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Box office: My Name Is Khan vs 3 Idiots vs Veer vs Ghajini

My Name Is Khan has opened to a huge response in India, but SRK fans expecting the film to beat the opening weekend collections of 3 Idiots, would be disappointed. The film opened to a great response on Friday, but lost close to 2 – 3 crores due to a limited release in Maharastra and few others cities. Saturday saw an unexpected drop at single screens and again lost close to 1 crore in Maharastra. On Sunday, with a release all over, the collections were upto full potential, falling just short of beating the 13.5 crore nett of 3 Idiots. As promised, here is the weekend comparison between My Name Is Khan, Ghajini, 3 Idiots and Veer. 

Wanted vs Veer : Box office update

The first indication that Veer may not go the Wanted way, was when the collections first dipped on Saturday and later dropped quite significantly on Monday. Republic day (Tuesday) business helped the film get close to the first week numbers of Wanted, but the huge crash on Friday (Week 2) and further drops on Saturday and Sunday has meant that the film is highly unlikely to attain HIT status. The fact that the distributors share is high from single screens has ensured the “moderate success” tag for the film, but business overall has been well below expectations. Here is a comparison between Wanted and Veer 

A Veeroic effort!

Love it or hate it, but Salman Khan’s Veer is one heck of a brave effort, something we would like to call a...

Veer Box Office Updates

The trade had huge expectations from Veer and as of today, the Salman Khan starrer directed by Anil Sharma has managed to live upto it. As we all know by now, business at multiplexes all over India was on the lower side (30-40%) right from Day 1 (Friday). Monday witnessed a further crash and the film has been rejected at the plexes. Collections down south are disastrous, business in two key centers in Karnataka – Bangalore and Mangalore – is way below expectations. But what’s heartening is the fact that, the target audience of Veer, have taken to the film big time. Business at B and C centers in India is strong and the trending is pretty good. Collections were strong on Friday, followed by a minor dip on Saturday, picked up again with Sunday recording the best collections for the weekend. Weekdays were always going to be crucial and the film has sustained well – Monday witnessed an expected dip in collections, but business on Republic day  (Tuesday) was record breaking, similar to the boost that Wanted received on its first Monday. Below are the day to day collections of Veer Friday – 7 crores Saturday – 6 crores Sunday – 7.5 to 8 crores Monday – 3 crores Tuesday – 6.5 crores 5 day total – approx 31 crores. Week 1 is expected to be somewhere between 34 – 36 crores. What remains to be seen in the next few days Can Veer sustain and match its Monday collections during the remaining two weekdays i.e today and tomorrow? Will the release of Rann and Ishqiya affect its collections? Unlikely to, since both releases this week are targeted mainly at the multiplex audience.

Rate: Salman Khan’s Veer

Veer released last weekend to a mixed response – The critics thrashed it, movie goers in smaller cities, towns, villages have loved every bit of it while the response at the multiplexes hasn’t been too great. How did you like Salman Khan’s Veer? Vote below 

Veer Movie Review

To be honest, I didn’t really have great expectations from Veer. The promos weren’t too exciting, Anil Sharma’s last few films were strictly average, the cast wasn’t very appealing either and Zarine Khan looked plumpy (if that’s any reason). But about 30 minutes into the film, it turned out to be quite enjoyable, the first half infact was very enjoyable. Before we dig in any deeper, the story first.  Veer is a revenge tale of the Pindhari’s against the Raja of Madhavgarh. The Raja (played by Jackie Shroff), a victim of the Divide and Rule strategy employed by the British, betrays the Pindari’s killing thousands of them. In return one brave Pindari, Prithvi Singh (played by Mithun Chakraborty) chops off the right

Salman Khan Body Building Tips!

Salman Khan and Gold’s Gym had organized a contest called “Get Fit with Salman Khan”. Present at the event for the Veer Strength Challenge, Salman shared some of his body building tips. Here are some of them 

More Pics: Zarine Khan

To add to yesterday’s collections of Zarine Khan pictures, here’s more. Pictures captured at Big FM Studios in Andheri, Mumbai where Zarine was present to promote her upcoming film Veer starring Salman Khan. Check out the new pics, think she looks slimmer here? Comments below 

Salman Khan unhappy with Veer?

As the release of Veer is inching closer (January 22), Salman Khan is out to ensure that there are no loopholes in the film. Veer is close to the actor’s heart as he is the lead actor-cum-scriptwriter. So Salman suggested a few changes after watching the rough print of the film. However, the filmmakers were in no mood to comply, resulting in an ugly, verbal spat between them. A source says, “Salman had been writing the script of Veer over the years. The film is his baby and he is personally involved in every aspect. On Friday night, while watching the rough print of the film, Salman was a tad disappointed with the end product. He was unhappy with the length and wanted it to be cut short by a few minutes. He understands that today’s audience does not have