Wanted vs Veer : Box office update

The first indication that Veer may not go the Wanted way, was when the collections first dipped on Saturday and later dropped quite significantly on Monday. Republic day (Tuesday) business helped the film get close to the first week numbers of Wanted, but the huge crash on Friday (Week 2) and further drops on Saturday and Sunday has meant that the film is highly unlikely to attain HIT status.

The fact that the distributors share is high from single screens has ensured the “moderate success” tag for the film, but business overall has been well below expectations.

Here is a comparison between Wanted and Veer 

Friday5.5 crores7 crores
Saturday 6.5 crores6 crores
Sunday6.5 crores7.5 crores
Weekend Total18.5 crores20.5 crores
Monday7.25 crores (Holiday)3 crores
Tuesday5.5 crores (Holiday in some parts)6.5 crores (Holiday)
Wednesday2.5 crores2 crores
Thursday 2.25 crores1.50 crores
Week 1 Total36 crores33.50 crores
Friday2.25 crores1.5 crores
Saturday2.50 crores1.75 crores
Sunday3.75 crores2 crores
Monday3 crores (Holiday)1 crore
11 day Total47.5 crores39.75 crores

The table above gives a pretty clear indication as to how both movies have trended, while Wanted opened slow and remained steady, Veer opened better but crashed quickly.

Few other points to be noted

  • The multiplex business of Veer is lower than Wanted.
  • The costs of Veer is much higher, hence the film needs much more for hit status.
  • The lifetime nett of Veer is likely to fold up under 45 crores, with a distributors share of around 25 – 26 crores.

Most likely verdict : Average

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  • thankx Indicine for an innovative thread.

    well i still wanna give time to VEER. who knows wat may happen. widout a doubt da film will be avg/above average.

    but like other Salman fans have said VEER is a success for us. at least Salman dared to do something different.

  • What do all of the hardcore and biased Sallu Fans have to say about this? So much for it being a SuperHit, blockbuster, or all time blockbuster. lolz…

    I saw it and personally I thought it was terrible. If it wasn’t for Salman being in the movie, I would have walked out of the theatre less than halfway through it and demanded my money back.

  • we slaman Fans Agree to this and y not cause after all the thrashing emerging as an Average this is Awesome Veer is gone and Dabbang Will Arrive with a HUGE BANG :)

  • WOW i knew this was gonna happen with such a shitty movie, SALMAN KHAN is good, i like some of his movies, but this movie jus outright suked. NO OFFENSE, salman fans but i think salman should start choosing movies a bit wisely now, after 3 flops. WATCH MY NAME IS KHAN!!! ATB SB, ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER OR MAYBE EVEN A SUPER BLOCKBUSTER!!!! KING KHAN ROCKS

  • salman is beyond hits and flopsssss he only makes the movie for his fan and his fan like the moviee thats it he never do movies for awards

    sallu fans like the movie and that is the bottom line

  • indicine team
    provide some information about mnik and its prediction.

    what is yor openion or expectation from mnik.??

    what is final verdict of veer????

    explain clearlily about veer total collection about veer.
    thx for deepika’s pic

  • Only Salman Khan can ensure a terrific opening for a film with flop co-stars and a non-descript banner. We challenge any other star in Bollywood including Aamir and Shahrukh to pull such crowds in the opening week with the flop combo of Jackie Shroff-Mithun-Sohail Khan! That is Salman’s unparalleled star power!!! But having said that we would urge Salman, as so many of his other fans already have, to stay away from his family banner and Sohail Khan! Veer should be Salman’s last film co-starring Sohail. He should now focus solely on working with outside banners and interesting co-stars including exciting romantic stories/thrillers especially with heroine combinations like Deepika-Asin-Kangana-Mallika etc etc.

  • Not flop its average movie some people even have eye sight problem why dont you read clearly and bark like dog with known the reality.From 1st day i was saying it will be average or above average movie because of high budget.

    But few freak people couldnt understand all epic movies like (ASOKA (SRK),MANGAL PANDA (Amir khan)) just flopped straight.

    Only jodha akbar got hit status now veer will be 2nd one which will be average or above average.So plz always argue with logic not like dog to bark.

  • adiii
    prediction for MNIK according to me

    If Movie is really good like Karan+ SRK+ Kajol’s previous releases.
    friday 8 cr Saturday 9 cr Sunday 10 cr = Total weekend 26-28 cr
    1st week total 42-45 cr
    2nd week total 15-18 cr
    3rd week total 7-8 cr
    4th week total 3-4 cr
    Life Time Total 70 cr – 75 cr

    If normal
    friday 8 cr Saturday 7 cr Sunday 8 cr = Total weekend 23-24 cr
    1st week total 35–36 cr
    2nd week total 10-12 cr
    3rd week total 5-6 cr
    4th week total 2-3 cr
    Life Time Total 52 cr – 55 cr

    i am not sure that how much it needs for clean hit
    , but i think MNIK will get this amount which i mentioned.
    what do u think ???

