Ra One vs Krrish

Krrish released in 2006 and remains the only successful superhero movie to date (before the release of Ra One). What worked for Krrish was the beautifully executed love story between Hrithik and Priyanka. Also, the action sequences in the second half worked big time with the kids.

Kids loved Krrish and the love story appealed to the family audiences. The result was a box office blockbuster, the biggest money spinner ever until Dhoom 2 surpassed the Krrish record later that year.

Before Ra One, Abhishek Bachchan’s Drona released and the film initially slammed by the critics, sank without a trace the box-office.

Fast forward to the year 2011 and Bollywood has its most expensive superhero film ever, featuring arguably the biggest superstar in the country. Shahrukh Khan’s Ra One. The film released yesterday, to a mixed response. But what should not be forgotten is the fact that, even Krrish was written off by the critics. But what worked for Krrish was the positive word-of-mouth.

For those who have already seen both Ra One and Krrish; which according to you is a better film and why?



  • Krissh was liked by kids..and when kids like it they want to go and watch it..when they go..parents accompany..making it a family affair meaining more money…
    Same will happen for ra.one although it isnt as good as critics have said..but still kids have lovvvved it like hell..so criteria of krrish comes into play which became a BB..

    Each nd every kid has given thumbs up..so families should flock as it is a family entertainer..

    So dont judge it already..

  • There is no doubt Ra.one is better than Krish in VFX,Music etc.And i think WOM Ra.one ko le dubegi.
    But sure Ra.one is better.

  • i dnt see any comparisons with krissh… Ra.One is a diff movie n krissh is a diff movie….in krissh the actor has some powers of it own n in Ra.One its all abt games … as far as technology is concerned its superb at par with hollywood … so we must appreciate that… n yes if any 1 can digest hollywood sci-fi then y not our own sci fi movie

  • All my friends and relatives who have seen so far have loved it..
    I think these sallu fans are trying to bring it down..personally..even on radio I have seen RJ’s praising it

  • For the sallu fan VINAY the comparison is b/w 2 sci -fi films & bodyguard is not a superhero movie.so pls dont write anything when u not understand topic.

  • @aashkaran
    all my friends have just hated the movie like anything..
    it was like a cartoon movie…n boring also…it was so loud.
    good special effects only work when there is a good back up story which is not the case with ra one.there is no story at all….i think somewhere in the heart,even srk fans r disliking the movies.
    may it will do well upto weekend ….but WOM is too bad for it to sustain and go past dabbang or bodyguard….jus forget 3 idiots now.

  • From Past 15 To 17 Years I Am Hearing Who Is The KING OF BOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I Have Not Yet Heard That……….
    AAMIR or SALMAN , AJAY or AKSHAY AND So On…………….

    Every Time The Question Arise Who Is Leader Of BOLLYWOOD SHAHRUKH Is Always There In 1st Place Compared To Others Actors……….

    It Is Simple That SHAHRUKH Was and Will B The UNDISPUTED KING OF BOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No khan, no kumar no devgan ONLY HRITHIK ROCKS.
    Kumar is comedian ajay only knows to do police inspector srk is lover boy sallu hav only body to show. only amir knows a litl bit acting.HRITHIK is the complete actor.

  • krrish had a better story but overall i like the concept of raone because thats how superhero should look like. hrithk outfit in krrish with black long blazzer with black mask was redicuous because in that outfit he was looking like some fucked up cuban drug dealer not a super hero. super heros shoud dressup like batman, spiderman etc, the only reason why krrish worked because it was first ever hindi superhero movie but honestly movie was pathetic

  • krrish iz way bettr dan ra1,perfct story line in krrish bt dis ra1 iz so unclear..n wen it comes 2 heroism,srk has nt dun evn 25% of wt hr did…mst of d stunts wer dun in real tym,he undrwent training in martial arts,so mch hard wrk in krrish…n mst imp thng srk itself admits dt hr iz d best lukin super hero..den y discussion…

  • dfntly ra.one..
    there s no matchng …
    bt interms of dirctn i wl prefer krish…
    the only thng lackng in ra one s direction…

  • I saw ra.one and it is a perfect entertaining movie.Ra.one is way ahead of krrish in all departments. It is ridiculous to compare ra.one with krrish.

