Fun: Difference between Bodyguard and Ra One

Here are some fun facts that should not be taken too seriously..

  • The entire cost of making Bodyguard (about 45 crores) was less than what SRK spent on marketing Ra One  (52 crores).
  • Ra One had 5 stars; Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Sanjay Dutt and Rajnikanth. Bodyguard had just two stars Salman and Kareena. 
  • Combining all the costs, Bodyguard cost about a fourth of Ra One.
  • Bodyguard was a scene-to-scene remake of a Tamil film, Ra One was a combination of many Hollywood films.
  • Both had train stunts, difference was SRK was a superhero, Salman wasn’t but still somehow managed to jump across to the next train!
  • Bodyguard didn’t release on 3D, released on lesser prints, still managed about the same business as Ra One (which was marginally higher).
  • Salman sleep walked through the film, but SRK and the Ra One team put in a lot of effort and hard work – arguably the most for any Bollywood movie ever!

The only similarity apart from Kareena Kapoor? Well, both were mediocre at best but still managed to set the cash registers ringing!

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  • And the other diffrence are.. BODYGUARD had 9.14 core collection on first monday and RAONE collect max 6-6.5cr on its very first monday itself woh bhi according to TARAN ADARSH(who showing 2crs more than any other sources) :D

  • Itna saara promotion and prints rakhke SHAHRUKH baba kya ukhaad liye?

    ya toh 2cr zyada hai collections til sunday, ya toh head to head hai ya lower hai compare to BG! aisa kya kamaal kiya shahrukh ne batao?

  • What make bodyguard hit is not the cast or salman khan becouse he does not know how to act but the film is a remake of south blockbusters and the peaple liked so much to the original but is a result of new mission , vesion and hard work of 5 years , and after all of this who forbid bodyguard to release many screens and to release in 3d and who forbid bodyguard team to promote their film ? The answer is no one , so bodyguard has less screens and so on things aren’t reasons to justify your flop actor-mallu sallu

  • ok now agree salman is a remake khan but Suppose shahrukh remake a south indian film.. then it will be a BLOCKBUSTER just like BILLU! lol

  • SRK is world’s most over rated actor… have you ever seen his nose? he doesn’t look like hero at all…

  • @Husseinou

    Salman telgu films ki remake karata hai to original scripts ke paise dekar.

    Srk ne Ra.One ki story kaha se churai thi..? Jiski story churai thi usse court ke kahane par Srk ne 1 cr diye the check wiki.

    Again Salman brought the script & calls it we calls Remake.

    Srk copies scenes from hollywood movies aur bhai log pata hai Srk isse kya kehata hai,”its a coincident every superhero movie had it”.

    Ab bus karo Srk’s dream project dream project.
    125 cr ki film banake 50 cr ka promotion karake logo ko banata hai.Agar khud pe bharosa hai ki film acchi banai hai to itane promotion ki kya jarurat..?

    Wahi 50 cr film me daal kar aur kuch vfx scenes daalata to kuch acchi film banati.Kyoun ki uske alawa dekhane layak kuch tha hi nahi film me.

    Aur pure 5 mahine tv pe promotion kar kar ke koi picture me bhi pakayega to public bhadak to jayegi hi.
    Check the on youtube public reviews ‘log ticket ke paise wapas mang rahe the’.

  • @Indicine….what u ve written i.e. Totally 10000+% correct…..sabka vaijaan wo he salman khan”man with golden heart”

  • @indicine- it is a good consolation for sallu fans. Don’t cry remake khan fans, read this and be happy.

  • all those comparing that SALLU wid SRK, have u all lost ur mind. check out the career graph of both, u’ll know everything. since 2000, SRK has had only 1 flop, i.e. paheli ( even though it won acclaim and was india’s nomination 4 oscars). and that SALLU has had so many flops n just abt 4-5 hits since then. do u realize SRK is a global star, his films do well not only in india, but all over d world.
    apart 4rm this, 4 of SRK movies have been india’s nomination 4 oscars, n sallu’s none.
    AAMIR and SRK are the two best actors, n i feel d words KHAN should been only these two, if u include sallu with them then why not SAIF, even he’s much better actor than SALLU.

  • HAHAHAAHAHA…..Loved It..
    Indicine offended Sallu Fans..

    One makes Film For Personal Satisfaction..And Other Makes Film To ShowOff His Muscles..

    SRK wins..

  • Srk is a living legend b nd a superstar of alltime but sallu is a superstar of only this time. This is the big difference between these two.

  • @Akash

    go & check Bollywood’s top grossers:-
    1. 3 Idiots (All time blockbuster)
    2. Bodyguard (All time blockbuster)
    3. Dabangg (All time blockbuster)
    4.Ready (Blockbuster)

    Salman 3 times in top 5 with 100+ crs.

    There is no single Srk movie 100+ crs,so he made 125 cr & 50 cr for promotion.

    175 cr. ki movie agar acchi hai to usse definitely 3 Idiots ka record todana chahiye,but it still compared with Bodyguard.

    Monday ko crash ho gaya hai nearly 6 cr. with 3500 prints means nearly 75-80 % cinema halls are empty.

