Whats Your Rashee Box office collections

In India its the leading men who get audiences to theaters during the initial weekend. But Ashutosh Gowariker’s Whats Your Rashee starring Harman Baweja lacked star-value and was expected to pick up, with good word of mouth, after the slow start on Friday.

And that’s exactly what happened, the movie started very slow (30 – 40%) and picked up during the weekend at multiplexes (60%), but unfortunately the audience verdict is a big thumbs down, which should result in a mighty drop in collections on Monday. Here are some reasons why

  1. The runtime (3 and half hours) has come in for immense criticism.  Gone are the days when only a 3 hour+ movie was considered value for money. There is news that the runtime would be reduced by upto 15 mins, about 3 – 4 songs would probably be chopped off. Dont think its gonna help.
  2. Wanted continues to be the first choice for movie goers, atleast on single screens where Whats your Rashee has opened to a dismal response.
  3. Also according to the makers, the female audience is supposedly enjoying the film more than the males.

The drop on Monday seems inevitable and Whats Your Rashee should be Gowariker’s first critical and commercial failure in a long long time. Lagaan and Jodha Akbar did good business, while Swades was critically acclaimed but was a box office disaster.



  • Hi Ashu,
    I am great fan of your work. Though Lagaan and J.Akbar were box office success and i have watched them several times, but the efforts and the final product that you came out with in Swades was just outstanding. I and my friend still call up each other and watch it when Swades is playing on TV. We just freak out on the dialoges of Swades for its simplicity and the day to day references.Its SRK’s best work to date. And as people say I refuse to believe that it was ghost directed by Amir Khan. I have full confidence in your abilities.

    I haven’t watched your latest movie WYR though , but from the reviews I understand that it not an entertaining movie and upto ASHUTOSH’s standards. Never mind Ashu, Keep doing good work. I still remain your greatest fan. I will watch WYR just because it is your movie. As people say try and trim dowm the lenghth of your movies if necessary, though in lagaan, Swades and J.A it was not possible.

    I have even watched your BAAZI and Pehla Nasha. Pehla nasha infact is quite a decent movie compared to several craps that that people come out with nowadays. baazi though was an out and out commercial movie.

    Best of Luck Ashu. Keep doing good work I and India is proud of you and your work.


  • hi what’s ur rashee is a good film i dont know whatever public say but this film is good and i hope rest public also like this movie fortunately priyanka will go on filmfare for her 2 hit films kaminey and whats ur rashee

  • hi priyanka’s role is very very good in whats ur rashee she is very hard working girl 100% priyanka will won the filmfare for kaminey and whats ur rashee

  • This Movie is simply SUPERB…!!!!! Perfect blend of everything, there is humour(truckloads of it) , drama, lot of beautifully picturised songs which tend to linger on in ur head after u watch the movie. Priyanka is too good, am sure this performance of hers will leave everyone speechless. Harman has also improved a lot, he is pleasant and adequate in his role. If there was any big star in place of harman then the attention would get diverted from priyanka, so the choice of harman is perfect. Everythin abt this movie is very nice that it will leave you feeling good after you watch it. definitely a must watch movie….!

  • I am absolutely aghast at how certain people have been extremely critical and sarcastic about the movie. Honestly speaking the movie was great and was different from the usual commercial films that line up multiplexes.Simply because the movie is a bit lengthy and the fact that it has twelve songs does not spell failure. In fact, i believe both factors were absolutely necessary for the integrity of the film, and are fully justified.To keep it short and sweet, WYR is an intelligent, sweet and touching film that inevitably arouses a sparkling interest in astrology. And above all, the humor quotient added in the movie is unlike the very insults and references to a dozen people with cheap jokes inserted at every end. Coming to the actors; Harman was great and Priyanka’s performance was flattering.
    I hope that all those who take out time to read reviews must watch this one in absolute leisure and intellectual arousal. It was an absolute experience watching that movie and i hope all you guys do ditto me the same way…!!!!! Cheerio

  • Movie was worst . Ashutunsh movie used to be always great like lajan sawadesh and jodha Akbar but he disopint this time with what’s your rashee I don’t like this movie . Movie will be sure flop .

  • i am disappointed that the critics didnt appreciate the movie, but i liked the movie, it was not outstanding but certainly much better than many of the movies released in recent time.
    besides that some of the songs are mesmerising, it was a delight to listen such soullful music after quite a while.I am a graet admirer of ashuosh’s work, his movies have a hallmark of uniquiness and are close to reality , never mind ashu if the critics have ruled down your latest release , i am sure your next release is gonn be a huge success!

  • i really liked the movie.this is a must watch Ashutosh Gowariker film.The songs are really ausome and some are really very soothing.my fav song frm this movie is su che su che.best of luck sir for ur next movie.

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