Vote: Wanted or Dil Bole Hadippa

Both Salman Khan’s Wanted and Rani Mukherji – Shahid Kapoor starrer Dil Bole Hadippa release this coming week and the buzz around both the big budget movies is immense.

While Wanted is crucial for Salman Khan, who has gone all out to promote the movie in the last couple of weeks, Dil Bole Hadippa is just as important for Rani’s career.

With the extended opening weekend being so very crucial, which movie do you plan to watch during EID and why? (post in the comments section below)

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Wanted or Dil Bole Hadippa

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  • WANTED on anyday………surely…but wish dil bole hadippa is also good not for sahid but for rani….She need a hit n Salman khan too…best of luck salman n rani…hope both rocks

  • For sure.. Rani’s film..Dil Bole Hadipa.. if Salman’s movie Main au Mrs Khanna was suppose to release also on Eid or i/o his movie Wanted.. I’d hv for sure seen both, but I’m not interested to see Wanted coz I know I won’t enjoy it.

  • Never seen Salman khan promoting movie like this…I have seen promo n action squence was simpli awesome…THis is movie made for all …but it is not made for people like fathiya or anyother SRK fan…..Guys n girl just go n watch this movie simpli because it will be good n also watch movie dil bole hadippa because of rani…she need one hit…..But be sure u watch wanted at first….First be refresh with some superb action n then go n enjoy dil bole hadippa with your closest friend……..

  • OFCOURSE DIL BOLE HADIPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i bet you all that that will be one of the biggest hit of 2009!
    i am NOT a salman khan fan so never gona vote for him!
    shahid i luv u n u will always be my fav. actor EVER!
    best of luck shahid! <3
    dil bole HADIPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DIL BOLE HADIPPA. I LOVE the WANTED soundtrack and the dances all look great but it doesnt sound like my sort of subject matter.

  • I hope that both these movies work at the box office. The collections are surely going to be effected because of the clash but both these movies have an advantage of long weekend due to Eid and I think they are going to bring in good collections over the weekend…..

    For Salman and Rani, Best of Luck……….

  • WANTED – Dead or Alive
    Surely will rock the Box Office it wil be the history in bollywood ( Mark my word )
    super super super super HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    salman v love u

  • I wanna watch DIL BOLE HADIPPA first… mainly coz i have watched pokkiri (wanted) in both telugu n tamil… Wanted will be great but im gonna wait 4 d dvd…. So dil bole hadippa is my first choice…… im sure 2 enjoy d film n all those hu r all set 2 watch WANTED i just wanna say u guys r gonna hav a blast….



  • “Wanted” will be typical Salman Khan fare: Boring and ridiculous. At least “Dil Bol Happida” has Rakhi Sawant to recommend it.

  • Rick Patel:Go n watch Repeat telecast of Rakhi ka sohemwar…………

    Wanted=Fast face+Action+romance+comedy….u will get everything……..But also Watch dil bole hadippa too…because of rani

  • Yash Raj films are the best and always good ones, if some were boring e.g. Thoda Pyaa T. M and Laga Chunari.. so it doesn’t mean that all yash raj films are boring.. Dil Bole Hadippa is 100% a good movie and will rock the box office coz it’s coming with a new subject and Ranj as a punjabi funny guy/girl.. why the movie “Kaminea” worked at the box office? simply because it was a new subject.. why Love Aaj Kal did well.. it’s also because of the script, we’re just fedup with those cheap comedy, meaningless movies or some stupid action movies

  • Some people feel Action movie is stupid..might be those who think r older than 60 year old..where they cant do anything and only think how the hell is this……..I simpli laugh to those person….Love aaj kal was a somewht copycat or copied from thailand or taiwan movie….Wanted is also a copycat of movie name pokari (i heard),and it was superhit……….It is better to copy from own country rather copying movie frm foreign….Yash raj last movie which was good was Chak de india….almost 2 year has happen…and still people believe it is best…haha…..LooK at blockbuster company of vipul shah which have always given us hit……….

  • yeah.. for sure ppl who love action movies are some “brainless” ppl.. coz all of them don’t like deep melodrama movies..and the reason is: because they don’t understand these kind of movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And.. Salman stole the name of Angelina Julie’s movie name.. Wanted.. a hollywood movie.. probably he thought it’s good to use this name to pull a large no. of ppl to watch it.. I’m 100% sure that it’s a crap movie.

  • hmmmm…………dont fancy dil bole hadippa much, cos rani mukherjee has a beard and looks like a man !
    thats not the way i like rani. so that in itself is very offputting. hence for me this film is a no no.

    this leaves only one other film to watch, wanted.

    well, as much as i dislike salmans recent spate of bad films and his acting in them, i will just have to hope the film turns out better and i will just have to sit through it. but i have a funny feeling, this will be another flop film of salman and a waste of money.

  • fathiya

    how do you know that people who watch action films are brainless ???? furthermore, how do you know that people who watch action movies dont understand melodramatic movies ???? are you stupid ?

    if you have nothing constructive to say, then just zip your mouth. or i can send someone around to stitch it up for you. keep your biased , subjective thoughts to yourself. its not always about you and your pathetic views. you think you are always right, but i can assure you, you never are. there’s a sad fact for you.

    oh, and its angelina JOLIE, not JULIE !

  • Wanted will do much better in the B and C centres i.e the smaller cities and towns.. Dil Bole Hadippa should be better at plexes..

  • who said wanted has no story…..I have heard tht Pokkari has good story n was superhit…tht mean it is not totally commercial is both commercial n story base movie?????WHt do u think INDICINE team

    I fully agree with your comments and it’s a good way to put wrong people in their right place……..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ;-).

  • Fathiya:how do u know tht Wanted was put by Salman…..???It is not the actor who titled the movie name…And Salman doesnot need of other name…His name himself is big n crowd puller….He is still as popular as he was in past 2-3 yrs ago…..

  • Hi Sundeep,
    Yes I also agree with you that SALMAN on it’s own is a CROWD puller. There is something in his acting that makes people would want to go and watch his movie. So for those who don’t like him or ENVY him please please keep their opinion to themself. It will be good for them.

    I am not a BIG fan of Salman after I meet him personally, but I must said his acting is good………so I still watch his movie….I am sure WANTED will do as well as DBH………..


  • Look wht ayesha takia was saying abt the movie Wanted

    “Wanted is a full-on masala entertainer,’’ she smiles. “But it is not a mindless film. It has a nice engrossing story line and I can tell you people are going to love it.’’ Praising her co-star Salman Khan, Ayesha says, “He is very generous and incredible. Many actors try to steal their co-stars’ screen space; but Salman is super-confident and secure. He will never do that. I find that truly admirable.’’ Ayesha takia

  • Haseena:I have not seen salman khan but still feel he is an heatful person n is very good…….thts y all his fan love him

  • Hi Sundeep,
    Mmmmmmmmm………welll not when I meet him :-)…..but I will still watch his movie cause he is a good actor…..May be I met him at the wrong place and wrong time :-(…….


  • salman and rani are best friends. shahid is just too good. i wish them all the best. with all the depressing stuff going around we all are looking for a feel good movie. only Karan K3G)and the Chopra’s (DDLJ) can make best ones.

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