Ishqiya Box Office Report – Likely to be the first clean-hit of 2010

Box office is extremely unpredictable, we have said it before, we say it again. Who would have thought, a film like Ishqiya with no major star to pull audiences to theaters, released alongside an Amitabh Bachchan film would not just out-gross it, but do so with more than double collections?

To say Ishqiya has killed Rann at the box office would be an understatement. The Vishal Bharadwaj produced film opened to a good response on Friday, picked up on Saturday and posted good numbers on Sunday too. The weekend nett is around 10 crores, which, for a film like Ishqiya is excellent.

The word of mouth is strong and the Naseeruddin Shah – Arshad Warsi – Vidya Balan starrer is expected to nett around 15 – 16 crores in Week 1. With no competition in Week 2, Ishqiya should easily be the first clean-hit of 2010.



  • Go Ishqiya.. It’s not abt the starcast, but performances, story, direction etc. If it’s a good movie, it will work. Remember Aashqiue? ;D
    The movie Rann is just not appealing. And Mr.Amitabh is to be seen in so many movies and projects, that there is nothing exciting abt him. He needs to be selective.

  • Indicine, Can you keep giving us an update on Veer as well. Is it likely to get a hit status? How much does it need to net in order to be considered a hit?

  • The year started on a good note – a avg(veer),n a semi hit/hit(ishqiya).next is mnik.let’s see wat happens.

  • Anonymous
    it is very hard for veer to get hit status even it is impossible now. maximum it can get avb avg tag.
    history is repeating again like 2009
    Big movie CC2C flop
    and Raaz 2 was Hit

  • Its a clean hit movie. If we go with collection against budget of movie then it’ll be called super hit after the life time business+Satellight rights+video rights of ishqiya movie. On the otherside if we go with criticism then i want to tell you all, its a wonderfull movie which has a very strong script and also nicely characterised and performed by all artists. I’ll give this movie four (****) STAR.

  • Ishqiya Grosses 1.50 Crore Nett On Monday

    Tuesday 2nd Febuary 2010 19.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ishqiya did around 1.50 crore nett on Monday. The collections are pretty steady at around 40-45% below its Friday figures. The total business in four days is approx 11 crore nett.

    The first week is looking to end up at around 14 crore nett which would be a good result for the film. The film has only a small film like Striker for competition this week which should enable it to sustain well in week two. In circuits like Delhi/UP and East Punjab the film is not only doing better business than a similar sized release like Paa but also a bigger budgeted successful film like All The Best.

    Ishqiya has chances to do around 25 crore nett lifetime all India business.

  • Ishqiya is low budget movie so it achieved the hit status ( might be )
    Any one can do with low budget and will be evwn ATBB

  • Thats great finally low-budget n not much hyped cast is working well at Box-office.I am happy 4 Ishqiyia,they truely deserve this.

  • Ishqiya was good to watch but only with friends, no Family can sit together and watch it.

    But I enjoyed it completly. ” Ek dum chutiyasulphate movie & performance “

  • i think veer is first hit yaar, ishqiya is also a good movie it deserves to be hit but veer is first hit of 2010……….

  • Raan is directed by Ram Gopal Varma.. right? Who wants to watch his movies after that biggest crap he did.. which called Aag?!! And why bigb agreed to work with him again? that’s the question?!! this director does good and bad movies.. so we can’t consider him as a good director.. I think when he’s in a good mood and really exited about any movie he makes.. so he does a good work.. and when he’s not.. then that’s the turns out as a crap movie.

    Raan is not encouraging to be watched on a big screen, not even on a dvd.. sounds boring.

    Ishqiya did well because of the script..the script is new and everyone want to see how this bad woman treat these 2 guys in this movie.. attractive script for the audience.. attractive for me too, and Viday Balan could be considered now as a good actress after her performance in Paa.. want to see the movie but still not released in our country.. maybe this week




  • fathiya bigb always agree to do work with rgv becoz rgv give big break to bigb m i right indicine……….

  • r u aware what u r writing abt ishquiya 1st clean hit
    it grosses only 10 crore net in 1st weekend
    n veer grosses almost double of it in 1st weekend 19.5 crore
    still u r not declaring it a hit
    what a shame
    i mean stop ths conspiracy against veer
    afterall its one of the major hit of bollywood

  • Pankaj
    if u make some thing and it cost you 50 rs and u sale that product on 45 Rs . will u get profit ?
    and if u make a thing and it cost u only 10 Rs and u sale that on 25 cr .
    tell me which sale is batter for u ????
    where will u get profit ???

  • happy for ishqiyaa being my fav artist in movies … but ishqiya is not commercial film like veer and comparing to it it doesnt makes any sense

    ishqiyaa is art like art films of our childhood times …but due to multiplex audience giving scope to art movies it
    is now coomercialised

    so, sallu fans dont worry as ishqiyaa budjet is almost 25 % of veer so , we cant compare it to veer and be happy that our sallu film despite being down by 65% critics it is win heart of indian audience and till yet reached its minimum tag of average ALHAMDULILLAAH and with till 11th feb no big film competition with veer it will get his huge success status INSHAAALLAAH AAMEEN

  • Afrid Khan
    this is nice and real film . i love every thing about this film.
    vidya and nasserudin was amzing and arsad was looking ausome.
    nice direction by abhishek choubey. on the must watch for sallu and akki.

  • 1st of all i’d like to acknoledge all dat budget of veer is 40 crores and its 1st week collections are 42 crores so its definitely the “FIRST CLEAN HIT OF 2010” vat abt dis indicine team…..

  • What is wrong with Salman Khan’s fan now days….Veer is the first clean hit movie of the year??????? it made very poor business even poorer than CCTC.

    I can’t believe it guys…..anyway if that makes you guys happy by thinking Veer is the first Clean hit of 2010…than guys please bring some sense….you guys can be cured if you take the action now…otherwise this will be a clean late :):)

  • And believe me all.. a good work by some filmmakers nothing to do with the budget.. sometimes it does when a specific script requires money, a big budget.. but a big budget requires what? It requires a good director + a good script + a good performance by the cast, etc.. many big budget movies in the past didn’t work and the main reason was: a bad direction, and many small budget movies did work e.g. A Wednesday, Aamir, and now Ishqiya and many other movies
    Therefore Veer flopped because of the bad director.

  • veer good movie it deserves hit. in mader chodo ne veer ko average kardiya Ishqiya jasi ghatiya film ko hit kardiya box office walo ki maa ki aakh our etc pa jo comment pass karta h us kamine ko kal moo kar k ghadh ki race mai bhagana chaha e a

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