  • though havent seen ra.one but reading its storyline disappoints a lot.There shud be some(atleast) logic in a movie even if its a sci-fi.Krish had complete logic in it as the superhero gets its power from a creature not from this world.This is something really imaginable as we totally suspect possibility of much advanced life forms in some other universes.But raone just concentrates on a “virtual gaming” thing that meets reality…stupid as it sounds.And not to forget if u r talking abt effects krish came 5 years ago frm now there ought to be advancement in a 2011 film than a 2006 film specially when we r living in a world where every two months a new more sophisticated more powerful animation and spl effect software is created by a sony or a adobe!

  • Krrish storyline-a superhero tries to save his father from normal human beings! Laughable and ridiculous at the same time.

  • Ra.One Raises the Bar | Complete Movie Review
    Posted by admin on October 25th, 2011

    I’ve often heard people say, film-making are few things short of a gamble. And as any gambler will tell you, you’ve got to gamble huge to triumph huge. Going by this logic, Shah Rukh Khan is The Supreme Gambler of the season.

    What’s at stake, beside the a lot of money invested in RA.ONE of course, can be a dream, a vision, an aspiration to create a film which appeals to kids and children at heart. In short, attempt a film that interests the universal audience. At the same time, it ought to raise the bar for Hindi films. Also at stake is SRK’s once-unchallenged supremacy as the reigning idol of Bollywood which elusive thing called reputation. Once you invest your repute in your dream project and stick your neck out, you anticipate nothing short of a mega-success.

    Movies like KRRISH and ROBOT initiated the buzz of superhero films in India, with fantasy making deep inroads into mainstream Hindi cinema. Now RA.ONE sets the standard, takes not a step or two, but a large leap and adheres to international standards, with regards to execution. But the soul, I must add, is very desi. That’s exactly the reason why RA.ONE emerges trumps. RA.You are beauty with brains.

    What characterizes a sensational superhero movie? I have narrowed it right down to three precise constituents which i deem are absolutely necessary to have an alluring superhero flick. The very first is that the motion picture must encompass spectacular action and edge-of-the-seat thrills. Secondly, an impressive superhero movie must also boast of luminous performances from the protagonists, which should make these characters appear credible and relatable. Thirdly and most importantly, superhero films must have a narrative that keeps us yearning for further. All of these are indispensable factors for making a superhero movie which will be both acclaimed and adored by fans. Fortunately, RA.ONE emerges triumphant out of all three departments.

    RA.ONE is the most ambitious, most expensive and the most technologically complex Hindi film ever produced. It pushes the envelope further. It’s not merely a film, but an event, an event. It’s a film that may rewrite the textbook laptop or computer graphics in Hindi cinema. Simultaneously, it is very Indian at heart. The partnership between SRK and the kid is the highpoint of the enterprise. But, simultaneously, there are ample clap-trap moments which will send the viewers in frenzy. The chase sequence, when Ra.One finally zeroes on Lucifer, as well as the subsequent ‘entry’ of the superhero is awe-inspiring. The train sequence inside the second hour is exceptional and a cinematic feat. The presence of Rajnikanth in a crucial sequence will be greeted with deafening claps and whistles. And, needless to say, the climax of the film; it’s simply jaw-dropping.

    Besides these factors, the ‘Chammak Chhallo‘ number has already been a rage and so are the sequences involving visual effects. In a nutshell, it’s an entertainer that works in a major way. You haven’t experienced something like this ever before, on the Hindi screen!

    A father tries difficult to fit into his son’s world. While Shekhar [Shah Rukh Khan] tries every trick inside the book to woo his son, his son had given up on him. Just when the father-son duo hit a deadlock, Shekhar strikes gold when he designs one hell of a game. Finally, it all starts falling set up. But the happiness is short-lived. All hell breaks loose when the game that was meant to be enjoyed, starts playing them.

    We have been spoilt by cinema’s ability to create on celluloid anything that can be imagined, therefore we have raconteurs making endeavors to bestow us with movies that you wouldn’t have ever envisioned during your mind’s eye. You realize this when you watch RA.ONE, which is a visual spectacle from start to end.

    Director Anubhav Sinha along with co-writers David Benullo, Kanika Dhillon and Mushtaq Shiekh might be inspired by international flicks in terms of the concept is concerned, but they make sure that they serve the right masala to moviegoers in those 2.30 hours. What actually walks you by complete surprise is not only the money spent on visual effects or perhaps the stunning chase and action scenes, but the twists and turns in the screenplay that unravel in a feverish pace.

