Salman – Katrina not together anymore?

A few statements made by Salman Khan over the last couple of days, while promoting his upcoming film Veer, seem to indicate that his much talked about relationship with Katrina Kaif, may have actually ended sometime back.

On Monday afternoon, shooting for a television reality show Dance India Dance with Mithun Chakraborty, Salman said “Katrina has changed” to the surprise of most present.

The very next day at the FICCI Auditorium, Salman talking about his relationships and commitments said “I’m a very committed person. If it (commitment) breaks, its always the other person who breaks it and not me. I don’t interfere much because it matters a lot to me.”

He also went on to say “When I commit, I stick to it”

In the recent past, Katrina post a minor surgery, went off to UK for a short holiday amidst heavy rumours of a break up.

At 44, after suffering from far too many break-up’s to list, is it yet another relationship down the drain for Salman?



  • indicine plz reply me soon that has “Tera Kiya Ho Ga Johney” released or not ???
    becuase i friend got DVD of this movie and at this time it is in my Laptop and i going to watch it rute now ?
    but i dont think so movie has released . even quality of DVD is perfect like original.
    how come we have a dvd of that movie which didnt start promotion yet , their is no promo no trailer no music out but original dvd is out how come ???
    plz tell me

  • I knew from the very first day that kat was not in love with salman khan, she always avioded question about salman, and I believe if you are really in love with someone, you wouldn’t mind an open relationship. I pray for him he get a better wife now he need to married. Rani is a kind of woman that would make a good wife but well

  • Nauman, sadly the pirated copy of the movie is out even before the theatrical release of the film. Any off topic questions, please ask on our facebook “Just Fans” page.

  • if they have split up, that means kats has used salman shes become a big star now with the the help of salman too so i do feel sorry for salman if its true, but like a said before its probably just rumours

  • if katrina has broke up with her loss and salman will find someone better then her because he has so much femail fanz if she has broken up this means she was only using salman to be at the top

  • Indicine.. I have a problem here with only two days b4 Veer.Why are you ppl talking about Salman’s relationships?I have always noticed this media is more interested in Salman’s relationships than his movies near realese time.Its a negative publicity?Kindly,avoid such topics near Salman’s releases.Furthermore,its such an outdated topic “Salman and his relationships”.He mentions his relationships every now n then but why u have to highlight it near Veer release????

    Is this the Veer promotion you ppl were promising this week??I have seen the other page too which u have just put up 4 Veer.Thats good,but better stick to that rather than such pages just b4 an actor’s release.There are more than 300 days to discuss Salman’s relationships per year but not now.

  • Salman has dumped Katrina. This is very good news!!! Yet another girlfriend thrown down the drain. Good for Salman too. She was only trying to use him.

  • Look how great is salman khan.In one interview he said this
    “”I’ve given my best and left it for the audiences to decide if it works or not… if it does, the credit will be everybody’s and if it doesn’t, then I will take the blame,” he said.

  • i really wnated that katz should get marry with Sallu
    becuase both are muslims and in Islam muslim girl cant get marry with non muslim guy
    but in bollywood so many people dont care abt it like
    Farha Khan
    Shahid Kapoor’s mom
    Suzane Khan ( Hritik’s wife )
    and so many more.
    thx God that Sania Mirza ditched Shahid and got engaged with a muslim guy.
    but this is their personal matters and we dont need to interfair in their personal life .
    i am not sure that Katz loved Salman or not but one thing is clear that
    Kareena is really fallin love with Saifi.
    look at filfare award 2008 when they kissed.
    her face expresions were real and it seemed that she really loves saifi baba.

  • i think its true because she used salman to become a top celebrity and now she is more closee to akshay than salman and according to her tarrot reader in zoom also said that she will leave salman this year at the end of the year new person will come into her life….so sad for sallu :( that kat must not be taken in anymore movies…

  • i think katrina is using salman, salman shld understand this, now that katrina has become a big star, so that,s why salman was telling that she has changed,

    but katrina shld understand this that she has got big status in bollywood becoz of sallu………………

  • sallu bhai said in his earlier interview that” if katrina doesn’t me it’s her loss i will wish the same and good luck for kat as i wish my ex”and Bhai most popular statement for love and breakup is “UNLUCKIEST PERSON IN LOVE IS THE MOST LUCKIEST PERSON IN LOVE BCOZ HE FALLS IN LOVE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN” but since none of the things is confirm now we can’t say anything but wish they stay together forever ameen

  • hina is correct and as we fans of indicine we would like ul to be innovative than the other sides buy giving confirmed news rather than Rumors wats ya say team INDICINE are we fare or not ?

