Chance Pe Dance Box office prediction

Ken Ghosh’s Chance Pe Dance, Shahid Kapoor’s first release after Kaminey releases this weekend and the hype, curiosity around the film is strangely missing.

Having said that, Shahid, over the years has built a strong fan-base, consisting mainly of young girls and  family audiences, who religiously watch his films.

The movie also stars Genelia D’Souza who wowed us with her freshness, cuteness and expressions with a refreshing performance in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

With the lead stars commanding a decent youth appeal, the movie is expected to open to a good response.

The box office opening of Chance Pe Dance is hard to predict, as 3 Idiots is still holding firm on most screens. Here’s our prediction anyway, tell us what you think in the comments section below.

  • Opening Weekend: 12 – 15 crores
  • Week 1 (if good): 22 – 25 crores
  • Week 1 (if okay): 20 crores
  • Week 1 (if bad): 17 – 18 crores
  • Lifetime Net (if good): 45 crores
  • Life time net (if okay): 35 crores
  • Life time net (if bad): less than 30 crores

What’s yours?



  • Saw the first screening of Chance per dance in Fiji at 10am today. The theatre was half full ..way better than the audience numbers of Pyaar Impossible and Dulha Mil Gaya…Shahid was great as usual..Movie is well directed..would probably appeal to a certain sector of the…The dances were great..Genelia is good..entertaining in most parts…On the whole..I would say better than the last two releases….whatever the rating or the fate of this movie…I can’t help admitting that I enjoy watching Shahid..he will go a long way..What a hot babe!! Another point to make here is that in my humble opinion ..3 idiots still doesn’t have any competition this week!!

  • thnax Aman..wid d budget of around 25 cr,HIT status lukks really unlikly even AVG in not easy as nxt wk VEER is releasing..

  • Fingers crossed for Sasha! Sash incase u happen to read this I’m going to watch your movie wid my friend here in US n would try watch it atleast 2wice! Surprisingly, I gotta know tht my sister-in-law was planning to watch it wid her friends too. I was surprised coz i thot tht ur main audience is of youngsters in my sis-in-law in 35+. lol. thts a good sign for you though as your audience base is increasing! When i told my dad tht u’re fav bolly actor he was happy n said tht he likes u too. Isn’t tht wonderful. wht say ??!!

    Will be able to watch the movie only on friday or saturday. nervous for Sasha! hey also love your twitter fans especially Riya09 n team– u gurls rock-love your tweets!!

  • @indicine
    At first i would like to corrcet you,it’s shahid’s 2nd movie after kaminey(Rani’s Dil bole hadippa was first).It doesn’t look good if site like indicine makes such mistake:)
    Anyway,the chances o CPD according to me is not very bright.The hysteria of 3 idiots can subside only with an equally hyped and Good movie(like veer or MNIK).
    The movie may not be able to recover 25 crores.

  • Abhi:
    Budget of DPC is 25 cr . 20 cr for production and 5 cr for prints and publicity .source
    so it needs near to 50 cr for super hit status.
    i think this movie will avg fair like 2.5 / 5 or maximum 3 /5 .
    so according to indicine prediction it can reach till 30-35 cr and will get the avg tag.
    and another thing that DPC has only one week for work becuase next week Veer is releasing so no chance for 2nd week doesnt matter movie is good or bad.
    My prediction is
    13 – 15 cr week end
    20 – 22 cr 1st week
    26 – 28 cr 2nd week ( due to big compititer Veer )
    35 cr life time
    avg to above avg.

  • Ahsan Khan
    long time so see where were u been mate ???
    missed u.
    i thing DPC is copy of Step Up , looks like that,
    step up was boring movie i thing same with DPC.
    but i am going tomorrow 1:30 pm AST..
    i gonna put my review on this page tomorrow friday at 12 pm noon.

  • Guess what!!!!! Duhla milgaya is air casting on television on 17th jan…POor producer!!!!Have no other choice than this!!!

  • thanx Nauman, but i don’t think dat it will get even 30 cr due to two mjor reason..
    1) Not lukking promising,no major publicity, and lukking boring..
    2) VEER releasing nxt wk
    so no Chance for this Dance..

  • The clash has been averted. HOUSEFULL was confirmed for release on 20th May, but with KITES arriving on that date, HOUSEFULL producer Sajid Nadiadwala has decided to bring the film earlier. Why clash with another biggie, that’s what most film-makers think these days. And rightly so!

    HOUSEFULL director Sajid Khan confirms the development, “HOUSEFULL was confirmed for April initially, but we shifted to May subsequently. Now we are planning to stick to our original plan of April. Kishore Lulla [Eros], Sajid Nadiadwala and I are meeting today to discuss the issue. In all probability, HOUSEFULL will arrive on 30th April.”

  • i think its good for both of them……..i also heard that housefull trailer will be unveiled with my name is khan or maybe sooner or later….dont have the exact information….

  • i also think that housefull opening may get affected due to 20-20 world cup also starting at 30th april, nd india play matches on may 1, may 2…..

  • Is Sajid Khan Mad ???
    why he wants to release Housefull on 30th April, when T20 world cup gonna start when india is playing their mathes on 1st and 2nd may. matches will start at 7 pm IST and they will pay 2,3 matches daily it means from 7 pm till early morning 4 am or 5 am.
    offource poeple will prefer T 20 …. who will go to cinema ???
    i think sajid is thinking that this is Test Match World Cup.
    please inform him that it is T 20 world cup which is most favorite game recent , it is not test match world cup.
    i am scaring since Bhavikk Predict that Housefull gonna flop. and now Sajid………..

  • i think CPD will do good business……………
    the movie 20 cr + 5cr publicity n print = 25cr……..
    so it will easily recover it……………
    n UTV has done good promotion……..
    n i dont think veer will effect CPD business……….
    bcz veer will do good business in single screen only…….
    n i dont think that veer will get gud reviewwwwwww…………….
    n i think CPD will end up with Lifetime Net of more than 40 crores……….
    so it wil be good 4 CPD…….n i also read an airticle that CPD had almost recovered its invesments……..

  • No movie other than biwi no 1 got superhit tag which released in wc..nd releaseing housefull in 20
    20 wll be blunder as world cup is in west indies where match ll start at 7pm ist..big blunder..sajid dont do that.,.GO AHEAD WID 20MAY SUMMER VACATION..BOTH KITES ND HOUSEFULL CAN DO WELL ON SAME DAY..KITES LL BE A MONSTER HIT NO DOUBT..HOUSEFULL IF WELL MADE MAY DO WELL BUT IF ON PAR WID HEY BABY SORRY NO CHANCE.

  • Aman:
    IPL gonna start from 12th March and goona finish 24 th April… and IPL is more dangours than T 20 WC, becuase IPL is in india and people wil go to the stadium as well..
    i think Sajid will think again and he will decide batter that i think 4th june is best

  • Indicine post sum article abt veer..cumon SALMAN BHAI IS MOST FAMOUS ON INTERNET..3rd time in a row most searchd indian male actor on indiafm nd 2nd time on google nd 1st time on bing.

  • Amit S:
    agree with u mate …
    amit did u see this trailer of veer , it is really mindblowing i watched it more then 20 times i love it
    Himmat Singh ka Pota
    Prithvi Singh ka beta
    Aik Pindari

  • It doesnot matter!!!!If Story is good then what matter…Housefull gonna rock!!!!!!! I know India will be out in 1st round So,Y so much tension…. INdia play on 1 n 2….and they will return home…Happily….

    BY,the Way”Lenght of the Movie”Veer” is 3 hrs 04 mins with Start n ending credit”.. It is fixed and it is said by Director of the movie

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