Salman Khan’s Wanted is a Blockbuster!

At a time when Bollywood was desperately in need of a blockbuster, Salman Khan has delivered and how! Wanted is the first Blockbuster of 2009 and the craze for the movie in India has to be witnessed to be believed. The word of mouth is by far the positive, as the movie has been universally accepted and while the collections at multiplexes have witnessed the usual weekly drop (around 40%), its at the single screen where all the ‘Wanted’ action is taking place.

Business at single screen across the country is rock steady, at several centers better than its first weekend collections.

The fact that the movie seems certain for long steady run, should make it Salman Khan’s biggest HIT this decade.

With a blockbuster in Wanted, a super-hit television show Dus Ka Dum and a good line-up of upcoming releases (Veer, Main Aur Mrs Khanna).. Salman Khan’s career is suddenly looking better than ever!

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  • A Very God News 4 Salman Bhai Fans . Salman Bhai May God Bles U Wit All Suces . All D Best 4 Ur Future Projects . m alwayz ur die hard fan n i ll b 4eva . love u salman bhai . [ East r West Salman Bhai Is D Best ]

  • Salman bhai never gone anywher to be back…. He is a superstar and always be a superstar…. He is best we have.. he is a actor masses…. and WANTED is a sure BLOCKBUSTER…. SALLU bhai ROKSS….

  • Fantastic news after so many days of waiting!!! Superb Salman Khan is rocking yet again, oh… my heart is happier than ever… hip… hip… hurray…! Sallu bhai…. love u… love u… love u… my mamma says we love u, papa says we love u, love u baby love u…, heh.. heh! WANTED…., WANTED…., WANTED…!!!

  • ya i watched the movie has the bes performance of Salman Khan till now,.. the movie would been still better if the songs and the music lacks in the movie, well its a much watch for all Salman fans.

  • Congratulations Salman Khan.. I’m happy for him after few movies which he did in the last 2 years and didn’t do well at the box office.. hope that his upcoming movies would work for him too.

  • Congratulation, Salman! With brilliant work in Wanted, U prove that u must be reckoned in best actors ever in Indian Cinema. U deserve this. Just carry on your work like this and I believe you will be most successful. Don’t care what others say. I hope your forth coming films will super hits, too.

  • indicine team

    please get your facts right. although the film is doing well, it is not a blockbuster yet ! please check the figures. blockbuster status should be achieved when the film crosses 70 crores net in india.

  • Tawny: could u tell me a bit about this movie? If it’s like a cartoon or something similar to cc2c then please.. advise me not to waste my time over it!

  • Heyy Fathiya,
    Its not like cc2c at all
    The action of the movie is not second to any hollywood movie
    thats y its been a blockbaster….

    the action is great
    and the comedy is very classy
    no chep comedy
    and also it got grear suspence in it

    Its a real quality movie..
    u will fell like watch ito iver and over and u will never feel the time goes by when u watch it

    trust me
    watch it on Cinema…
    the climax is just awesome

    Thara from Melbourne

  • how can you decided that wanted is blockbuster.the film has not even finished 2 weeks yet.
    way to go bro,to declared blockbuster..

  • Tawny : i think u r Tommy cartoon dont know the difference between cartoon and action
    i know ur cartoon by name itself it doesnt mean other will be cartoon like u go to hell

    Fathiya : i think u have to watch instead of asking u will come to know the movie no need to beg with other ( cud u tell me plz about movie ) worth watching it
    atlast u came to know better than srk there is guy ( salman) always life long

  • I hated salman Khan as an actor .. but after watching WANTED i have become a hardcore salman fan.

    I have to say as a SRK fan this is salman best film this decade.

    Theatre response was amazing

    Some people were firing crackers in theatre and from start to end whistles were pouring in.

  • Spiderman, Wanted has already crossed the distributors share of 25 crores already, as a huge percentage of its collections are from Single screens.

    Its the biggest hit of the year (crossed the distributors share of Love Aaj Kal) and should reach ‘blockbuster’ status by the end of the week. So yeah, we can safely call it the first blockbuster of 2009.

  • Fathiya – It isn’t like CC2C and It certainly isn’t a ‘waste of time’.. if you love Action flicks and dont mind those 6 odd songs.. give it a try..

  • wanted a very well made movie by Prabhu Deva.Salman and Boney Kapoor team up again to give a blockbuster after No Entry.Boney should produce another action fkick with Salman and Prabhu Deva.Well done Salman ur the true star

  • Thanks Indicine Team.

    Thanks Thara.. I don’t mind watching any action flick if it’s a good script, story, if it’s a quality in direction with good performanc by actors and if it’s not a boring movie.. I didn’t trust the reviews and the comments which I already read because of the trailer, but now u r encouraging me to see it.. your comment is the 1st one which would make me watch it.. and I will this week and hope so.. hope that I won’t be dissapointed..

    Anyways.. I’m happy for Salman Khan and I wish him a continuous success.

    Sudeep: congratulations.. you love him and you’re happy now.

  • I am hear to share my joy with the salman fans expicially sudeep, congratulation and wishing him many more success in his life. I read from boxofficeindia the film now has an 11 day total of near 45 crore nett. I am happy congrat sudeep.

  • I still haven’t watched the film. But I am very fond of Salman Khan and therefore very happy to see him crashing the box office!

  • Fathiya, if you go in expecting a great story, you’ll be disappointed, as there is NO story as such. Its just a series of action / fight sequences with a waferthin plotline..

    Its a movie made for the masses and not for the ‘thinking’ audience, if you can them so. And yeah its pretty long at 3 hours+

  • Yes wanted is a fabulous movie salman has done a gr8 job, with WANTED BEING A HIT V CAN EXPCT OTHER MOVIES OF SALMAN THIS YEAR TO B HIT. Sallu bhai rocks. He is literally far better than SRK

  • Any other star would have looked stupid in the role. But Salman Khan made everything look awesome. That is true star power..Cheers bhai

  • It is funny to see the words that have been used by “‘Indicine Team””..
    those words are from some reviewer….
    waferthin plotline”- – hahaha i have seen these words in a some reviewer’s comment….

    and its very clear “‘Indicine Team”” hasnt watch the movie cz the movie is not at all 3+ hours…

    its not a “”waferthin plotline”-
    It has some great suspence in the story… True its masala but nicely made…
    thats y it is a blockbaster…

    So u can be the only Thinking man in the world Mr:”‘Indicine Team””..
    And let others just enjoy a good movie…..

    Fathiya: Let us know after watching the movie weather u like it or not
    Have a good time :)


  • movie is just gr8 i watched it thrice………… hey guys if ur nt salman fan den pls don waste ur time commentin bad abt him……do someth usefull instead……..

  • It is a amzing film of Salman Khan, I really liked it and I want this type of film of Salman Khan. He is a perfect actor for this role…….Sallu Bhai is really ‘ROCK STAR’ in Boliwood……….

  • wanted movie simply rocks i think this is salmans best performance to date salman should get best actor award for this movie

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