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From empty theatres to records, Salman sees it all in 3 years

18th September 2009, a day I would never forget. Stepping in to watch a evening show at a premium multiplex, I realised to my horror that the auditorium was barely 30%-40% occupied. The film was ‘Wanted’. A Salman Khan starrer no less. And even though the mass centres (especially single screens) had picked up  with weekend throwing up some good numbers, multiplexes had a different story to tell. Well, to begin with at least.

Wanted vs Veer : Box office update

The first indication that Veer may not go the Wanted way, was when the collections first dipped on Saturday and later dropped quite significantly on Monday. Republic day (Tuesday) business helped the film get close to the first week numbers of Wanted, but the huge crash on Friday (Week 2) and further drops on Saturday and Sunday has meant that the film is highly unlikely to attain HIT status. The fact that the distributors share is high from single screens has ensured the “moderate success” tag for the film, but business overall has been well below expectations. Here is a comparison between Wanted and Veer