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From empty theatres to records, Salman sees it all in 3 years

18th September 2009, a day I would never forget. Stepping in to watch a evening show at a premium multiplex, I realised to my horror that the auditorium was barely 30%-40% occupied. The film was ‘Wanted’. A Salman Khan starrer no less. And even though the mass centres (especially single screens) had picked up  with weekend throwing up some good numbers, multiplexes had a different story to tell. Well, to begin with at least.

Fun: Difference between Bodyguard and Ra One

Here are some fun facts that should not be taken too seriously.. The entire cost of making Bodyguard (about 45 crores) was less than what SRK spent on marketing Ra One  (52 crores). Ra One had 5 stars; Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Sanjay Dutt and Rajnikanth. Bodyguard had just two stars Salman and Kareena. 

Funny Video from Bodyguard – Salman Khan and Rajat Rawail

The biggest hit of the year so far – Bodyguard starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor had some hilarious comedy sequences. Rajat ‘Tsunami’ Rawail was part of the comic scenes too and the cast supposedly had a ball shooting for the film. Have you ever seen Salman Khan laugh so hard until tears start rolling down his eyes?

Top 10 Week 1 Box office collections

The list of Top 10 Week 1 box office collections and its Salman Khan’s Bodyguard right at the top. The film has beaten Dabangg by more than 25%.  1. Bodyguard – 100 crore (approx) 2. Dabangg – 80.87 crore 3. Three Idiots – 76.30 crore

Bodyguard vs Dabangg : Box office comparison

Comparison between two Salman Khan EID releases – Dabangg released last year and Bodyguard released last week.  Day-wise comparison (Please note – Bodyguard released on Wednesday, while Dabangg released on Friday) Day 1: Bodyguard – 21.5 crores | Dabangg – 14.5 crores Day 2: Bodyguard – 19 crores | Dabangg – 16.5 crores

Dabangg Ready Bodyguard – Day 1

None of expected Bodyguard to beat the opening day record of Dabangg, but the Day 1 collections of Bodyguard has shocked and surprised the trade. The earth-shattering opening of Bodyguard will increase the price the distributors are asked to pay for big films that release in the future.. Below is a comparison of Salman Khan’s last three releases – Dabangg vs Ready vs Bodyguard for Day 1.