Ra One vs Krrish

Krrish released in 2006 and remains the only successful superhero movie to date (before the release of Ra One). What worked for Krrish was the beautifully executed love story between Hrithik and Priyanka. Also, the action sequences in the second half worked big time with the kids.

Kids loved Krrish and the love story appealed to the family audiences. The result was a box office blockbuster, the biggest money spinner ever until Dhoom 2 surpassed the Krrish record later that year.

Before Ra One, Abhishek Bachchan’s Drona released and the film initially slammed by the critics, sank without a trace the box-office.

Fast forward to the year 2011 and Bollywood has its most expensive superhero film ever, featuring arguably the biggest superstar in the country. Shahrukh Khan’s Ra One. The film released yesterday, to a mixed response. But what should not be forgotten is the fact that, even Krrish was written off by the critics. But what worked for Krrish was the positive word-of-mouth.

For those who have already seen both Ra One and Krrish; which according to you is a better film and why?



  • krissh is far better than ra-one ………..
    ra-one is a boring and bakwas movie .and nothing more than a bullshit

  • Krrish Blockbuster Ra.1 Hit whoes is best Krrish is Best next Krrish 3 i hope all time blockbuster Hrithik Rockzz Hrithik Fanzz

  • krrish and ra.one both films are good but krrish is no. 1 superhero in bollywood.
    krrish ke samne ra.one superman batman ironman spiderman koi nahi tik sakta hai

  • I thnk krrish is only 1 successful supernatural movie & ra one is nt…….bcz hr is a cmplt &versatile actor so he is perfect for any types of film bt srk is a romantic actor nt versatile……….,beside this srk is look like a broomstick….and after all srk’s title is king khan bt hr’$ title is MR.PERFECTIONIST………he is always perfect……..,

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