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Here are some Ra One reviews and opinions from Twitter

  • It’ll come nowhere near Enthiran .. Enthiran is far far ahead in every aspect
  • Ra One has gotta be a blockbuster.Cummon movie buffs if we could make Ready and bodyguard superhits then we owe this one to SRK
  • People asking their money back after watching #Ra1 which is pathetic
  • This is d smallest title role anyone’s ever played since Namak Halaal!! Feel bad for you Arjun Rampal. U were gud, but hardly there #Ra1
  • People reporting that Rajinikanth’s tiny cameo in #RA1 got more applause than Shah Rukh got through the entire film. Duh!
  • Loved The ‘Rajni deva’ cameo.. very clever concept on behalf of makers to avoid any bias from “south-indians”.. #Ra1
  • Bebo looks ravishin for most part, has 1 sparkling moment of cold-blooded villainy, and a few good scenes. But not a meaty role overall #Ra1
  • #RA1 is like #Titanic Massive size,unmatched luxury,same old skool story and at last total waste of money and complete Fail.
  • #ra1 is excellent movie. A lot of effort by srk, well not like Hollywood but by indian standards and budget almost thr.
  • Ra.1 will be loved by those whose benchmark of a gud movie is Ready or Bodyguard #ra1
  • Any movie of @iamsrk , no matter the theme, has the elements to excite an Indian audience. Smart actor him. ;) #RA1
  • those who have watched #ra1 are saying that they can’t believe this is a movie made in india …srk has made every indian proud. support him
  • I luv SRK fr takin his dream n makin it happen despite all his friends advisin him not 2n then showing d impossible can b done. #Ra1 (Shekhar Kapur, director of Mr India)
  • to say the least … #ra1 is the best movie that the indian audience has got so far in terms of technology … u better watch it and enjoy
  • Kids loved the film, clapped, whistles and claps and applause after that train sequence in the theater..ppl loved G.One #RA1
  • So finally finally Shah Rukh watched Ra.One FDFS in 3D..Loved it absolutely..u rocked Shah :-D as Shekhar n as cute G.One #RA1
  • the car scene before the interval and the Train sequence in the second half was simply OUTSTANDING..the BEST dat India has seen #RA1
  • Guys, don’t be sad. you cant expect movie to be absolute perfect. after MNIK, waited so much. feels like am living another lifetime :) #ra1
  • Its inconsistent, not really well directed – but no doubts about its intentions ever! #Ra1 not a bad watch for Diwali get-togethers
  • Awesome movie … .Hats off SRK for making this movie possible … Amazing VFX … Go Ra One Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • At a time when Aamir is at his peak, it was reassuring to see SRK not even TRY to come up with a film to ‘compete’ with him..

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  • This is really shit..Indicine ne negative reviews chun chun ke chipkaaye hain..

    Thats really bad..completely bias..

    Even i hv gone thru twitter about 25times today..

    And wom is good..

  • Didn’t select negative reviews. There are plenty of positive reviews too. Just took the first 20 – 25 that appeared first for Ra 1. You could see for yourself if you click on the Ra 1 keyword that’s trending :)

  • it is heading for 24+..

    I read its tearing records apart..even in salman ki rajasthan category..in places even at 7Am the houseful board came up..

    Even mixed reactions will take it 170+..for sure..

  • dis wil break the weekend collection too…today 100% means definitely tomaro too it wil be 100%…then comes saturday and sunday.. whether the wom is good or bad sat and sun wil be super strong..just need to kno regarding the final collection… all other record it wil break…….

  • Ra.One is unlikely to break the first day records of Bodyguard in Delhi/UP or East Punjab. The film was off too a flyer in both circuits especially Delhi NCR and Punjab but collections were lower from around 2pm.

    Bodyguard put up a total of 4.19 crore nett in Delhi/UP and 1.86 crore nett in East Punjab on day one making it a North India total of 6.05 crore.

    Ra.One is probably looking at a 4.75 crore nett combined total from these two circuits obviously depending on what happens it in the late evening and night shows but even if they were go to 100%, the Bodyguard figures seem out of reach.

    Box Office India

  • Now suddenly Indicine is bias..LMAO…2 din pehle tak puja ker rahe the indicine… Remeber jitni publicity indicine ne Ra1 ko di ahi itni toh bodyguard ko nahi di thi..but reality is reality. It is not a salman khan movie which is going to sustain even after bad reviews.

