Rann Box office Report – a non-starter

Rann had almost everything in its favour for a decent box office opening – Amitabh Bachchan and Ritesh Deshmukh as the lead stars, plenty of controversy surrounding it and Ram Gopal Varma at the helm, who has excelled with similar hard-hitting films in the past.

The audience though have rejected the film outright. The opening on Friday was disastrous at 25 – 30% all over India but collections were expected to improve on Saturday and Sunday. When that didn’t happen, the writing was clearly on the wall.

The film has performed best down south, especially in Karnataka, where Kannada star Sudeep commands a huge fan-following.

Box office Verdict – FLOP.

Was it the subject that kept the audience away from theaters or the certain negativity around Ram Gopal Varma’s films? What do you think? Post your comments below.



  • it should be flop… at least learn frm this Mr. Ram gopal varma.. we people are fed up with ur same kind of film…

  • Vinshal u r right
    after Sarkar , Sarkar Raj and Now rann same type same kind.
    Sarkar was Hit , Sarkar raj was Avarage and now Rann is flop
    i am just thinking abt Sarkar 3 , which will be his next release after Phonk 2.
    what gonna happened with sarkar 3 ???
    batter avoide it

  • It’s too much for RGV the way he makes his films,..otrherwise Rann’s subject is not so bad, but repeating his old technique of storytelling was much bored for the audiences than Sarkar 1 & 2.

    People want something new & updated, but this RGV is using same method again & again which he did even 15 years ago…so unless he stops to experiment on his films he has to take risk of losing in box office race.

    If he continuously loses in box office no producer will step on hope of him…many hitmaker directors of the past have been pushed on the road.

    Now, I dont wish RGV to fall on the same road like them…RGV, better change than giving up for future, cos now is the right time.

  • Unknown – yr comments are hillarious!! Hv to agree with all comments – Sarkar I/II were good but his movies are now becoming rather stereotype with same actors (or actor) and similar themes – now starting to lack substance. Change is good RGV – go with the flow …

  • I wonder why such a film with a mega cast could flop…….Ok the tagline was not a new, but most of the films have inspiration of some previous release. Some people have commented on the movie and I would appreciate to learn ,,,, besides, the theme what was the serious flaw in this film. Thanx

  • I thought Rann was a wonderful film, it certainly highlighted how biased the media is in some places, but the average Indian audience has not yet taken to media based films. Shame. Most media firms look for profit rather than truth, it would have been good for this message to come across rather then let the media act like a hypodermic syringe and feed us with false information.

  • Rann is an excellent film and it is really gripping till the end. It has really done well in Karnataka / Bangalore,b’cos bangalore audience are matured and can understand the depth of the film unlike the UP / Bihar or north indians where they like some cheap comedies and fighting scenes. One should appreciate Ramu for doing the commendble job instaed of criticising him just b’cos some of them are so stupid that they cannot follow the events in the film.My verdict is: RANN is a GR8 Film, Excellent performances from Kannada actor Sudeep, Big B and other star casts.

  • Awesome movie… don’t know why first few comments are against the movie…. a film worth watching… but mood with which you watch decides you will be refreshed or bored

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