    Go & watch Ra.One one more time shayad kuch collection me madat ho…!

  • SRK and his son Aryan
    gone 4 movie
    day first show…
    After half and hour..
    Aryan: papa ghar chalo
    na stargold pe
    aanewali hai!!!
    Sallu Rockss…

  • sallu created guiness record giving 12 flops in a row viz. hello, heroes, marigold, saawariya, saawan, jaaneman, kyon ki, god tussi great ho, shaadi karke phas gaya yaar, babul, yuvraaj, kyon ki. This 12 flops came although he became an established superstar. Really what a unique achievement!! But to be a king one has to be consistent and where consistency comes then there is only one superstar none other than badshah of bollywood SRK..

  • great salman love u dude keep giving ur audience ATBB…HATERS get a life or keep barking whatever u say about him its only you guys “SRK FAN”……live long salman khan……..

  • SALLU after watching RaOne.

    life me 3 cheez kabhi under-estimate nai karna
    2.Srk’s movies
    3.Srk’s stardom

  • Arbaaz and Sohail after watching RaOne to Salman:

    ARBAAZ – dekho bhai, Shahrukh bhai ki filme, kitna kuch seekhne ko milta hai. kya tum hamesha wo remake hi karte rahoge, grow up bhai.
    SOHAIL – hume sharm aati hai aapki movies dekh kar. ye deho shahrukh bhai ne kya mast movie banai hai.
    SALLU hides his face and says 2 himself: are yaar shahrukh is d king. i can’t ever reach that place, samjha karo yaar.

  • Another is a flop at domestic level while Bodyguard was a blockbuster to all time blockbuster at d domestic level..GOD BLESS..

  • recently srk ne announce kiya hai ki ra one ka sequel aa raha hai. Dekha srk ke paas itna paisa hai ki wo salmaan ko khade khade bikwa de..

  • Boxofficeindia.Com
    Trade Network
    The daily collections of
    Ra.One (Hindi) for the
    first six days are as
    Wednesday – 14.85
    crore nett
    Thursday – 22.90 crore
    Friday – 15.30 crore nett
    Saturday – 14.55 crore
    Sunday – 13.30 crore
    Monday – 6 crore nett
    TOTAL – 86.90 crore

  • A lot is being written about SRK’s next move. Reportedly, the King Khan is in talks with various film-makers, but what’s the actual status? In an exclusive, in-depth television interview to this writer, the King Khan shed light on the projects he has been offered…

    YASH CHOPRA: “I move on to Yash-ji’s film next. Frankly, I haven’t had the time to listen to the story, but I have immense faith, love and respect for Yash-ji and Adi and I know they will make a wonderful film.”

    ROHIT SHETTY: “Rohit and I have been in talks for a while. He’s working on a fresh subject now [earlier, SRK and Rohit were supposed to collaborate on the remake of ANGOOR]. It’s a great subject. He has cracked the idea. I don’t know if it’s titled CHENNAI EXPRESS. Not sure of it.”

    ANURAG KASHYAP: “Anurag Kashyap is keen to work with me since a while now. He called a few days back… said he has an idea which he wishes to narrate once he’s back in Mumbai.”

    VISHAL BHARDWAJ: “Vishal’s project [based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel] is not happening. I believe, they have already approached some other actor for it. Vishal and I continue to be friends. He just called the other day. He’s planning something else with me. We are supposed to meet shortly.”

    SANJAY LEELA BHANSALI: “Yes, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has approached me for a film. It’s untrue that we fought during the OM SHANTI OM – SAAWARIYA clash. I really enjoyed working with him in DEVDAS and I respect him as a professional. No, he hasn’t approached me for BAJIRAO MASTANI. Instead, he has approached for an entirely new film, to be directed by someone else. He would be producing it.”

  • sallu bhai i like u n i m ur big fan , but ra one sach me ek achi movie hai. srk has taken indian cinema to the next level. salman beware shahrukh, aamir, hrithik r moving ahead of u.

  • Hey guys Taran’s latest tweet
    *Hindi version* Wed
    14.5 cr, Thu 23.5 cr,
    Fri 16 cr, Sat 14.15 cr,
    Sun 14 cr, Mon
    estimates 6 cr +.
    Total: Rs 88.15 cr

    Now after adding 5 cr from regional 88.15 + 5 = 93.15 cr

    Bodyguard’s first week =111 cr.

    That means to beat Bodyguard Ra.One have to collect 18 cr today.

    Come on my Srk fan friends go to the cinema halls & help Ra.One to increase its collections.

    ‘Ab aaya utth pahad ke niche’.

  • has collected only 80 crores in first weekend where BODYGUARD collected 86 crores…… ab toh sharm karo… In nxt 3 days will b declared flop!!!!!!!

  • srk fans jao cinema hall me baap ne paise diye hain udane k liye .. dum h to ra-1 ko blockbuster bana k dikhao….

  • Comparing SHAHRUKH wid Salman is like..Comparing..A LED Tv..Wid A Black and White TV..

    I mean..SRK ki films mein LED jaise colourful alag alag cheeze hoti hain..aur SAlman ki Films Black and White jaise Same..

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