Ra One in USA – UK

Shahrukh Khan has enjoyed a strong fan-following overseas for more than a decade and a half now. Although other actors like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan are catching up, SRK films are easily the most watched in USA / UK.

Ra One has opened to a great response overseas, considering the genre of the film (superhero / action films usually don’t do well overseas) the numbers don’t quite matchup to the opening of SRK’s last release My Name Is Khan. 

Released on 344 prints in the USA and 202 prints in the UK, the film has collected 2.25 crores and 3 crores respectively in 2 days (Wednesday and Thursday).

The movie has done well in Germany, Taiwan, South Korea and Canada too.



  • R.one is big flop the box office movie ko hit karne ki liye 250c ki kamayi karna padiga. Aur srk ki koi movie 150c tak ki kamayi nahi karpaya hai. Salman khan is the real king ek hero jo pure bollywood par bhari hai.

  • rather than wasting your vital mind in this fatal comparison do apply in creative field both of you will get great result.

    never trust on Muslims they are always in unity.


  • Dear Dhaval,

    That is the strenght of Muslim. This is your fault that u never be united. Make your mind as broad as your education otherwise it go waste.

  • Dhaval or whatever, this is ur mentality on muslims. Yes muslims are united but we have to be united as INDIANS whether Hindus, muslims ,sikhs or christains. You thinking is pathetic and u r narrow minded person. This is simple movie question. Please wrote good comments to make people unite..

  • if i hurt anyone’s feeling than SORRY from bottom of my heart.

    my friend SALIM this is what i mean that we should be in unity rather than fighting with each other.

    Even if you have read newspaper than both AAMIR KHAN & SALMAN KHAN has wished SRK for RA.ONE.

    so what i want to communicate is that they (ALL THREE) do these only to remain in limelight so we should not entertain them.

    It is my mistake I should write “ACTORS & ACTRESSES” instead of “MUSLIMS”.

    again really very very sorry

  • FUCK OFF them who hates the kind of bollywood SRK.i’m a hugest fan of SRK.Shah Rukh Khan is the bestest king of Bollywood.aamir toh kya,saala salman SRK k samne toh kuch v nhn.salman ko toh apne muscles dikhane k alaba aur koi kaam hi nhn hai.

  • FUCK OFF them who hates the king of bollywood SRK.i’m a hugest fan of SRK.Shah Rukh Khan is the bestest king of Bollywood.aamir toh kya,saala salman SRK k samne toh kuch v nhn.salman ko toh apne muscles dikhane k alaba aur koi kaam hi nhn hai.

  • indrani u forget one hero is far more better than srk and he is akshay kumar who i really a sprit man not hype like srk.

  • Dear ,
    Before doing any comparison we should concentrate on the trend.
    Today’s issue is regarding SRK Vs Salman (2010-2011) b4 that on 2009 SRK Vs. Aamir , b4 that on 207-2008 SRK Vs. Akshay b4 that SRK Vs Hrittik a. So the idea is clear that SRK is the benchmark of bollwood from long past to till date.
    In indian film industry there are so many talents , We can’t say worst to most of them . But according to the trend we all should admit that SRK is the best in terms of popularity ,fan followers not only in India …SRK is rocking world wide.

  • dhavan i think you dont know that srk is only boolybood superstar who earn bjut before movie realese in cenema hol.
    mnik collect 100cr from airtel,100cr from starnetwork,100cr from hoolybood

  • agar SRK ki badshahat dekhni hai to aap mumbai me ‘MANNAT’ aur NEW YORK me 100m dollor ka house dekho…..sallu newyork surgery ke bad apne dost ke ghar raha tha…aur do male ki galaxy ghar me 13people rehte he….SALMAN LUKKHA HAI AUR SRK BAADSHAH.

  • even srk can do remakes of
    some hit telugu and tamil movies
    and can giv blockbusters, wats d
    use.. jus think abt wat tamilians
    and telugu people say abt
    salman wen he does such
    movies… dey wud jus hate him..
    nd salman does only action
    nowadays, bt srk, various
    genres.. thru ra.one srk has
    brought bollywood to a new
    level, and i am sure other
    directors wil think abt doin such
    kinda movies.

  • 2011 top grossers worldwide

    Don 2 – 375 worldwide gross…even non shahrukh khan fans in the UK are waiting for the film
    Ra.One – 250 crores worldwide gross – 160 net india and 50 crore overseas – so gross will be around 240-270
    Bodguard – 227
    Ready 179
    ZNMD – 152
    Singham 150

  • Top grossers 2012 worldwide

    Dabangg 2 – 365
    Yash Chopra next – 362 ATBB
    Agneepath – 275 ATBB
    Rohit Shetty Untitled Shahrukh Khan – 255 BB
    Dhuan – 225 BB
    Ek tha tiger – 180 SH
    OUATIM 2 – 155 SH

    Biggest Disaster of the year Joker 3D 11 Crore Gross

  • Actor Rankings in Terms of Hit collections and past 20 years

    1) Salman Khan
    2) Shahrukh Khan
    3) Aamir Khan
    4) Hritikh Roshan
    5) Kareena Kapoor

  • log salnman khan ki body guard movie ki bahut tarif karte hai lekin mujhe manna hai ki body guard se kaafi achchi movie ra1 hai aur shahrukh jaise acting karna salman ke bas ke baher hai. aurmain confiedence ke sath kahta hoo ke ra1 bodi guard se achchi collection kar legi

  • Khan ko paksdna muskil hi nhi namunkeen hai…………..because this khan is son of india and king of bollywood

  • Shahrukh khan is one of the grt actor in the world
    and salman khan,amir khan or any othr actor will not overtake shahrukh khan becoz shahrukh khan is the king of kings so don’t play with shahrukh khan mind it for all othr actors

  • Aamir’s Ghajini did better than RNBDJ in USA and his 3 Idiots holds record for highest grossing Indian film in USA. [Sources – Box Office Mojo, Variety, Screen International]

    What did well in Taiwan and Hong Kong? Please post actual numbers. Aamir’s 3 Idiots ran for 29 weeks in Taiwan and became longest running foreign language film in Taiwan after Avatar and broke all records for any Indian film there. It broke all records in Hong Kong and is at #5 in HK box office even after 2 months of its release. It crossed 1.6 million USD in Hong Kong in less than 2 months of its release and is till running to packed houses there. [Courtesy – Box Office Mojo and Variety.com] Let’s see if SRK’s film can beat those historic numbers, otherwise what is meant by ”done well”?

  • SRK is macho man.SRK ke samne koi hero nahi chalsakta.SRK is the king of film industry. SRK is tie best actor in bollzwood.

  • SRK ki acting mein joh maza hai woh kisi mein nahi. Ra-one ATBB movie hai.SRK jo bhi film nikalta woh uski acting par chalti hai or SRK ki ac ting ka kko todh nai

  • skr is great actor in diz world coz his thinking is diffrerent other actor.
    Salman aur aamir to uske samne bacche hai bacche.

  • dhaval u totaly said wrong that dont trust on muslim . the people like u are only deviding india . we muslim are always unit , so is it problem with u . our three people are dericting bolliwood . no one knows hindu actors outside india .only three sharukh salman amir are well known out side india .wo hamare desh ka nam uncha kar rahe hain . so dont ever try to comment like this WASEEM AHMAD

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