Salman Khan unhappy with Veer?

As the release of Veer is inching closer (January 22), Salman Khan is out to ensure that there are no loopholes in the film. Veer is close to the actor’s heart as he is the lead actor-cum-scriptwriter. So Salman suggested a few changes after watching the rough print of the film. However, the filmmakers were in no mood to comply, resulting in an ugly, verbal spat between them.

A source says, “Salman had been writing the script of Veer over the years. The film is his baby and he is personally involved in every aspect. On Friday night, while watching the rough print of the film, Salman was a tad disappointed with the end product. He was unhappy with the length and wanted it to be cut short by a few minutes. He understands that today’s audience does not have the patience to watch a lengthy film. Also, there were certain scenes in this epic film which required technical changes with regards to the color scheme. Salman explained it to the producer and director but they were adamant about leaving the color gradient as it is. What started as a discussion finally led to a full-blown argument, resulting in an ugly, verbal spat between the actor on one side and the producer and director on the other.”

Director Anil Sharma denied any such argument. He says, “I have just landed in Mumbai from Delhi. I am not aware of any such thing. The final print is not even out, so how can one watch the film? It will be out in a couple of days since editing and several other technicalities are still under process.”

However, producer Vijay Galani confirmed the news but brushed off the issue lightly. He says, “Those were creative discussions. A certain portion of the film was shown to Salman and we had a discussion between Anilji, Salman and me regarding the color gradient. It is Salman’s film and he will naturally give inputs. There was no verbal spat.”

Source: Times of India



  • Indicine Team..Please dont publish this kinds of rumors news here…and as per my understating..this just fake news publish for negative promotion for Veer….But if movie is well made im sure will rock..even its 4 hrs and intersting and exiting to watch iwll wacth any kinds of movie…
    again request this site is good site…pls maintain quality…

  • news is totally bakwas…………prateek on facebook has confirmed that the length is 2hr 40 min……..n no such issue is there………..veer is gng 2 rock the world on 22nd……….guys come n join the party…….

    dont be an idiot …b a veer………..

  • @indicine dis is old news and it was about d length since it is sourted out so ALL IS WELL and everyone forgot to tell plz check d video of sallu practising for race on veer blog

  • shame on indicine infact shame of whole media fraterinity they are trying to bring this film down with the help of salman my god. i know why media is printing this the only reason they want to convince salman fans that film is not good and even the actor doesnot like it. but just yesterday in interview he says that this film has everything to be as big as gadar. shame on indicine its upto people to decide not media whether a film is good or not

  • You can’t expect all articles to be positive, just because you like a certain actor. Any publicity is good, negative or positive. Salman not being happy with his own film, doesn’t mean the film is bad. Most of us are usually over critical of our own work, aren’t we?

    So its fine, the verdict will be out next week. Let’s wait and watch.

  • Wonder what will happen here if the movie turns out to be bad and indicine rates it 1. Hahahaha cannot wait :D

    Indicine i trust you guys. just becos there are more sallu fans here dont try to please them by giving a high rating for Veer

  • Guys just wait for 21st Jan Thursday 1 pm because i am putting my review on thursday 1 pm IST…
    i will let u know that wht is wrong and wht is right.
    dont believe these kind of news just conferm that which one is ur nearest cinema where veer is coming and grab ur ticket.
    thats it
    waise bhi
    Himmat Singh ka Pota
    Prithvi Singh ka Beta
    Aik Pindari
    ke hath main us ke datta ki talwaar hai aur jo bhi koi galat rumour post kare ga woh us ka sir kaat de ga.

  • Atleast AK films open well and srk has blockbusters… what does your Sallu have?? Even his gf has more hits to her credit LOL. Sallu how many? 1 in 15 films??? even his fans didnt watch main aur khanna lol

  • @ Indicine
    dis is false news and da issue has been cleared up many days ago. so plz remove dis article.
    also its da title which is very misleading. da media does dis all da time to salman to bring him down but dis time its not gonna work.

    @ Suniel – GET A LIFE U LOSER

  • Hurts??? So commenting on your favourite actor hurts but when you do on others its okay??? Learn to take it back too….