Can Don 2 beat Bodyguard or Dabangg?

With less than 3 weeks to go for the release of Shahrukh Khan’s Don 2, it’s time to make some box-office predictions.

SRK’s last release, the spectacularly hyped Ra One, opened to a historic response at the box-office. The film recorded the highest single day collections in history. But unfortunately, it’s not the star, but the content that is ‘king’.

As a film, Ra One disappointed big time and the audience verdict was clear as early as Saturday. The makers were lucky to have an extended 5 day weekend, without which it would have probably failed to even cross the 100 crore mark. But all is well, that ends well. The film did decent business both domestically and internationally, recovered it’s investment and was a box-office HIT.

Moving on, it’s time for the evil superhero, Don. The promotions have, surprisingly, been low-key. Which could mean, the makers are confident of the film (much like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Chak De India). Farhan Akhtar is a good director. All his films – Dil Chahta Hai, Lakshya and Don – were well-directed films. But after a 5 year long hiatus from directed, during which he did well as an actor, does Farhan still have it in him as a director?

For Shahrukh Khan, the stakes are high once again. He needs a clean-HIT to re-establish his position at the top. Going purely by the box-office collections in India, both Aamir and Salman are ahead of SRK. Aamir’s 2009 release 3 Idiots, did almost 2 times the business and all three Salman Khan films have grossed more than Ra One.

What are your predictions for Don 2? Can the film beat Bodyguard or Dabangg? Tell us in the comments section below



  • DON 2 ka success pakadna muskill ha nahi numunkin ha.don 2 it is not only beat bodyguard but also 3 idiots.ab koi don 2 ki income like avatar rukh nahi sucta.

  • No doubt ! I m sure that 101% Don 2 will beat all records of remake master lallu’s films…. It will be biggest film for king srk ever….. Wait till 23 dec, it will prove very soon…

  • according to BOI
    SRK needs one more overtake Salman ..
    Only a gap of 30 points seprates SRK and Salman in Worldwide BO race..

    DON2 looks..very sleeky and stylish..People are waiting for it..and there is no better time than Christmas

  • Here we go will break all records including avatar,it will release in large prints,saliu an aamir fans will die of jelousy.the king is back(for the 2nd time).it will be the baaps of all records bla bla bla bla ………………

  • here we go again…..i dont think that don 2 will break dabangg or bodyguard record.

  • Similarity between Indicine news:-

    Before release of Ra.One:
    ‘Can Ra.One beat 3Idiots’?

    After release of Ra.One:
    ‘Ra.One failed to beat Ready’.

    Before release of Don 2:
    ‘Can Don 2 beat Bodyuard or Ra.One’?

    & sure news after release of Don2:
    ‘Don 2 failed to beat Singham’.

  • i am one hundred percent sure that 3 Idiots 366 crore worldwide gross is under threat even though don 2 doesnt have universal appeal, it will destroy 3 idiots, dabangg, bodyguard, ready and ra.ones records

  • Well Don 2 will break all the records….. & This movie will makes a history…..
    King Khan bro we love you…..

  • is not the last one..DON-2 will definitely a Blockbuster..It wont be able to suppress the 3 Idiots record but it will definitely cross the Salmans Bodygurad and Debanng record and will going to be the Biggest grosser and Blockbuster of 2011… Thanks God it is not a remake…Luv you SRK…You are the King of the Bollywood…and always will be..

  • 9 things you should know about srk v/s salman khan-

    1) Godfather– salman khan had his
    father salim khan’s influence to get
    established in bollywood, whereas
    shahrukh was a poor guy from delhi,
    who made debut on his talent.

    2) Image- salman has the bad guy
    image and has proved it right time and
    over, whereas shahrukh is known to
    be the perfect father and husband. Has
    a image of a perfect man.

    3) Court case- Salman has 9 cases in his
    name, including crushing 5 beggars at
    night while drunk and driving, killing
    chingara and many more, whereas
    shahrukh has never seen a real jail in
    his life.

    4) Hits- Out of 46 movies salman has
    done, 11 were hits and 6 super hits
    whereas out of 73 movies SRK has
    done 40 were hits and 18 blockbuster.

    5) Fans– salman has a fan following
    only in india, South asia and UAE, Srk
    has a huge fan following in india, south
    asia, UAE, U.K, U.S.A, france, germany,
    russia, canada, africa, east europe,
    south korea and more.

    6) Net worth- salman has a net worth
    of 400 crore whereas SRK has a net
    worth of 4750 crore.

    7) Donation- salman runs a foundation
    named being human and has turned it
    into a brand whereas Srk has donated
    around 18 crore to the cancer cell of
    AIIMS hospital and has not even
    preached about it.

    8) Some say srk is greedy, well he is, he
    has 2 children’s future to look after, 1
    huge bungalow to maintain, has a
    wife.. ( A father trying to earn as much
    money as he can for his children is not
    said to be greedy).

    9) Power- SRK is the only indian to be
    included in forbes top 100 influential
    person in the world. According to UK
    tabloid, SRK has 5million+ fans which is
    6 times more then salman khan.
    That’s why he is and will remain the KING!!!
    SRK.. Alwys a Hardcore Fan :) think of it b4 u criticise srk.

    The fact is that in one year SRK is
    compared to Aamir, next year he is
    compared to Amitabh and then the
    year after he is being compared to
    Salman.. Phew …. Isn’t this enough to
    state what SRK is.

    BAADSHAH stays where he is …..
    The competition keeps on changing…

  • Don 2 kaliya kohe promotion ke jorurot nehi hain. Hit film apnatei sequal emnetai hit hoga. Iske upor eya SRK ke film hain Jiski fan following jada hay. Moreover the film has international appeal.

  • here we go again. these srk fans never learn their lesons.. before release of ra1, they were talkin abt easily breakin the record of 3i bt what happened, ra1 didnt even break the record of ready…… nw again before the relaese of don2, they r barkin… u guys jus keep up talkin rubbish.. srk fans. bt thats gud. after the fate of don2, it will be fun to make fun of all srk fans like after the release of ra1….
    @ indincine team dont make headlines such as don2 vs bodyguard… it wil be more appropriate if it is don2 vs singham,,,, don2 will have a very hard time crossing 100 crore also.. negative effect of ra1, flop music n low promotion will effect don2. and u all srk fans,, jus keep on sayin all the record will be broekn by don2 coz the fun we had after the release of ra1, i want to experience that again after the relase of don2. hehehahah..

  • Ra.One wale mazak ke bad mere fans samaz rahe the ki ab mai kabhi lot ke na aaunga,Chulubhar pani me jake dub jaunga…

    Leking abhi baki meri kahani hai,ab bachi kuchi izzat bhi gamani hai,Muze pahachanalo mai hu koan,Aa raha aur ek flop leke mai hu Srk.

  • Don 2 may be a better film than ra may cross bodyguard’s lifetime collections n become no 2 after 3 idiots.”..but next eid n christmas..ek tha tiger n dabanng 2 r easily gonna break bodyguard’s collection n even beat 3 idiots..!!

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