend collection..
    That will say,the film is hit or flope..

  • Taha, good short review. We watched the 2D version as the 3D shows started a little late. How was the 3D experience? It doesn’t really matter how great the visual effects are, it’s the script that is key. And yeh, agreed that it was better than Bodyguard. :)

  • And regarding the box office collections. We hope it sustains during the weekend, because the weekend is going to be absolutely crucial. Have been reading some reviews on twitter, and its mixed slightly on the negative side. We predict a drop, but then we expected the same with Om Shanti Om and it didn’t happen. Thought My Name Is Khan will sustain well, but it fell! Very hard to accurately predict.

  • Once again a same old story..graphics and stunts..smehw like close but nt as hollywood classics…stry nt we can say a brand new concept…kareena is stnning..chammak challo a nw anthem..bt as a srk fan Ra. One dissapoints me…

  • The 3D Experience was great, it was particularly novel to see Chammak Challo in 3D, the train sequence was mind-boggling, genuinely absolutely stunning.
    Do You predict a fall this weekend, and can it beat the worldwide collections of Bodyguard, especially considering the Overseas footfalls will be huge.

  • :(
    disappointed by d review.
    Haven’t watched d movie yet, but i wish it’s atleast sumwat good.
    I’m a die-hard SRK fan.
    Butttttt i still blv dat d collections won’t drop, atleast not for dis weekend.

    @indicine. Wat’s ur opinion on Ra One’s net collections?

  • Indicine Team: I really respect you guys for being so honest with your reviews. No other site on the internet is like yours. And even if people abuse you for being honest, your replies are very calm and nice. Thanks for the review. I will watch the movie and post my feedback.

  • Indicine..
    I Think it should sustain..I’ll watch and give my honest reviews..as a aam janta..

    Its a masala ..like Oso..I expect it to earn huge..

    Main thing is kids should like it..coz acc. To my theory if kids want to see it..parents will go along..meaning more collections..

    And kids are loving it..

    After a long time a family film has come..it should earn big..

    U gave oso 1star bt still it went on to emerge a hugeeeeee BB..
    So srk fans dont be low hearted..

    Srk never fails

  • i seen the movie…its jst a 1 time watch film…dont expect high frm ra1 bro…bus timepass tho ho jaiga :( i only liked father and son relationship in the film

  • Film definitely was disapponiting. However it is total injustice to compare film with Bodyguard!(which was an utter crap).In Satyam cinemas,Chennai the crowd enjoyed the movie for SRK.Especially Chammak Chalo,which has attained cult status.In TN, the film was released in Tamil version also and word of mouth has been positive.SRK movies always do well in south,but having raised astronomical expectations, the film’s script was a total let down. But thrashing the movie wit 2 stars was shocking! The film fared well in all technical depts and i can assure die hard SRK fans tat the move will do much better than MNIK….. let us wait for the final collections.

  • but wanna say u guys here in theater after rajni enter in the film all r gne mad…pagal ho gai jaisa chilla rahe they…hehehe…this film is nt 4 multiplexes…if film would hav more good dailoges dat would b gr8 rht wat u say indicine?????

  • I saw the movie its mindblowing but I am very disappointed by the Indicines review, I have’nt seen people as much excited as in Ra.one at many times
    like when Ra.one first time chase Prateek it was superb
    people were saying arre wah
    arre wah and when G.one makes his entry it was like Boom and the train seen way
    way better than Robots and atlast 100 times best than Bodyguard.

  • indicine is sicked. i m giving 6 Star out of 5 i m not srk fan but i think this type of film making in india is proud.

  • Ooho Indicine gave Oso just 1 star and Oso was a huge hit and Atbb I did’nt knew that now I don’t want to say
    anything it will be a huge hit.

    • Aashkaran, Roshan – About OSO, we didn’t like it back then, we still don’t like the film. It doesn’t really matter how a film performs at the box office. Some like it, some don’t. When the majority like it, film works.

  • indicine..

    i saw dis movie even by not considering 2mrrw’s xam i have..so i can give a honest review of dis movie since i sacrificed ma xam 4 ra.one….

    1stly.. U hav to increas d rating u gav to ra.one… Even though tz not a highly entertaining movie, dis movie demands mor dam 3 out of 5…. Felt lyk a movie for kids, … But srk told dis b4…. So we r d one who xpected a lot…. Arjun rampal only hav a short role…

    D final result i understn s dat overall movie is not gud enuf….but cnsidering d scenes tz rocking… Srk really adjusted wid d script… He cud hav made better…grafix s good…. Same as ROBOT… So be honest nd giv a rating of 3….. happy diwali by d way….

  • SRK overacts… Didn’t I tell you guys 2 weeks back that he is full of wold famous SRK hamming in this movie. Now do u believe that I saw the bits of the movie 2 weeks ago. Its time for u guys comeback to reality which is Ra1 sucks. Made at the budget of 200 crs and still falls way short to the Hollywood standards. Where did that 3000 vfx go. I told 4 weeks ago that they were used on SRK’s face to make it look a little better. The average from all the reviews so far is 5.8/10. When a movie is intended for Kids you just can not simply use the words like condom every now and then in he movie and also below the belt jokes, thats cheap.

  • hooo hahahha..accept for the paid reviews (taran, komal) all other reviews are negative even from viewers..rediff even gave the movie 1.5 stars out of 5…hahaha if you guys call bodyguard a bad movie than Taran and Komal gave bodyguard same stars as they gave to Ra1 so according to them Ra1 and bodyguard are same.ahhahaha and look at the budgets of the 2 movies…Ra1 almost 3times the bodyguard and still a crapy movie.

  • i think watching ra-one is just like throwing money. Just go and watch bodyguard. Salman rocckkkkks bolywooddddd .

  • Ra.One is unlikely to break the first day records of Bodyguard in Delhi/UP or East Punjab. The film was off too a flyer in both circuits especially Delhi NCR and Punjab but collections were lower from around 2pm.

    Bodyguard put up a total of 4.19 crore nett in Delhi/UP and 1.86 crore nett in East Punjab on day one making it a North India total of 6.05 crore.

    Ra.One is probably looking at a 4.75 crore nett combined total from these two circuits obviously depending on what happens it in the late evening and night shows but even if they were go to 100%, the Bodyguard figures seem out of reach.


  • IgnOre this duplicate aashkaran..raone is heading for huggggge numbers..also thankfully the no. Of ppl saying the ra1 ws awesome is much much more who’re trying to pan it…..we won

  • Sob,sob… I’m having exam.Can’t watch the movie until late next month.I’ll definitely post my opinion bout the film,once I watch it.Hope it’ll run in theatres until then.

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