Did Himesh steal Teri Meri tune?

There is a major controversy surrounding the most popular song in Bodyguard – Teri Meri – as composer Himesh Reshammiya has been accused of plagiarism. The tune has been lifted from a 15th century Romanian Christmas carol.

Interestingly, in a recent interview, Himesh has said that the Teri Meri tune was composed based on Salman Khan’s inputs “My personal favorite (in Bodyguard) is Teri Meri that completely has Bhai’s (Salman) inputs. Salman always keeps his stock of tunes ready and one day he called me at around 3 am and told me about the melody he was working on”

Do listen to both the tunes, the original was composed centuries ago!


Now Himesh Reshammiya’s Teri Meri from Bodyguard


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  • OMG.. This is shocking! I thought Himesh is a original composer.. can’t believe he’s become like Anu Malik!

  • WHAT!ARE YOU DEAF? AM SO SURE IS NOT A SAME AT ALL 100% NOT EVEN CLOSE…DEMM ..Teri Meri is VERY different,, I don’t think so.. its the same..

  • teri meri is extremely different…..himesh is a nice music director…….thoda bohat beginning tune milta hai paar pura gaana puri tarah alag hai…..teri meri is very heart warming song………loved it….

  • Yes beginning is the same.. so its a copy.. later they have used the same tune throughout the song.. in teri meri.

  • abe lyrics hi to badle hain himesh ne…..wo bhi khud nahi likhe…..nalayak hai saala ekdum……pata nahi ghar mein kya larta hai…..ek gaana bhi compose nhi kar paaya…..

  • Sakal battameez kahi ka, salla420,tuje toh kuch v nahi ata or jab kisiki tang khichneki mauka mila to suru hogaya,gawar kahi ka.copy ho ya na ho,dis song is nice so apna dimag jyada mat pakao, just enjoy the song its too good’teri meri’ is hamara!

  • hey guys, plz stop blaming himesh like this..
    the song teri-meri is really nice and heart touching..
    main to kahungi ki aap lok beginning tune pe hi sirf dhyan mat do, mere hisab se beginning tune se bohot zyada touchy music hai uske baad ke stanzas mein, so plz listen with ur heart without just blaming himesh for plagiarism..

  • Yes it’s the same.BUT ,that doesn’t mean that those wicked 15 century Romanians didn’t travel in time and stole the song from the Indians. I mean in those times ,Romania was under Vlad the Impaler ,known under the more popular name Dracula.
    You never know…!

  • Why is it such a matter if this song has been copied? ONLY the tune has been copied, nothing else, the lyrics, the meanings, the emotions and the background music are sooooo different, which make the song so unique in its own way and soo beautiful… and anyway bollywood always make remakes/copies of hollywood movies so its nothing new or surprising for this song to be copied.. at the end of the day, this song has been composed completely differently and in a much better way as it brings out so much emotion in its powerful lyrics.. i don’t get why anyone would blame and hate himesh, which alternatively means hate the song just because of something as small as that! Seriously, we should thank him that because of him, we at least got to hear this tune, whether its copied or not, its such a touching song, just enjoy it! Its not like you’re all gonna stop listening to it after debating about whether its been copied or not and if thats right or wrong, is it? no.. you’re all still gonna listen to it again so what is the point

  • oooooooogg!!! this is a case of perfect plagiarism!!! what a disgrace to the film industry!!!!!!! Himesh must be fined a billion dollar !!!!!!!

  • himesh bhai is the best……best…….and best. No words for this great man. The people who are abusing him don’t know about music. Any how god bless you all.

  • Typical indian hypocrisy at it’s best.
    Not only do indians copy music and movies, but are here on internet taking all the credit for stolen property.
    A lot of you should be a ashamed of yourself.
    You are just as bad as the same bollywood producers who steals these songs and movies from all over the world. You let pride stand in your way of seeing behind your own oblivious delusional world.
    It’s time india start been original. Bollywood is the most unoriginal film company in the world, boasting about how many movies they make per year yet majority are not plots composed originally by indians.

  • I like the Indian version, but the Romanian song is very very touching. (not only the song, but especially the lyrics, so sad, about Virgin Mary who’s crying … )

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