  • Don’t judge Katrina.. she was serious with Salman, but he (never) proposed the marriage to her ( and never he did in the past with all his girlfriends.. so what does he expect?!) it’s his fault if he lost her now ( on Dus Ka Dum show, Katrina said indirectley the following: Girl’s wait for men to propose but they never do!, I can’t remember the sentence exactly but she said something and she meant that) So after almost 5 years.. any girl would walk away and would break-up.. when they can’t “see” their future with that guy.. right? And in Masala website, a week ago, they mentioned that Katrina is in love with the hero of the movie Twilight.. she said: she can’t get him out of her head.. and that she baught Twilight books, all the 4 parts, and read them in 4 days! and that her family with her are planning to meet him, to meet Rob!
    So.. probably after deciding to breakup with Salman, so there was a space for another man in her mind and in hear heart

  • being a die hard is something and being in love is totally different and ur view about katrina being a twilight fan and comparing she might be in love with him is lame fathiya

    and they are not broke up so dont say like that with rumors please

    and the other part is katrina clearly said she wants to build her career and then only decide about future

    wat she said at DUS KA DUM show was wat mainly gals think that they wait till the guy proposes

    no wat she thinks talk with facts and dont blame salman for anything

    as im a die hard fan i take ur comments as offended sorry it might be ur personal view but dont harm an image


  • @fathiya:Who the hell u think r????R u katrina sister or Katrina Mother to decide tht Salman never purpose…U r not right person to say like tht ….i have no hard feeling with u but ur unneccessary comment make me sick ….

  • @Hina- completely agree with ur opinion. please indicine there are lots of other topics related to Salman Khan or Veer. Don’t put such a vague story from Salman’s few spoken words just before the release of Veer. He is always like this, saying such things; which does not mean at all whether has ended his relationship with Katrina or not. Please focus on Salman or his movie, not on his love life untill u’ll get any confirmed news!!

  • Shamry: probably it’s true.. you don’t know.. I even don’t know what’s going on in their life.. but as the news came.. that they’re separated now.. and as I read only last week about katrina ( and her plan to meet Rob).. so.. everything is possible..Pyaar is possible..when u admire someone, and u r a die hard fan.. and if you’re in the same profession.. so why not.. if Katrina admired Rob.. and she couldn’t stop thinking of him.. so that is the 1st heart beat.. the first steps for the relationship.. deciding meeting him so it’d prove that she’s seriously thinking about him! Go to and read the news of last week

  • but u cannot predict like that its insane did u check the last news that Katrina amir and sonakshi has seen the movie of veer if she is not with salman y should she go

    and will take this comments of urs if we get a confirm news unless please stop your crappy imagination

  • Now here’s a news that might annoy some while make others happy. It seems Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are not over yet. They just don’t believe in the PDA fad like the Ranbirs and Deepikas of B-town. So while they coochie-coo behind the curtains (literally), when in public they pass by each other as strangers! That’s what our sources discovered at a recently concluded award ceremony!

    A source who was hanging around backstage at a recent awards show in Bandra-Kurla complex told us that Katrina had eyes only for Sallu when she was sitting in a room, waiting to go on stage after his act. So much so that she didn’t notice others around, like Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan, as her eyes were glued to the television set. What were the Bachchans doing there? Well according to eye witnesses, Ash was smiling and ogling at Sallu, Abhi was…??? No idea!

    The presence of the Bachchans didn’t deter Kat from expressing her enthusiasm for Sallu’s act as she clapped towards the end of his act. Anyway, when Abhi-Ash went on stage, Sallu went in to meet Kat. Not wanting any disturbance, Kat told the security guy to draw the curtains. It is heard that she fed him cookies, biscuits and fruits! Since she didn’t want her display of affection for Sallu to be shot by any media person. Whatever!!

  • Fathiya how u come to know sallu had not proposed katrina ur not ASst of kat or sallu just keep ur mouth shut……….ok
    Kat was not relly admiring instead she wanted to remake a movie of him ( english movies)
    thats wat she told to meet him thats all read all the news properly
    dont try to create a false news
    mind ur own lang here vr not speaking about ur haklu khan so get out of here

  • kat iz so cheap………@ 1st nobody knew was salman who pushed him up with his name……..she alwayz used sallu…….

  • they r vry much together…….watch the vedio of star screen awards behind the stage….they both were together n cosy..n katrina attended veer premire with whole family along with aamir khan n others..these rumors will nvr end..guys be updated like me…heheheheheehe..

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