    Besides, the moviegoers have certain expectations and notions about superhero flicks plus they expect such characters to execute audacious aerobatics to save someone’s life or even a nation. But this one’s different. Visually arresting and dramatically what the doctor ordered, the film delivers relatable characters, which makes this superhero movie for kids as well as grown-ups. In fact, I’d like to add, RA.ONE is not only skillfully directed, but additionally visually dynamic and entertains from commencement to conclusion.

    The album with the film lives up to the grand expectations. Vishal-Shekhar deliver an uplifting score with ‘Chammak Chhallo’, ‘Dildaara’ and ‘Raftarein’ being the pick with the lot. The background score, also recorded by them, is every bit electrifying. V. Manikandan and Nicola Pecorini’s cinematography is first-rate. Same goes for the stunts and chases [Andy Gill and Spiro Razatos]. Dialogue [Kanika Dhillon and Niranjan Iyengar] are hardly ever commonplace. What I found best is that, whether humorous or thoughtful, the channel of communication appears very credible. The Ra.One and G.One suits, produced by Robert Kurtzman, are super.

    RA.You are a perfect vehicle that does justice towards the talent of Shah Rukh Khan. He has found a story and character that work well in perfect sync and tandem with manic energy. SRK steers this physically challenging lead role with high-spirited self-belief. He’s endearing since the father and magnificent since the superhero with a heart. Kareena Kapoor can be a delight to watch. She effortlessly glides to the character. Besides, she looks ethereal inside the ‘Chammak Chhallo’ song and her wit is infectious. Arjun Rampal pulls his act with effortlessness and style. Also, Arjun’s well-designed look is admirable.

    I’d like to make a special mention of Armaan Verma, the little one who has a pivotal part to portray. He stands shoulder to shoulder with SRK and Kareena all through the film and delivers a super-confident performance. The film features a number of actors in key roles [Shahana Goswami, Dalip Tahil, Satish Shah, Suresh Menon, Mushtaq Shiekh and Tom Wu] and each of them fit well within their respective parts. Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra add to the glam quotient, while Rajnikanth proves yet again that he’s a scene stealer.

    However the man who warrants the particular round of applause is director Anubhav Sinha himself. For offering the best of SRK, Kareena and Arjun. For the amazing screenplay. For the speedy yet smooth stream from the narrative. And for the fantastic unfolding with the written material. He merits top admiration for every act of his.

    Overall, RA.ONE is a solid entertainer, no two opinions on that. It isn’t merely a great looking film, but also has soul, which is so important to strike a chord with all the avid moviegoer. As for the business prospects, RA.You are sure to shatter all previous records and hang new ones, in India along with internationally. The film could be the new yardstick for measuring success. It’s got Blockbuster written all over it!

    Rating: 5/5

  • @ aashkaran. Beta kaha bhaag rahe ho.. jaane se pehle Salman ko daddy toh kehte jaoo..come be a man stand on what u said. Boxofficeindia said 14.6 cr plus 1 crore regional so thats 15.6 crs after all promotions, high ticket prices, 3d and see what happened. I don’t care about what is the 2nd day figure will be.. my bet with you was for the first day and so be a man or Maaan ka dhoodh piya hai toh kaim raho apni baat per. So now accept ke salman tumhara or srk dono ka baap hai.

  • ra.one is nice movie but ye superhero wali movie lagi nahi ye comedy hai. Or kuch nahi hai es movie mai baacho ke matlab ke movie hai

  • per krrish ra.one se jada achi hai kuki use mai hrithik ek orignal superhero lagta hai per ra.one to mujhe video game lag rahe hai .

  • Ra.one should have broken the first day collection itself all because of diwali,many hindus will stay indoor…2 day has proved that ra.one is gonna be the best

  • Ra.One is like a turning point for Bollywood movies as it ventured to be in par with Hollywood movies.But im sure if the same story was considered by Hollywood fellas it would have been much more realistic and become a huge blockbuster.Im sure considering the flaws in this movie the Bollywood is gonna refine itself to the best.

    Coming to Krishh ,it has carved its own niche and would be the kids favorite .But teens would prefer Ra.one to Krishh :)

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