Ra One 42 crores in 2 days in India!

Update: Like we predicted yesterday, the two-day total of Ra One is approximately around 42 crores (including dubbed versions). Day 1 was 16.5 crores and on Day 2 collections picked up considerably as the film did  about 25 crores of business including the Tamil and Telugu versions.

On Friday (3rd day), the morning shows were lower than the first two days. More details soon.

Here is what we predicted yesterday

SRK fans who were disappointed with the Day 1 collections of Ra One, can now heave a sigh of relief. Ra One has smashed box-office records on Day 2, at almost every circuit all over the country.

The figures could be anywhere between 23 – 26 crores, which would make it the best single day collections in the history of Bollywood.

The 2 day nett collections (Wednesday and Thursday) could be somewhere around 42 crores (including collections of dubbed versions), which is phenomenal!

All eyes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday now. If the film holds up, Ra One’s extended weekend could be close to 100 crores!



  • great news as it was expected the day two collection will be humungous. Its breaking records overseas as well.

  • Nobody stopped bodyguard for releasing it in 1000 more screens. Also nobody stopped bodyguard for screening in 3d. In the last it is only money which counts.

    Bodyguard collected 39 cr in 2 days while ra.one collected 43 crore. Both films are blockbuster but ra.one just outpassed bodyguard by 4 cr.

    Also the verdict of audience is out. Ra.one received many negative reviews from critics on day 1 but still ra.one’s 2nd day collection increased by 8 crores.

    Internationally, ra.one collected 6 crores on day 1 while bodyguard collected 2 crores on day 1. On 2nd day ra.one is expected to collect about 8 crores while bodyguard’s 2nd day collection internationally was only 2 crores.

    Thus summing up all
    Ra.one (first day – india + international) – 25 cr
    Bodyguard (first day – india + international) – 23 cr

    Ra.one(second day – india + international) – 32-33 cr (25 +7/8)
    bodyguard (second day – india + international) – 21 cr (19 +2)

    Bodyguards 3rd day collection was 14 cr in india + 2 cr internationally. Ra.one is expected to collect 20 cr+ in india only on 3rd day.

    so ra.one wins in all record expect 1 : india only opening day record : bodyguard 21 cr – ra.one 18 cr
    Also ra.one is the 1st film to cross 25 cr 1 day mark.

  • So wednesday and thursday yield 42 crores for ra.one in india which is outstanding in all aspects.what about friday? How much is expected?

  • Ra.one india one week collection will be around 120 cr + 60 cr.(internationally) = 180 cr. Will recover the budget 150 cr.

  • The 6.45 show at Inox Screen 5 was “House Full”. We got 6 tickets easily. Front few rows empty. By the end of the film, more were.by pritish nandy ..ab bolo !!

  • @indicine budget of ra.one is 120 crores, srk told to taran adarsh on talking cinema with taran adarsh . so ra one will have to earn about 90 to 100 crore to get hit status.sat. 35crore music and other about 25 crore

  • Taakat Ek Nasha Hai ……………Aur Mein us Nasha banane wali Factory ka? Ek lauta Maalik Hoon … hahahahahahahha

    don kills us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! srk makes everyone crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Sala srk movie 175c mei bni hai aur film ko hit karne k liye 200c ki kmaye karne hogi. Srk ki koi movie 150c tak kmayi nhi hai.sala bollywood ko le dubega.

  • yar ap sab say request hay k appas may mat laroooooo plz ap sam ek hindustani hoo plz ager salman kee film hit ho gee to wo bee india ko faida ho ga or srk ke film hit hoo ge to india ko fiada i mean proud ho ga so plz just pray for both plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and liv like brother ok or haan raone ka record bee tooot jayee ga. wo is lia ka next 5 year my inda may or bee multiplex lag rahay haan to phir bari filmoo ka busniess pehly din more then 50 cr ho ga ok phir ye bodygaurd or ra one ka business kuch bee nhi us k samnay ok dear .. so plz dont fight be muture yar

  • Srk sala apni biwi ko daaw pe laga deya hai. Film to flop hogyi ab srk apni aur apni biwi ko chudawa chudawa kar sara ghata nekale ga.

  • srk is srk and no one are match for him!!!in day 2 he broke all records no matter what happened in 1st day!!he will easily surpass the record of bodygaurd by the week!!!well done king khan we love u :)

  • saale salman ke gandu fans ki maa chodu, bahut udd rahe the pehle din, doosre din chudva li, maadarchodo tum logon ka bus chudvana kum, chillana jyada wala hisab hai.

  • Listen u all, Sharukh khan ki Acting k saamne SAlman abhi bachcha hai, Salman is also Good, but plz don,t compare him with Shahrukh, Ra-1’s ist day collection was not as good as Salman’s Bodyguard bcoz of Deepawali pooja in the evening, but 2nd day Ra-one broke all the records, nd this movie surely ‘ll touch the Sky…
    All the best Shahrukh nd his Ra-One…!

  • Ek baat mai sabko baata deta hu ki ladai dimag se jeeti jati na ki body se. jaisa ki salmaan khan dabangai karte hai bollywood par… Duniya me haar jeet to laga rahta hai but Baap to baap hota hai aur beta beta rahega. Srk ki movie to super dupar hit hogi. bcoz srk naan hi kafi hai. I like Ra one movie…

  • how much lies going here its world wide business is 25 crore. its world wide in india it just 19 crore plz plz dnt give us wrong news.thanks

  • sallu fans why r u getting jealous??what is happenning rally just try to agree from ur heart.ra one is not very good film it is ok.but it is nt bad at all.it is good.but at least srk has tried to make a sci-fi movie in bollywood 4 the first time with spending a lot of money.he had taken a risk.it is highly admiarable.but what is sallu doing??he is copying 4m south.

  • The Trend Suggests a Super Huge Jump of 30-50% All Over India today. The North India Which Showed Drops of 50% will go 100% today. The Morning Shows were already housefull all over and the advance till evening shows are over 80% and increasing. So, the its sure that Ra.One is COmpletly Housefull Today for All Shows. The Shows For Tomorrow and Saturday are Also Advance Booked by 30-40% in multiplexes.

    Ra.One’s Second Day Box Office Collections are very hopefull of going above 20-21 crores . And Taking the Two Day Total in India to 35-36 crores. You Can Read Ra.One Movie Review if you have not watched the movie.

  • pehle bodyguard ke jitna profit kama k toh dikhao fir baat karo :P
    BG ka budget tha 42 cr ,kamayi 230 cr + gross profit khali socho kitna hua hoga :P 190 cr
    ra one. ka budget 150 cr + isko kamane k liye do teen ra 1 aur banani padegi :P

  • @indicine,accordin to boxofficeindia.com,d two days figure of ra.one didn’t beat bodyguard 2 days..okay,figure from boxofficeindia.com bodyguard 1st day-20.67cr…2nd day-17.55cr …total-38.22cr..while 4rm taran adarsh nd komal nahta-1st day-21.55cr,2nd day-19.55cr…total 41.10cr…while 4 ra.one 4rm boxofficeindia.com-14.63cr-1st day…and 22.80-2nd day which is total-37.43cr…while 4rm taran and koi…1st day-15cr excluding tamil nd telugu bcos bodyguard’s own does not include tamil nd telugu..so second day 4rm taran and koi excludin tamil nd telugu 24cr…total is 39cr…so it didn’t break any two day records of salman khan bodyguard

  • @indicine,jst saw ur response to ma comments yesterday..pls i’m very sorry..i neva meant to be rude or arrogant..it was jst annoyance..hope u accept ma apology..pls i’m sorry..i love ur site..one of d best..i’m sorry again

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