Ra One: Saturday and Sunday update

Ra One has done reasonably well on Saturday with business of around 15 crores nett, taking it’s all India total to 74 crores (including regional versions). The film is likely to go past Shahrukh Khan’s biggest grosser Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi in less than 5 days!

All eyes are now on the all important Sunday. Compared to the morning shows on Saturday, the collections from a few multiplexes were about 15 – 20% higher. If the later shows match up with about 20% jump in collections, then Sunday could be around 18 crores.

Single screens in smaller towns have crashed over the weekend and a lot would now depend on how Ra One holds up at multiplexes, especially at the metro’s.



  • Its not fair to neglect tamil n telugu versions…….the box office comparision should include whole india ……..u cannot neglect south….SRK has huge fan following in south india so he released the film here in tamil n teleugu . thats not his fault …..people here still remember his films DDLJ,dil se,KKHH ….salmaan is not famous in south ……….he used to be famous only for some bad controversies.

    thats star power….SRK is everywhere…

  • Personally Speaking…
    I dont know whether 90+cr is good for 5day wknd..
    But I expected it to earn more like 100+cr wknd..but then I dont question ra.one..
    ‘coz I dont care if ra.one does less than 160cr..or doesnt beat bodyguard..I dont care..
    Coz I m very very proud of Srk for making such film..Hats of to that man..who has the real ass to make such a film wid a unIque genre..
    Bet no one except srk can ever think abt making such film..

    I dont why do sallu fans Showoff..abt Bodyguard and Ready type of films..
    Are they doing anything constructive for Indian Cinema..

    Hell No !!

    Srk is the best..Accept it or not..he’ll rule..

    • Aashkaran, partially agree. SRK could well have taken the safe route and made a romantic film with 1/4th the budget. But it’s also wrong to say, noone can ever think of making such films. For two reasons, one Hrithik and Abhishek Bachchan have tried too and Krrish did very well. And two, Ra One was a masala film and had all the ingredients that a film like Bodyguard did. The only risk that they took was with the VFX and action sequences, due to which the film cost a lot more to make!

  • @ indicine team oh okay! may be i m wrong saying ‘salmaan is not famous’…

    i m from tamilnadu and i had been travelled many places for my studies and work.its only for SRK people r going crazy about ……..they always talk abt DDLJ , KKHH ,Dil se and now only Ra-one everywhere …….i m sure SRK’s stardom is huge than others

  • The story, acting of sharuk and arjun is very poor and karena perforn well
    bcoz of very huge promotion and karena golden peroid raone breaks bodyuard 3.days collection record

  • @Indicine..

    I am sorry to say that u r wrong….salman is may be famous in india even in south… But none
    of his films have performed more than 20 days in south except dabaang in last 10 years..
    South just love sharukh and hrithik and to a extend amir… All the films of srk hav completed more
    than 50 days in south… Even kites ran 50 days…. I can say this clearly as i am frm south.. So pls withdrew
    ur comment saying salman is famous in south… U can enquire down south theatre and see… I am
    not saying against salman…. Its only a fact… So pls no comment against this and no comment frm me
    too regarding this subject

  • why u forgot that ra one is released on 800 screens more than bodyguard……..
    hugely publicized by media 52 cr just wasted in publicity…..
    releasing diwali when all family want to watch atleast one movie

  • taran_adarsh #RaOne *Hindi version only* Wed 14.5 cr, Thu 23.5 cr, Fri 16 cr, Sat 14.15 cr. Total: Rs 68.15 cr nett. Does not include Tamil & Telugu biz.

  • Srk apne sweeper ko jitna paisa dete he salman uske bhi liak nhi hai….sarukh hit dene me jawab nhi hai bt sallu flop dene mai jawab nhi…..lol

  • I am from kerala and here SRK is as famous as Mammootty and Mohanlal. Salman is not famous here. Only after Lagaan Aamir got fan following here. Shahrukh is like ‘apna hero’ for us and ra one is a great movie.

  • Indicine,i’m sorry o but are u adding figures to ra.one urself…taran’s fig for is also 14.5cr while boxofficeindia is 14cr-14.25cr…then where exactly r u getting ur figures…@vinshal nd suresh…i don’t knw anything about ur claims bt i knw with dabangg..salman would have being more famous dwn south because dabangg is a typical masala film dat southindia like…u can compare d place u work or live with d whole south…so ur claims are baseless…salman khan would b famous down south..do ur research well

  • Indicine..
    Disagree wid u partially :P ..
    Hrithik and Abhishek tried..But it was Srk who did it..
    We cant call Ra.One a Masala film..
    It had some masala moments..but it didnt have purposely cracked jokes..or forcefull inserted scenes like salman films..
    U need balls to produce and act in a 175 cr film..