  • Thanks Indicine for giving a clear picture of veer collection .

    Veer is a success story for me. i thought veer is doing extremely well in state of being getting worst review. i think this is the rare occasion where the movie go so far in state of continuous bad review 4m the media.

    in case of wanted the word of mouth is excellent.

    i am not a die hatred fan of salman khan but i respect a lot for his helping ness to human being. i pray for veer , at least this movie to reach to a above-avg or a semi hit tag.

    m not understanding that the movie with the budget of 44 or 45 (45 declared by media on the release of promo and 44 declared by you people 40 cr declared by wiki) crosses the 45 in lifetime then it’s average the movie like blue whose budjet was higher than VEER has been also declared average where u have declared the budget of 50 cr.
    wikipedia declares it 114cr so how come the veer can get the average tag when it’s recovering it’s cost from domestic market itself the distribution share of the veer is higher then the movies kike JD,ALL the BEST,BLUE so how can it be average it should be above avg

  • sallu u r awesome yaar………this man is a real VEER (ek baar jo sallu bhai ne commitment kar di to phir sallu bhai dobara nahin sochte)………..he is man of his words

  • Well if Veer has still collected 1carore on Monday datz great.N when everything settles in Rajhastan we can hopefully expect better business with no big release on coming weekend.N I am still hopeful for above average tag.Aal izz well for Veer.

  • Everybody predicted ‘Veer’ will be a Super Flop movie even till 1st day of its release. But the good news is ‘Veer’ overcame super Flop, Flop, even average status. Now ‘Veer’ is going to get clean ‘SEMI HIT’ Status. Distributor share+Satellight rights+Video rights will be added some more on it.
    Give a clap for Salman Khan.
    Aare Yaar Salman khan ne kam se kam yaha tak toh le aaya ek historical film ko !! Vo b media and critics k itne propaganda aur dusmani k bavajudh..
    Auro ka kya bolu, Maine khud socha tha ki ye Ek aur Flop add hone jaa raha hai Salman khan k Jholi me. Vaise b hazaro flop se b Salman k film demand ko kya fadak padta hai?
    Keep it up salman khan.. I’m not your so called Fan but good wishes for you from the deep bottom of my heart.

  • Thanks indicine for ur updation of VEER
    but ALL izz Well
    This is a high budget movie so it happened also due to some critics
    no problem mike !!!!1
    it will achieve a Hit status in 3rd week
    Comparing between Wanted and Veer is totally differs
    bcoz Veer is legendry movie these type of films are rare to get hit whereas JA was little bit medium budget
    though veer has collected more than JA

    We love u Sallu bhai
    ur fans r with anytime 24/7

  • i think veer can earn 15 cr till 25th feb,in 24 days
    tues=1cr,wed= 1cr,thurs=1 cr,fri= 1cr, st= 1.5 cr,sun= 2 cr,4 days= 2cr
    total= 9.5 cr(bcoz no comptition,no big film)
    4th week= 3.25 cr
    5th week= 2.25 cr
    total= 15 cr
    life time india= 54.75 to 55 cr nett

  • @adi n nauman,my prediction for mnik- if great 80 core life time in india n 80 core overseas.n if bad lifetime will be 50 core india n 40 core overseas.at max it can go superhit in india.

  • Y the F.U.C.K these SRGay fans are doing here get ur dumb ass out of this thread
    when indicine post articles of MNIKGay there ur to discuss A.S.S.H.O.L.E

  • AAL is Well for salmans “VEER” above average ka matlab hai HIT status . So guys watch “VEER” again & again in third weekend .

    ” VEER” ka jalwa .

  • After 2 weeks later ” VEER” films nett collections will be 43 Crores . Yeh hai ” VEER ” ka jalwa . So guys enjoy the success of “VEER” .

  • Nauman, at worst MNIK should easily cross 40 crores. Prediction will be up soon.

    Prity, your being very optimistic. Veer is likely to fold up under 45 crores.

    Arshan, Blue is a flop. Ask anyone in the trade and they’ll tell you that the film lost a lot of money. It was only due to the good opening the film was declared ‘average’ and that too only by BOI

  • @Usman Solo..Happy Birthday.Many Many Happy returns of the Day.

    @Indicine ..If according to you Veer really earned 1 carore on this monday.Then m dead sure it will cross 45carores INSHALLAH.N what abt the Rajhastan controversery?If Veer is again released there then?

  • Good news for salman fans ,

    5th february koi big pictures release nahi ho rahi hai .

    So another week for salmans ” VEER” .

    3rd week will make another 5 Crores .
    Rest of another 2 Crores .

    Lifetime will be (50 – 52) Crores nett in India .

    So guys enjoy the success of “VEER” .

  • Hina will be dead if it crosses 45cr?? sure??..;) hehe kiddin..

    It didnt make 1 cr on monday, neither on tuesday.

  • ADII , Amish , Nauman , farhad ” VEER ” ki abhi bhi final verdict baki hai . So wait & see how much collects in upcominng days . After 4th week it will get HIT status .

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