Top 10 opening day figures

The Top 10 opening day collections of Bollywood films.

Despite the release of Ra One, Bodyguard continues to hold on to the top spot. But the 15 crore figure of Ra One isn’t as disappointing as it looks. The collections have picked up today and Day 2 could well be more than 20 crores (which should be a record, as Bodyguard did only 17 crores on Day 2).

Ideally, Ra One should have released today. The Diwali puja and celebrations has affected the afternoon and evening shows, even though the morning shows were outstanding.

Also, the other dubbed versions have collected around 3 crores, which takes the Day 1 total to around 17 – 18 crores. While the collections down south are good, the release of Tamil film like 7am Arivu and Velayudham has affected the collections of Ra One, despite the special appearance by Rajnikanth.

  • 1. Bodyguard – 20.62 crores
  • 2. Ra One 14.63 crores (approx)
  • 3. Dabangg – 14.45 crores
  • 4. Ready – 13.33 crores
  • 5. 3 Idiots – 13.00 crores
  • 6. Tees Maar Khan – 12.82 crores
  • 7. Raajneeti – 10.33 crores
  • 8. Housefull – 9.32 crores
  • 9. Ghajini – 9.13 crores
  • 10. Golmaal 3 – 8.72 crores

Top 10 figures from Box office India



  • Yes should have had released today..
    Seeing the yesterdays pace..everyone thought that it could gross..25+Cr..
    which didnt happen as Diwali ate it up..
    Now Thursday looks smoooooth..

  • all my friends have just hated the movie like anything..
    it was like a cartoon movie…n boring also…it was so loud.
    good special effects only work when there is a good back up story which is not the case with ra one.there is no story at all….i think somewhere in the heart,even srk fans r disliking the movies.
    may it will do well upto weekend ….but WOM is too bad for it to sustain and go past dabbang or bodyguard….jus forget 3 idiots now.

  • @indicine.
    Why don’t u add 3+ crores frm d South India in d total for day 1 ???
    Dat forms d part of ‘collection in India’ ? Doesn’t it?

  • From Past 15 To 17 Years I Am Hearing Who Is The KING OF BOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I Have Not Yet Heard That……….
    AAMIR or SALMAN , AJAY or AKSHAY AND So On…………….

    Every Time The Question Arise Who Is Leader Of BOLLYWOOD SHAHRUKH Is Always There In 1st Place Compared To Others Actors……….

    It Is Simple That SHAHRUKH Was and Will B The UNDISPUTED KING OF BOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SRK was advised to release it on Thursday. He knew Diwali Puja might affect the wave. But really he is an amazing planner. He released it on very day of Diwali, got affected…And now better a 5-Day weekend might help a bit in revenues. Many trade analysts already said that not sure Ra.One would break Day-1 record or not but it would surely thrash opening weekend and opening week records of Bodyguard. The very day after Diwali is used to meet, greet and have fun. Nothing like Puja effect today! And as Taran Adrash tweeted that Thursday going to be humongous. Big holiday! Expecting to be 30% to 50% bigger than Wednesday.

    No worry! If SRK released it on Thursday, he would get a 4-day weekend and that 4-Day weekend eventually could stop him to break opening weekend and opening week records despite it might break opening day record in Diwali Puja’s absence then……Kabhi kabhi kuch jeetne ke liye kuch harna bhi padta hai. Aur har kar jeetne walon ko Baazigar kehte hain……Phle 1 record break hota, 2 bach jate! Ab 1 bach gya, lekin 2 tuttenge! Satisfactory!

  • 14.6 cr opening…doob merna chahiye srk ko bhi or uske un fans ko bhi jo doosroon ke liye bad mouth use kerte hian.

  • .@aashkaran..shut up ur mouth b4 i slap u..were u not d one saying it would do over 26cr then..nw u r saying it shuld av released on mata wat,if d film was lyked,diwali won’t affect much..even total 4rm tamil telugu nd so on didn’t help..rubbish…

  • Ra.One has run riot on thirsday across the country. Yesterday it started like a runaway train but hit a block in the form of Diwali puja but today it started in the same way but no block.

    The film is recording full houses at multiplexes and single screens across the country. If North India was slow after 1pm yesterday, today it is shattering all records. On Wednesday, only three circuit records were made for the first day but today it is likely that it will record the highest all time collections single day collections in almost every circuit of India.

    Yesterday it was almost certain around 7pm that it will not beat the first day record and today around 7pm it is certain that it will be recording the biggest day in history just a question of how far ahead it goes of the 20.60 crore nett record.

  • salman is a real rockstar he desrves the no.1 spot. no dout bodyguard script wasnt that good but when it comes to salman he is a real entertainer. see the onscreen crisma difference in bigboss5 b/w salman and sanju baba, but I like sanju baba too

  • @Awais thats excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!completely agree!!

    why always srk or sallu ?
    srk or aamir ? srk or akshay ????????????? yes it shows srk is the king of bollywood and everyone jealous of him and want him to go down……… that proves from the excess amount of comments from sallu fans against srk……..