    Ra.One stands alone and tall in its unqiue genre..we indians r busy bringing it down (even when we should be proud ‘coz its an Indian film to challenge hollywood)…in overseas it has recieve fantastic reviews..every1 has praised the effects and film..they’ve said..that James Cameron will question himself..how come one make such terrific film with a mere budget of 175cr..

    I am proud..of Srk..

    If u aint proud..u aint a true Indian Cinema Fan..

  • srk is the only king.he is famous in india and all over world. Agar usa mein jakar puche to waha sab srk ko janta hai sallu kn nhi. Wo bhi kya bahaduri kiya hai sirf south remake to karta hai nakalchi bandar. Apna kahani lane ka aukat nhi hai.srk hamesha polite rahta hai. Ddlj se compare karo sc chota lagta hai. Salman ko to sisf police aur dabang hi banta hai. Aur koi script par hit karaye to jane.

  • SRK might be a superstar no doubt but his quality of films has been nowhere near Aamir’s. Movies like Sarfarosh,Lagaan,RDB,TZP,DCH and 3 Idiots are par excellence. The only really brilliant films SRK can claim to have done are Swades,Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na,Chak De India and MNIK. Both SRK and Aamir are brilliant actors but Aamir leads as far as quality is concerned. And all this talk of “kings and queens” is kiddish and ridiculous. Every actor has his own set of fans so no point fighting.

  • And btw, Ra.One will never get close to 3 Idiots so “technically” Aamir is still the so-called KING. That’s for dumbos with childish mentality who believe in this battle of “stars and kings” :P

  • As I told in a comment in another post, as things proceed, the actuals may come lower than the original estimates. And that is what has happened

    Regional numbers of BOI have reduced from 4.5 cr to 3.95 cr.That is around 15% lower


    I am saying again it will be a close call between Bodyguard weekend and Ra.One (all inclusive weekend) when actual numbers come out

    And unless Ra.One (Hindi) does like 18 cr Sunday, it is safe to say BG will beat Ra.One (Hindi) weekend numbers

  • Srk is the best. . . Ra one is a perfct movie nd i dnt 9 why critics r critisizing it. . . I hvnt seen anythng bad in ths movie. . . I thnk thy could nt bear srk is eligible to make a wonder beyond there thoughts.

  • @dear kinza we all are liking ra.one but there are some srk haters who are trying to bring this movie down but they are also liking this movie in disguise.

  • to all srk fans
    why r u so happy that ra one has collected so much.it was released over 3500 screens n it was quiet obvious.the thing is that how many people are liking this movie…answer is-only srk fans…with this negativity ,i think ra one is a faliure no matters how much money it makes.why u r only looking at money made,why u don’t look at quality…the truth is that aamir has impressed the classes and salman has walked away with masses…n srk is now lagging behind both of them…u r saying that srk had the guts to make such a high budget movie which has brought bollywood on the level of hollywood…does srk has the guts to make a non commercial movie which can work wonders at the box office…can he give us a lagaan,taare zameen par,lage raho munna bhai,3 idiots,peepli live kind of a movie..again answer is -no..

  • anuj sharma je phele daikho phr bolo ok salman k carreer ki hit films aur shahrukh k ok shahrukh ne hamesha romance mai hi hit ki movie per salman ne har style mai aur salman ki sub se zyada hit film h after dharmendar ok
    in bollywood plz ap search karo phr bolo salman sub se bara superstar h iski film singel screen per zyada chalti h yani log zyada daikhte h aur shahrukh ki film multiplex per yani log kam daikhte h tou fan following har lehaz se salman ki bari h ok
    3 idiots ne 202 crore kamaye h aur dabangg ne 145 tou dabangg k ticket aur 3 idiots k ticket braber bike h same ok jabke 3 idiots k price zyada the ticket k ok aur 57 crore ka farq h phr bhe ticket utne he sale hue h dabangg k jitne 3 idiots k hue tou ab btao kis ka stardom zyada h salman ka pure bollywood mai sub se zyada stardom h i like srk but i love salman

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