Ra One vs Krrish

Krrish released in 2006 and remains the only successful superhero movie to date (before the release of Ra One). What worked for Krrish was the beautifully executed love story between Hrithik and Priyanka. Also, the action sequences in the second half worked big time with the kids.

Kids loved Krrish and the love story appealed to the family audiences. The result was a box office blockbuster, the biggest money spinner ever until Dhoom 2 surpassed the Krrish record later that year.

Before Ra One, Abhishek Bachchan’s Drona released and the film initially slammed by the critics, sank without a trace the box-office.

Fast forward to the year 2011 and Bollywood has its most expensive superhero film ever, featuring arguably the biggest superstar in the country. Shahrukh Khan’s Ra One. The film released yesterday, to a mixed response. But what should not be forgotten is the fact that, even Krrish was written off by the critics. But what worked for Krrish was the positive word-of-mouth.

For those who have already seen both Ra One and Krrish; which according to you is a better film and why?



  • No doubt krrish was far better than ra one as far as story screenplay is considered..ra one is like a cartoon movie…n boring also…it was so loud.
    good special effects only work when there is a good back up story which is not the case with ra one.there is no story at all….i think somewhere in the heart,even srk fans r disliking the movies.hrithik ek orignal superhero lagta hai per ra.one to mujhe video game lag rahe hai …
    i like both the actors but ra one is very disappointing film from Srk

  • Guys krrish was really better cuz storyline was superb ra.one has good special effect but meaningless story..so i’ll go with krrish and NO OFFENCE sallu fans yaha se please dur raho salman only chawwano type movies hi kr skta hai…

  • salman jst is pathetic,his movies have only actions that is more then annoying. His actions are more then superheroes, his bodyguard is a no sense movie without a story n actions as if he’s a superman. Krissh had a wndrful story, the luv, the search for his father, evrythng was so simple. Ra1 too is good. But krissh is better.

  • Hey just shut up anti-srk. Srk rocks coz his acting is the best.Sallu cant match up with Srk because he is rocking in bOllywood only because of his body . No body likes his acting.he cant act emotionally.His expressions are always same .so Sallu sucks srks rocks. If not belive than watch my name is khan,Kal ho na ho and compare it with tere naam and

  • frnds……both krissh and ra.one is good…im also a fan of srk…bt i wnt to tell u smthng dat krish had apreciatd by evry prson….in d case of ra.one… d reviws of ra.one r mixd from india only….but it did vry well in ovrseas…we shld apreciat srk bcoz he try to give us our own indian sci.fi. film…our desi suprhero…bt unfrtntly jst a little bit dissapnt….not at all….next time he must make a sci.fi. film wid a psitv response……..and mr. vinay apko hindi me batata hn….u kno k dabanng ekdam bakwass thi…movie se stry kuch nhi thi….ekdam pakao comedi…same thing wid bodygaurd and ready…bt sallu’s wanted was vry gud…..sallu is nt wrth for bollywood king positin…bcoz he hav no variation in his actng… BT THESE TWO KHANS SRK AND AAMIR ARE D REAL KING OF BOLLYWOOD..

  • so says a guy who can’t spell boring. SRK’s Ra.one exceeds any limit of success set by trash like krrish. And all you guys will do, is regret/.

  • @Sanjay: per theater collection of Krrish is far better than Ra.One. Don’t get impressed by its collection because Ra.One was released on 3500 theater only in India while the total theater release in Both India and Overseas of Krrish was even below the number 1500. If Krrish was made and released in 2011 with at least in 2500 theater, it would earn 5 times better collection than Ra.One. Remember that Ra.One is neither Hit nor Flop despite earning 114 crore from India and 47 crore in oversease. But Krrish was a Blockbuster!!!! so compare both films budget, number of theater release and the collection, then you would find Ra.One nothing but a trash!!

  • who r praising RA1 shows, how insane and rediculousy foolish can be these people.i have nothing against SRK.but he surely has failed as a super hero,coz’ neither he has the looks nor the age(47) by his side,whereas KRISSH,it was the 1st superhero movie of our country.by that standard it was brilliant and HRITHIK enacted the role beautifully.thats why he got all the leading award for that year.lets see how many SRK gets. stop fighting like fools

  • krrish is way better than ra one as super-hero movies, even the blind testify. Ask shahrukh khan, he’ll tell the honest truth.

  • Krrish , for sure. Ra.One is the most disappointing movie of SRK. I expected a lot from Ra.One. If it had became a hit, it is only because of the monstrous promotion. On the other hand, Krrish gave me everything I expected. It had the effects, storyline and the best of all, Hrithik. He has proved that he is the complete actor of Bollywood.Anyway, I hope the best for SRK and Hrithik for their future movies.

  • KRRISH was in the year 2006…n it was a huge hit.. hrithik is d first indian super hero which gave others a model..raone was a flop in ratings by d ppl hu saw…sharukhs most disappointed movie…now wait and see for KRRISH 3… HRITHIK IS BACK

  • superman,batman,spiderman inse jyada Krrish ka dressup correct match hota hai.hair style,body,mass,dressup me hritik perfectly superhero dikhta hai,very nice look.hritik ke alava koi bhi hero superhero nahi dikhayega.KRRISH is naturally superhero,but ra.1 is game of hero.iwaiting for KRRISH3.

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