Ra One Runtime

Shahrukh Khan’s Ra One releases today and the initial reviews have so far been very positive, increasing the hype and excitement further.

Last couple of days though, we have received several e-mails with readers curious to know the runtime of Ra One. Since we cannot respond to each e-mail, we decided to write a post to let our readers know.

Industry insiders who have already watched (and liked) Ra One have said the film is around 155 minutes long (2 hours 35 minutes). The runtime is perfect, considering this is an Indian film and there are many who think shorter duration films are not-so paisa vasool!

What do you think of the Ra One length? Too long / short or just right?



  • hooo hahahha..accept for the paid reviews (taran, komal) all other reviews are negative even from viewers..rediff even gave the movie 1.5 stars out of 5…hahaha if you guys call bodyguard a bad movie than Taran and Komal gave bodyguard same stars as they gave to Ra1 so according to them Ra1 and bodyguard are same.ahhahaha and look at the budgets of the 2 movies…Ra1 almost 3times the bodyguard and still a crapy movie. Special effects are goo but still a long way to go to meet the western standards..where r the fuckers who were calling the special effects as good as Avatar. Come back to earth.

  • @duplicate aashkaran

    Saale dobara saare reviews prdkr aa..tere dimaag ko bhukar chardya hai..
    Chup jaa teri fatke haath mein aane wali hai

  • except rediff every one has given superb reviews..
    So srk fans ..attach ra.one reviews..on indicine’s ra.one review post

  • rediff ke review pe kabhi mat jana.wo aak chutia site hain.uske review se koi phark nahin parta.rediff has long been criticised for favouring srk movies.so this time it is talking negative against srk.go and watch ra one.it is marvellous.

  • it has recieved very good response all over..
    Leaving some ikka dukka critics..who’re just trying to gain attention..

    Read BOI it says every record is being torn apart..
    And even at 7 in the morning shows r full

  • Just Saw ra.one and i think this is by far the best movie in terms of vfx. srk is super. kareena has not much to do. actions scenes between g.one and ra.one are never seen before in bwood.Every one should go and watch the film.

  • Just saw the movie……wonderful movie.
    Awesome effects…..everyone will surely like it!!!!
    I dont know rediff is against this movie :(

  • Bodyguard put up a total of 4.19 crore nett in Delhi/UP and 1.86 crore nett in East Punjab on day one making it a North India total of 6.05 crore.

    Ra.One is probably looking at a 4.75 crore nett combined total from these two circuits obviously depending on what happens it in the late evening and night shows but even if they were go to 100%, the Bodyguard figures seem out of reach.


  • Everything is perfact in this movie. The king of the Bollywood SRK is looking awesome.So Ra One will Broke all the box Office records….even the iterval was also fantastic bcs in iterval they shown the trailor of DON 2…srk is looking so scary in that trailor…

  • Rocking movie mat jalo RA ONE ki success se. Jo log bol rahe hai flop movie un logo ki language bhi bata rahi hai ki ye movie blockbuster hai.

  • RA ONE Ke baad DON 2 machayegi boxoffice par dhamal.
    SO ROCKING TIME FOR SRK FANS SO start rock and role soniye.

  • plz if u cnt praise srk 4 dis gr8 effort dn dnt say bad abt him ……he tryed smthing different thn regular stuff for those who critisize d story of ra.one wat was story of bodyguard or ready fr dat mater its a super hero film dnt find story in it ccoz no super hero of d world cn justify flying in d air …plz dnt b baised srk rocks hez brining verstality in him n therez no comparison of srk n salman srk has 2 compete wid whole blywood n salman jst do sense less films

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