  • doest matter u faggot Ali..
    Tune neeche ki achai copy paste krna bhoolgya jahaan south mein faardke rakh di hai..Ra1 ne

  • south main phar rahi hai pata hai kion. Rajni sir not SRK. They will watch the movie even if Rajni is their even for 1 second. This is Rajni for you and Salman is almost there where people will spend any amount of money to watch him. 200crs in garbage. Kahan gaye tere 3000 vfx..oh Avatar se bhi ziada VFX use hue hain..LMAO..200cr spend kerke bhi yehi crap banana tha isse behter na hi banata.

  • @ aashkaran..beta abhi next aik week main teri theories bohat bar change hogi..I am reading user reviews everywhere and guess what other than die hard srk fans like you, nobody liked the movie not even kids. I read that there are some adult jokes in the movie.. what the hell srk was thinking, having adult jokes in a kids movie. So dude ur theory is going to fail bigtime. Kids are not liking it. Once the wave is over it is going to fall really hard.

  • @salman fan @ali
    Real judgement is coming in few days..
    do whatever u wnt..nothing can be more pathetic than bodyguard shittie…

    Ra.One is tearing records..u just hold ur asses tight..

  • bring me my money back.
    Ekdam faltu movie hai ra one and will be flop
    .aur aashkaran abhi 1 saal tak tumhara muh band karo.
    Bodyguard is far better than ra.one
    salman khan is always best

  • Vinay..tum salman fans ke paas paise nahi film dekhne ke..par fokat opinions .dene ke zarur hain..fake reviews dena band karo..

  • LMAO on aashkaran.. bechara bohat zoor laga raha tha ke movie bohat achi hogi…I think he didn’t sleep or go to college or work for the promotion of Ra1.ahahahha..and look what a crappy movie it is. This is how 200 crs get wasted and salman fans ke paas bohat paise hain issi liye bodygaurd ne 150 cr se ziada ka business kiya hai…

  • East Punjab

    Ra.One -1.45 crore

    Bodyguard – 1.86 crore


    Ra.One – 50 lakhs

    Bodyguard – 91 lakhs


    Ra.One – 80 lakhs

    Bodyguard – 1.17 crore

  • The first 20 minutes and some portions in the second half which are boring; the story, which is about a video game, will not be fully understood by the computer-illiterate older generation.

  • I have never read such negative user reviews..i am talking about people who have seen the movie. Ra1 is getting even worse WOM than Tees Mar Khan.

  • Bodyguard was pathetic I was repenting my self why I went to see Madras Raja with all false actions and for Ra.one frankly I will go to watch again, movie wohi awesome hoti hai jise daekh ke paise wasool hue aur usse bhi jyaada mazaa aaya.

  • ra1 broke all record of 1st day collection of ra1 about 24-25 crores.rock on srkkkkkk. thanks for giving us a greate movie……. or ye log kya bodyguard se mukabla karte hai ra1 ka…. ye log ye bhi nhi samjte ki mukabla to brabar ke logo me hota hai kisi faltu ke sath nhi… ra1 rocked…..

  • @ sombir jangra ..dude where did u pull that figure from..out of ur ass. Atleast what i am posting here is through a reliable source.

  • I was busy watchin indicine bring out deir predictions on ra.one..it was as if indicine dedicated deir whole lyf on ra.one 4 some past days nw.i was really disapointed wit indicine…26cr first day was predicted by indicine,wen i saw dis,i laughed nd laughed and laughed…bodyguard opening can only b broken by one nd only salman khan…

  • really disgusting.ra1 was fully pathetic.aisi ghatia film hai k kya kahun.bachche v napasand kaar rahe hai.@aashkaran::ab chillake koi fayda nahi.ra1 is a pure shit.accept d fact…hahahahaaaaa

  • Rating is going down with more and more reviews coming out. 5.7/10 is current average after 21 reviews. Hindustan times also gave it 2 stars just like Indicine and says SRk overacts as Shekhar. Well he was already famous for hamming. Its the biggest disappointment even bigger than tees mar khan because that was made on moderate budget but when you have 200crs and still make a crap them its disappointment big time. Now we all now the reason y srk roped in karan johar to direct bit of the movie cuz the real director knows shit. Also it went way over budget and SRK liar said it was spent on Vfx. They are better than other indian movies but not even close to hollywood there were some A**holes comparing it with Avatar and were saying that it has 3000 vfx and Avatar only had 2200.ahhaha biggest joke of the decade. Now all the talks of path breaking cinema goes to the garbage and just wait for the week to end the box office part will also go into the garbage.

