Vote: Ghajini vs Wanted – Aamir vs Salman!

So with Wanted all set to beat Love Aaj Kal as the biggest hit of the year, the Salman Khan movie has broken quite a few records on its way. And one of them is the first Monday record of Aamir Khan’s Ghajini.

What makes the success of Wanted even more significant is the fact that it released alongside another biggie Dil Bole Hadippa produced by Yashraj Films. Ghajini on the other hand released without any competition.

With so much in common in both movies like South Indian directors, remake of south films, both starring the big Khan’s, we ask you, dear readers, which of the two according to you is better?

Wanted vs Ghajini

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What about the performances; Aamir or Salman? Drop in your comments below and do vote!

Aamir Khan vs Salman Khan

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  • we give the name of top 5 super star actor of bollywood :-

    no.1 Salman Khan
    no.2 shahrukh khan
    no.3 amir khan
    no.4 akshay kumar
    no.5 amitabh bachhan

    all other star are beloe them…………..

  • Hi.
    Ghajini tamil version was brilliant. Aamir was tryin to act…he wasn’t natural as Surya (tamil Ghajini). Am not a Salman fan but Sallu was better in Wanted!!!!

  • i think wanted is better than ghajini wanted achion&comedy is mind-blowing and mr.salman khan is always roks……….. he is best actor of bollywood

  • Look crap SRK fan(Bejul,Tawny) ……THey r really a crap person ….donot be jelous of Aamir n salman khan…Crap SRK fan are only jealous of other actor who have done well ..Really a stupid guys

  • Amir is a good actor also salman 2 each of them has nice movies not all of it but some of them is really good , but the best actor and this is my feel is mr sharoukh khan you can laugh,cry,fall in love in the same time he make you beleive him with he’s eyes,face,mouth,body also he is good in each rols he palying sharoukh is very very very special person. Amir, salman, akshay, hertik roshan , saif, govinda, ajai, shaid all of them good actores and i love them but i repeat sharoukh is very special .

    also we cant forget two big actros Mr. amitabh and Mr. Mithun chakreporty

    My best wishes to all of them coz really everybody working hard to give us a nice feeling, we have to respect each one of them even if you don’t love somebody but you have to respect them and respect the hard work them doing, thank you bollywood .

  • Sudeep – whats your problem?? dont you dare say anything about SRK! just admit hes the best!
    there i said it AGAIN!

  • Salman fans or his publicists may keep voting for him and his film, and he might even end up topping this poll. But the FACT remains that Ghajini’s records are unreachable!

    It was the first Indian film to cross the 200 crore mark at the box office. It is the first Indian action film to be acquired by Korean distributors. It’s DVD remains the highest selling DVD. It holds the record for fetching the highest price for the satellite rights of a film. It’s promotional campaigns are still winning the highest awards for promotion and marketing. It was voted among the Top 10 Most Successful Brand Launches of 2008 in Business Standard’s Annual Brand Derby. It bagged a special award for Major Commercial Success of 2008 at the Golden Trident Awards. It remains the highest grossing Indian film ever.

    Even the Aamir’s Ghajini statuette sold like hot cakes. The Ghajini cut continues to be a rage till date. Ghajini swept all people’s choice awards for 2008. And, Ghajini completed a fantastic run of 25 Weeks, proving to be a Silver Jubilee hit!

    The Ghajini wave is such that all film stars are trying to promote their films by claiming to have broken Ghajini’s records or by claiming to be better than Ghajini! Frankly, Aamir and Salman are friends and it makes no sense to compare them or create a rivalry where there is none.

    This is a stupid poll Indicine, it’s only designed to incite unnecessary discussion. Even you guys know that Ghajini’s status is unattainable!

    Even if Salman or his film lead this one poll, it won’t re-write facts or box office history!

  • Salman bhai is far better than amir sir…. so as WANTED in comparision with Gajini…. as Gajini has been promoted on large scale by Amir Sir but Not so aggresive promotion is done by Salman bhai… and still Wanted is smashing all the records…. the masses are out of control.. Wanted is BLOCKBUSTR and far better than Rab ne bana di jodi; om shanti om; singh is king; ghajni and any other release in recent years…. Sallu bhai rokss….

  • I don’t know why SRK’s fans jealous of Sallu and Aamir! We, fans, r never jealous of SRK’s success. Everyone must admit that Wanted gained big success and Ghajini, too. Salman is a super star as well as Aamir. I think SRK’s fans r a bit afraid of Aamir. They must be aware that Salman is back. Both Wanted and Ghajini r Super-duper hits. Be fair, SRK’s fans!

  • i think salman khan is the best as well Aamir khan and Shah rukh khan . Three Khans are Stars* and proud of India, no one can compare them with anyone. Salman khan “Wanted” is the Bigest movie like Ghajni and Om Shanti Om.

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