  • srk haters be ready to hide ur ugly face…….ra one may not be a path breaking movie definitely it would be better than recent cheap south remakes!!!! wait for another couple of days!

    SRK is the KING AND BAAP OF BOLLYWOOD. sallu n his friend lallu will always be in second position fighting screaming n crying for the KING’s chair

  • @suresh foolish we not crying for unmeans king’s he is just rock for his gauri khan but Salman is king for all bad boys,tigers,shers,worldwide also Aamir superstar says salman is king. Ajay says salman khan is my private and pleasure khan. Sanjay dutt says sallu is my younger brother. Ali zafar says i am a big fan of salman khan. Imran khan says i am a part of salman khan fan. Govinda,mathen chakarbory,jokie sharof, salman khan is our best friend. Hritik roshan says salman is super actor etc… Who is says like that for SRK. no one yes. Also salman is the king of action,boxoffice,look,body,acting everything

  • Great news for the industry! History has been created!! Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One has crossed the Rs. 25 crore mark (net all-India collections) in a single day (Thursday, October 27). The superhero film, which made Rs. 15 – 16 crore on the opening day, has now effectively breached the 2-day collection record of Salman Khan’s Bodyguard. While Bodyguard had netted Rs. 39 crore in its first two days, Ra.One has already made Rs. 40 crore at least. The final number is likely to go up as collection reports are still coming in.
    Day One Figures: Unfair Comparison
    In many ways, the comparison being made by the media and sections of the trade between the first day collections of Bodyguard and Ra.One was unfair. While both the films released on Wednesdays and public holidays, the Salman Khan starrer, Bodyguard, had released on Eid day, which is generally considered to be extraordinary at the box-office. On the other hand, Ra.One released on Diwali (Laxmi Pooja day), a day which is dull at the box-office because many Hindus stay indoors to participate in the festivities including poojas.
    In that sense, the day after Diwali (i.e. Thursday in the case of Ra.One) proves to be the real ‘Diwali’ for the film industry because people come out in hordes to the cinemas on the second day of Diwali. The wonderful second day collections of Ra.One just go to prove this.

  • @ aashkaran. Beta kaha bhaag rahe ho.. jaane se pehle Salman ko daddy toh kehte jaoo..come be a man stand on what u said. Boxofficeindia said 14.6 cr plus 1 crore regional so thats 15.6 crs after all promotions, high ticket prices, 3d and see what happened. I don’t care about what is the 2nd day figure will be.. my bet with you was for the first day and so be a man or Maaan ka dhoodh piya hai toh kaim raho apni baat per. So now accept ke salman tumhara or srk dono ka baap hai.

  • @ saboor khan u r a fool man….an actor is called as a superstar with his popularity among fans and box office……… not by film stars……….

    people decide who is king and who is joker……….

    @salmaanrocks why ??????? havent u read the latest news…….ra one collected above 25 crores in day2 n has already broke bodyguard’s record

  • everyone is just talking about SRK AMIR and SALMAN
    but friends they all are good person and they make new movie to entertain us with new records but we do fight here with words
    i wanna say to all friends please watch this movie and learn the moral “Burai……………. Acchi Nahi Hoti” i mean to say we always see negative point and i we don’t wanna see positive point if someone try to show us a positive or right way then we avoid that person because that negativity is in our soul and we fell that its our power or etc.
    so finally i would like to say to all friends
    first see you and then see others because everybody learns himself and
    forget all the rumors what came through talkative people
    and support everyone ,love everyone
    because we have one life and one tongue by that we can speak politely or rudely
    its your choice after this what you gonna choose
    i have seen all the movies what above mentioned but finally today on 27 of Oct 2011
    RA ONE is the Greatest movie of the year
    this is the only movie what we can compare with Hollywood movie
    other wise there were so much action or effect in KRRISH or ROBOT
    and everybody talk about no 1
    so friends there is only one who can stand on the position of number and that is KING KHAN “SRK”
    we all know that the legend of Bollywood is AMITABH Ji but SRK is the king of Present
    at last best of luck to everyone and Shahrukh
    actually thanks to SRK to show us Hollywood Experience in Bollywood

    so now do i need to write more……………………….
    i hope you will learn something if you will really take it genuine



  • @ Suresh dude..i don’t care about the 2nd day figures….me and aashkaran had a bet on the first day total which he has lost. Now he was supposed to call salman his daddy and He ran away. I told everyone 2 weeks ago that the first day total would not be more than 18 crs.

  • ra one is a not perfect movie .this is a vidio game .i think bodygurd compare then better .salman khan ajay devegan and sunny deol the big hero of bollywood .singham amegine movie i think singham is aaction film 2011 the big hit moves singham.ajay is a real hero of bollywood

  • salman khan jaisa bkwas actor me ne aaj tak nahi dekha
    Srk iz d best he z da real king will earn more then 300 crore

  • guyz has earned 26 crore on second day only in india overseas result result is yet to be anounced
    beating boduard of two day collection hahahah first day= 18.5 crore+second day 26 crore only in india
    bodyguard two day gross = 38 crore


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