  • Ra.one’s First Day Box Office Collections Have Torn Apart all Box Office Opening Recrods in Many Major Centers of India. At Many Places its Guaranteed that Ra.One Will Break Bodyguard’s Opening Record. Especially In Tamil Nadu, Kerla, Mysore, Nizam, etc.
    Ra.One is 100% in Almost All Multiplexes for the shows till 1 pm in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chandigarh & Ludhiana. This was Also the Case for Bodyguard. But Since Shows of Bodyguard Were Lesser than Ra.One, It May Break Bodyguard’s Record in NCR too.

    The Early Estimate Figure For Ra.One For Day One is 20.5-22 crores Approximately. This Figure May Go A Lot Above if the Evening Shows Retain the Occupancy of Morning Shows. If It Was Some Other Holiday Ra.One Would Have Done 27 crores Plus Collections on First Day.

    We Will Post the Exact Figure For the First Day Collections By Tonight or Tomorrow as soon as it becomes Available. Keep checking Back. Ra.One Has Been Giving Thumbs Up By the Critics So The Collections Are Expected to Show Jumps till Sunday And Ra.One May Put up Record Breaking Numbers By Weekend.

  • Ra.One will not set a new first day record as the final day collections coming in are well off record pace especially in North and Central India. Some circuits are 50% short of Bodyguard while others are similar.
    Bodyguard collected 20.60 crore nett on day one and Ra.One will stay well below that even if the dubbed Tamil and Telegu versions collections are added to the collections of the Hindi version.
    Delhi, Punjab, UP and MP were hit hard by Diwali puja as the film went as low as 25% for some shows in these regions and even after Diwali collections were no way near the morning levels.
    Hahaha aashkaran and joe .. Beta Ji ready ho jaoo salman ko apna or Srk ka baap man ne ke liye

  • boxofficeindia

    Ra.One has collected around 14-15 crore nett on its first day as per early estimates. The collections are only for its Hindi version and regional version may have added around 1 crore nett.

    It may turn out to be the second or third highest first day ever but around 30% less than the record of Bodyguard which released 2 months back comparing like and like and just its Hindi version.
    It is a good collection considering Diwali Puja but even with huge the craze and hype, Diwali Puja affected it like any other film released over the years.

    hahaha @aashkaran and joe…..do you guys remember our bet or should I remind u….ok well I will remind it again…as the figures for the first day are out and way below 18 crs so you can now accept Salman is ur father and also srk’s father. Come on ache bachoon ki tarha bolo Verna maar pare gi.

    The collections fell from 1pm yesterday at most places and did not really recover with festivities on. South India has fared best comparatively while in North India the first day collections are lower than Ready and Yamla Pagla Deewana as well as Bodyguard for the films released in 2011.

  • Dudes…do u evn feel Bodyguard 2 b a stndard movie? It juz had sum stupid, unrealistc actions, crappy romance n a sallu shirt rip off !! Movie HIT… Cn dat man evn act? Juz watch veer n lemme knw. He fits in2 only one genre of tamil remakes datz it !! SRK is da King n he proved it again…RA.ONE collctd 19.5 crores in india + 7 crores overseas making it 26 crores approx… To knw mre chk out bollywoodhungama.com ! And nw 2 ol sallu fans – hw much did bodyguard,ready,dabangg or woteva shit it ws collct olovr in da opening day??? I guess u ppl cn chk out da figures urself… Thank you..!! :-) @ aashkaran – dude i guess u r da only justified prsn ova here…cheers 2 ur wisdom n thnx 4 accptng da truth ;-) ra.one vl reach new heights in days 2 come

  • @ aashkaran. Beta kaha bhaag rahe ho.. jaane se pehle Salman ko daddy toh kehte jaoo..come be a man stand on what u said. Boxofficeindia said 14.6 cr plus 1 crore regional so thats 15.6 crs after all promotions, high ticket prices, 3d and see what happened. I don’t care about what is the 2nd day figure will be.. my bet with you was for the first day and so be a man or Maaan ka dhoodh piya hai toh kaim raho apni baat per. So now accept ke salman tumhara or srk dono ka baap hai.

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